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22 Jun 2018

Marketing Skills

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Distance learning: Online Marketing Skills

Training Methods:


The modules and course materials will help the learners to understand both marketing and digital marketing skills to promote their business or companies to reach their audience or customers.  However, all distance learners are welcome.


  • Introduce you to the fundamental principles of marketing
  • Give you a broad understanding of consumers and the marketing behaviour of firms
  • Explore the relevance of other academic disciplines to marketing
  • Encourage you to question the limitations of marketing management and to suggest ways of overcoming its many problems
  • Develop your practical skills by applying learned theories to real-world organizational problems.


SECTION ONE: Marketing

The marketing environment

  • Types of environment
  • Customers, consumers or clients
  • Stakeholders
  • Overview of chapter
  • Reminder of learning outcomes

Consumer behaviour

  • Tastes and constraints in explaining differences and changes in behaviour
  • Prospect theory
  • The social-psychological approach to consumer buyer behaviour
  • The role of social networks
  • Alternative-based and attribute-based search strategies
  • Information control
  • Types of buying behaviour

Product innovation and the life cycle approach

  • Product innovation
  • Modeling the rate of adoption of an innovation
  • Economic perspectives on product success
  • Informational cascades
  • What is a product life cycle


  • Learning & Practicing


  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR



  • General Tips
  • Keys To Success
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Case Study
  • Key Points To Take Away
  • Resources

Course Duration:  2 months

Will be very helpful all marketers and you will expand your skills both physical marketing and digital marketing to reach your audience every where they live whether home or abroad.

NOTE: When you complete the course you will enter Final exam.

Training Fee:

Individual: $30.   Group of 5 Eachone  $25

This fee includes training materials & Diploma Certificate.


Contact further information below;

Tell: +252633396572


Facebook Page: TOSA ACADEMY

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