6 Dec 2017

Terms of Reference for Transcribing a voice recorders for FGDs and KIIs


NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Job Description

Terms of Reference for

Transcribing a voice recorders for FGDs and KIIs


This activity will contribute to OFDA’s mandate of saving lives, alleviating human suffering, and reducing the social and economic impact of disasters, with a focus on drought response in Awdal region, Somaliland. OFDA project has implemented livestock supplementary feeding for two months in response to livestock starvation that has been a leading cause of livestock mortality during the drought.The study covered 18 villages/communities in Somaliland Awdal region where two FGDs were carried out in each of the eighteen targeted village/community.


The investigation is now in the next face for compiling the data, analysis and interpretation of the information to produce the report. To do so, the collected data through FGDs and KIIs needs to be transcribed by a professional person who will go over the data and perform proper translation and transcription. The consultant will be given the voice records to access the data to undertake the transcription. The language conducted the interview sessions was Somali language and the consultant will translate them into English.


The consultant will translate and transcribe the FGDs in a standardised way were all the information in the voice recorders will be captured and noted in the transcriptions.The consultant will perform a word-to-word transcription while also taking notes of indecisions, whispers etc. as much as possible to dwell those writing the report in the same environment the data collection took place.

The consultant will translate and do the transcription in English for from a voice recorder. The voice recorders have a data of more than 10 hours.


By the end of this short-term consultancy services, the consultant will hand over to save the children a translated and transcribed version of all the 36 FGDs.

Proposed timeline

The assignment will take place One week Only.


Interested candidates should send the following documents to Save the Childrensomaliland.procurement@savethechildren.org  before 04:30 PM on 9th  december, 2017:

  1. Financial proposal (a simple word document explaining the exact price per each audio)
  2. Technical proposal detailing on how he/she will accomplish the assignment
  3. CVs for the applicant
  4. Profile of the consulting firm – this is applicable for firms only
  5. Reports of similar assignment done in the past and any recommendation letters or client satisfaction certificates.

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