13 Sep 2017

Terms of References (TOR) Development of Digital Database development on Land tenure document for Puntland local Municipalities


NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Job Description

Terms of References (TOR)

Development of Digital Database development on Land tenure document for Puntland local Municipalities


In General, Puntland local municipality with support Ministry of Interior, Rural development and Local Government (MOI) have the mandate to register Puntland urban land documents, the procedure of recording land is manual which means use register and production of manual land tenure certificates (title deeds), this inevitably leads tocomplications on land tenure data storage, verification process, huge discrepancies on land tenure documents produced, and un-organized land registries system.

NRC ICLA Core competency has been implementing interventionsaiming at strengthening tenure security for IDPs, Returns and poor host community beneficiaries through support and assistance to alleviate the shock of forced evictions by using information services, technical and material support to state institutions, and other institutional capacity development initiatives aimed at improving land governance.

The project is aimed to modernize the land administration system in order to improve government service from point view efficiency, transparency and cost. Land registration database will play an important role in well-functioning land administration system and contributing reliability and security over time. Land tenure database will be use local municipality to in the work process on production on land tenure documents, update land transfer exercise and verification on genuinely of the documents.

Aim/objective of land data base development

The main objective of this intervention is to get Puntland local Municipalities digitalized secured land tenure database. Municipalities will have added value on ease of access over time, protection of the documents, and quick verification and land dispute settlements. The digitalization and termination of using manual kept land registration of Puntland local municipalities will lead to significantly reduction of time for land registration process.This enhancement will gradually contribute to establishment of strong land tenure system which leads to reduction of illegal evictions and land transactions.

Description of Task

Under the guidance of the local municipality department of land, the general secretarial and Mayor, the database developer will be responsible for the overall design, operationalization,maintenance of land tenure data base.

Scope of the task:

The ultimate users of the data base are municipalities in Puntland. The piloting will be done in Bossaso and Galkayo towns. Once verified, will be scaled up to all other towns. The consultancy form to be selected will be working with NRC ICLA team, local municipalities of Bossaso and Galkayo and department of of IDPs MoI.

Phase one: inception phase

Under this phase, the consultant is required to in-depth study and diagnose the current situation on Puntland land tenure register archive management, models of land tenure used, the information needed to include the land tenure registries process this may take 1-5 working days.

Phase two:develop strategy on framing land tenure database.

Consultant is expected to frame land tenure database, advice document modalities and strengthen the land tenure document itself in terms of protection for vouchering and falsifications taking in to account costs, staffing and access consideration. After consultant presents of options digital archive the consult should conduct final tasks to elaborate stages, resources and technology required.

Phase three: through accounting above stages and findings, the consultant is expected to develop comprehensive land tenure data base, training local municipality technical staff, and providing technical support during implementation of database usage.

Detailed Tasks:

  • Consultations on current practice as indicated in phase 1.
  • developing data base Access to work with online and off line with Microsoft Office 2010/2013.
  • Activating security/administration option for each user by a username & a password.
  • Create level of data entry checks and approvals
  • Develop land tenure documents with serial number and will have security maintenance which protects data from vouchering and copping.
  • Creating land tenure output formats for production of land tenure certificates.
  • Training local municipality technical staff on usage of data base and provide technical support.
  • Assessing all required equipment, install and train local institutional staff maintenance and usage required.

Competency requirement

  • The consultancy firm must be able to demonstrate a 5 years proven experience on database development.
  • The service provider must have extensive experience on institutional capacity building in regarding archive management and development digital archive management sytement and procedures.
  • have experience more than 5 years on development data bases and programing and also two or more years of systems development or systems analysis experience.

Document required from consultants

  • Consultancy firm profile including staffing
  • Technical proposal with details of understanding the task, methodology, plan of action
  • Budget proposal including budget breakdown.
  • Application letter or express of interest
  • relevant registration toward government.
  • Bank statement regarding experience similar job.
  • Joint Venture Agreement in case of consortium.
  • Offer to warrant
  • Send your application through………………….
  • The deadline for submission of application 18th/September/2017

Time frame 

the development of database on land tenure with collaboration local municipality should take maximum of 45 days for all the consultancy services delivery and conveying the program. Time will be one criteria of selection.

Key issues for consideration

  • NRC will provide all logistics support during field work
  • Based on needs assessment, will be responsible for procurement of relevant equipment (such as servers and desk top computers.

NB: candidates who are interested in applying this position should submit their applications and other relevant documents to NRC Garowe office on Monday  18thSept 2017.




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