11 Jan 2018

Visual Communications Experts (Photographer & Videographer)


Job Description

                                                                                                                                        Visual Communications Experts                                                                                                                                         (Photographer & Videographer)
Period of Performance 
Start date: January 2018
End Date: December 2018
Duration: 60 days consultancy over the above mentioned period

The Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) and Public Resource Management in Somalia (PREMIS) programme are both managed by Adam Smith International – Africa.
The Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) is a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure, and stable Somalia. Its aim is to provide sustained support over the longer term to local process of building stability in Somalia, and to help areas become stable over the medium-term whilst building their linkages to a national framework.
Public Resource Management in Somalia (PREMIS) is funded by DFID and the EU. It aims to support newly established Federal Member States of Somalia – South West, Galmudug, Jubbaland and Hirshabelle in fulfilling their core state functions i.e. Raising revenues, effectively managing public resources and building up their civil service.

SSF and PREMIS are seeking for a company or team of visual communications experts in photography and videography to document project activities in Somalia in high-quality photo and video footage. We are seeking a company or individual(s) with demonstrated experience in visual communications, video and photography as well as access to and the ability and will to travel across Somalia.

o To capture high-resolution images of SSF/PREMIS various programme/project activities in various parts of the country, exact locations to be determined in close collaboration with the SSF/PREMIS Communications Team;
o To capture high-resolution images of Somalia revival i.e. reconstruction, progress in different sectors etc.;
o Caption each photograph with specific details such as the location taken, name of the person (for portraits), activity and any other relevant information.

o Video shooting, editing, narration, translation.
o To capture video footage of various SSF/PREMIS projects activities in various parts of the country;
o To capture B-Roll of Somali every day life, government activities, ports, streets, markets, and other opportunities;
o To capture stories showing positive side of Somalia and its recent development;
o To prepare, plan and conduct video interviews with beneficiaries, partners and government officials;
o To edit videos into short compelling stories in Somali, with English subtitles;

The Photography and Videography consultant will report to Adam Smith International’s Africa Communication Advisor and the SSF Knowledge Management and Learning Manager.

o Demonstrated experience (at least 5 years) of visual arts, primarily photography and videography;
o Experience taking photographs for development related agencies and projects;
o Demonstrable experience and production of short films and videos;
o Availability and willingness to travel across Somalia;
o Ownership or possession of a high-resolution state of the art digital camera/equipment is a MUST (including high-quality audio equipment, such as Lavalier microphones, other sound and light equipment),
o Ownership or possession of a high-resolution state of the art digital video camera/equipment is a MUST.

Please send your full application (see below) to procurement@stabilityfund.so no later than January 26th, 2018.
Your application should include:
1. A 1-2 page proposal outlining why you/your team meet the above criteria.
2. CVs of all team members
3. A photography portfolio with selected work of the past 12 months
4. A videography portfolio with links to video examples
5. A financial proposal including ALL related costs for the full duration of the consultancy (60 days of the period of January 2018 to December 2018)
6. In addition to your daily rates, your financial proposal should also include all associated costs (security, transport, accommodation, etc.).


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