2 Aug 2018


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Dowladda Gobaleedka Koonfur

Galbeed ee Soomaaliya

Wasaaradda Dastuurka

Xafiiska Wasiirka

Southwest State of Somalia Ministry of Constitutional Affairs Office of the Minister

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  1. Background

Today, Somalia is undergoing a transition that represents the best chance it has had for decades for peace and state-building. In order to consolidate and accelerate the transition from conflict to peace and security, the Federal Government Somalia has launched a comprehensive approach toward consolidating peace, security and development into the new National Development Agenda. However, the constitutional review process is part of the process for inclusive politics and has a crucial impact on ongoing peacebuilding and political processes in Somalia. The Ministry of Constitutional Affairs previously known as Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Reconciliation is a Government Ministry in Baidoa, South West State of Somalia. It was officially announced on 30 July 2017 as per presidential decree letter Ref; KGMXM/ 420/30/7/2017. Its mission is to promote community based reconciliation and peace-building in all aspects by means of a coordinated basis including elders to promote political stability, security and social cohesion.

The project is designed to provide responsive support to the constitution-making bodies, particularly to the activities of Ministry of Constitutional Affairs in Federal Member States; and support for public education and public consultation, particularly envisaging the inclusion of women, youth, minorities, and other marginalized people. The projects envisaged in the Joint Roadmap of the constitutional review process, especially with regards to consultative processes and civic education, are considered important entry points for respective Project activities.

The objective of this young graduate internship programme is to provide quality work experience to the newly Somali university graduates in the areas of Administration, Finance, law, public administration, management and among others. This will contribute to creation of skilled work force impeded in the ministry to deliver its mandate.

  1. Purpose of the Young Graduate Internship

The Internship programme is aimed at providing Somali graduates with quality temporary work experience that will make them stronger candidates for job openings in the private and public sector. It is common knowledge that majority of the unemployed youths are graduates who have no working experience and are most times not successful in their job applications because employers prefer experienced persons.

The Ministry of the Constitutional Affairs of the Southwest State is seeking four (4) Young Graduate Interns to support the ministry carry out its mandate. The internship program will be four months. The opening application date is 03 Aug 2018 and closing application date on 09 Aug 2018.

  1. Required Skills and Competencies
  • Must be University graduate
  • Proficiency in Somali and English is required;
  • Computer literate in standard software applications;
  • Demonstrated keen interest in the work of the Government; and
  • Demonstrated the ability to successfully interact with individuals of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, which include willingness to try and understand and be tolerant of differing opinions and views;
  1. Gender Mainstreaming

The Ministry of the Constitutional Affairs of Southwest State is an equal opportunity employer and women young graduates are strongly encouraged to apply.

  1. Location and Working Conditions

The Interns will work in the office of the Ministry in Baidoa.

  1. Duration of Work

The Internship program will be for four (4) months from the period 01 Sept 2018 to 31 December 2018.

  1. Areas of the Internship Programme

Under the supervision of the Director General of the Ministry of the Constitutional Affairs of Southwest, the interns will support the ministry in implementation of its mandate and missions, strategic plan and workplans and other activities in the following areas:

  • Administration and Finance;
  • Plenary and Hansard
  • Planning and Coordination;
  • Logistics;
  • ICT (information and communications technology – or technologies)
  • Public Outreach and Civic Education;
  • Media and Public Relations;
  • Library
  • Research and Translations Services – Somali to English and English to Somali;
  • Legal Affairs;
  • Report Writing and Minutes taking
  • Project Management;
  • Communication;
  • Human resources;
  • Event Planning and Management;
  1. Key Duties and Responsibilities:

The Interns are expected to support the ministry in the day to day activities in the following but not limited to:

  • Supporting in organizing workshops/consultative forums;
  • Provide day to day support to the committees in preparing meetings and taking notes during meetings;
  • Assist in the Administration in the implementation of the activities of the Ministry and strategic plan;
  • Conducting research and any required assessments;
  • Support in the preparation of various documentation and reports;
  • Assist in the collecting and dissemination of information;
  • Support in the organization of public consultations, public hearing and outreach missions and field trips;
  1. Eligibility Criteria

The selection criteria for the young graduate interns are as follows:

  • Must be a citizen of Somalia (with a valid ID);
  • Must be committed for a period of four months;
  • Must not be more than 30 years of age;
  • Must be graduate from a university in the related field;
  1. How to Apply

To apply the internship programme, please submit the following relevant documents:

  • CV along with their application letter and a copy of passport size photograph;
  • Copies of academic certificates or transcripts;
  • Statement of interest and relevant background (maximum four paragraphs; please indicate if you have particular expertise or experience related to tasks described above, as well as if you are available for four (4) months;

Interested candidates should submit their CV along with their application letter via e-mail to recruitment.moca@gmail.com copying to mohamed.hadi@undp.org not later than 09 Aug 2018

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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