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23 Jun 2019

CALL FOR PROPOSAL -Enterprise Development Units-Host Institution

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Date: 20/06/2019


SAP ID: 170097

Title of Terms of Reference

1     Introduction

This assignment is part of UNIDO’s on-going initiatives in Somalia for productive sector growth and designed as a contribution to the Agro-technology development for economic growth in South and Central Somalia.

With this proposed project UNIDO will assist the revival of productive sectors in Central and South Somalia regions by establishing a network of three agro-technology and enterprise development units to support Somali businesses in starting, rehabilitating and upgrading agro-industrial operations, particularly by accessing to new technologies, markets, market-based skilled labour and financing facilities.

Emphasis in the project implementation will also be provided in supporting the labour force responding to the needs of the market with market based vocational and technical skills trainings to feed the growing needs of the MSMES sector with skilled labour capable of making modern and better tools, and in installing, operating, maintaining and repairing old and modern agriculture and agro-industrial equipment.

2     General Background Information

Prolonged instability in Somalia has inhibited the economic growth potential of Somalia. The country’s 25-year conflict has seen the destruction of key economic infrastructure; government buildings, public facilities, roads, and transportation and communication networks have been destroyed or severely damaged. In this context, the lack of economic infrastructure that stimulates enterprise development and supports economic growth has resulted in limited investments in the productive sectors, effectively constraining the urban population to rely predominantly on an informal economy based on trade, transport, utilities, communication and construction, for income and service provision. Subsistence petty trading and micro-sized enterprises have become the primary sources of employment and income for the majority of city-dwellers.

Addressing the deficiencies in the economic infrastructure and the labour market to respond to the needs of the private sector in agro-business is more than ever relevant and imperative, most especially in the Southern and Central regions of the Somali peninsula.

Somalia is emerging from a legacy of two and half decades of cycles of violent conflict and fragility. Against immense challenges, reforms to economic and public financial management are setting new standards for the Government, and sustainable and inclusive development for the country. Somalia has made considerable progress toward reconstruction by rebuilding institutions and improving economic and social conditions. Led by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), with international support and relying mostly on the energy and initiatives of the

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Somali people, the country has rebuilt rudimentary institutions and rehabilitated some basic infrastructure.

From a socioeconomic standpoint, Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world, which has regularly topped the fragility index. With 73% of the population living on less than $2 USD per day and 43% on less than $1 USD per day. Coupled with the fact that most of the population lives in abject poverty, Somalia has a huge demographic youth bulge, with 76% of its population being under 29 years of age and with only 50% of the population over 10 years of age being economically active. Moreover, the opportunities for vocational training are very limited for Somali youth with only 3% of males and 2% of females have received, or are engaged in, any formal vocational training.

In this context, it is also very important to actively involve relevant national private and public sector institutions (chambers of commerce and industry and/or other industry associations, financial institutions, technology Centres, management development Centres, universities as well as research and development institutions) in order to synergize and maximize the development impact of entrepreneurship development and promotion activities.

3     Aim of the Project

The project will assist the revival of productive sectors in Central and South Somalia regions by establishing a network of three agro-technology and enterprise development units to support Somali businesses in starting, rehabilitating and upgrading agro-industrial operations, accessing new technologies, markets and financing facilities.

The project will further provide technical assistance for the delivery of technical and vocational skills trainings to meet the local needs of mechanization, production of tools, and in installing, operating, maintaining and repairing old agro-industrial equipment.

A credit facility to facilitate access to finance to project supported entrepreneurs will be established and deployed within the framework of the project.

4     Objective and Expected Overall Impact of the Required Services

Overall, the project aims at increasing the potential for economic opportunities and job creation in the productive sectors of the Central and Southern regions of the Somalia by focusing on four key actions: i) promotion of agro-technology upgrading and entrepreneurship development; ii) delivery of vocational and technical skill trainings in trades providing support services; iii) facilitate access to technology, markets and finance; and iv) provide institutional support in the area of agro-industrial technology transfer, investment promotion, entrepreneurship development.

5     Scope of Contract Services

The selected host institution of the Enterprise Development Units (EDUs) will be provided with the sub-contract for the period 1st August 2019 to 31st January 2020 to implement few selected activities in Mogadishu, which will become regular and future services of the host institution.

  1. Functional Roles and Responsibility of the concerned stake-holders in the proposed contract:

For more information download below the attachment:

Call for Proposal-Enterprise Development Units Host Institution

“Interested institutions or Organizations who meet the required qualifications and capacity are invited to submit their full proposals through email to with subject line as Proposal for Enterprise Development unit-Host institutions for Kismayo (Or Mogadishu) depending which location selected between the two cities before 30th June, 2019.

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