10 Aug 2019

Certificate in Social Research Methods

Job Description

Certificate in Social Research Methods

Social Research and Development Institute (SORADI) offers a high-quality training courses on Social Research which is grounded in the Somaliland context. This five-week long course is designed to accommodate both the adult trainee’s and student time schedules. This course will describe the key components and fundamentals of social research, introduce the ethics of research, allow trainees to develop skills and knowledge about quantitative and qualitative social research and identify criteria used to evaluate the quality of social research. The certificate proficiency course will be offered in modular format to provide flexibility for learners according to their individual and professional needs.

Objectives of the Program

  • Train researchers who can effectively plan and design research projects and can transfer the same skills to their colleagues within their institutions are needed in designing sound public and private projects and policies.
  • Equip development workers and postgraduate students with capacity needed for writing successful grant proposals to increase the revenue base of their institutions and building good relations with donors.
  • Improve understanding the differences between various survey designs, data management and advanced data analysis techniques
  • Develop scientific writing and publishing skills so that findings are communicated and shared responsibly to impact a broader understanding of issues at all levels of the community.
  • Strengthen research management and leadership for improved development programs.

Course learning outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Formulate a research problem, research questions and research hypothesis.
  • Conduct a productive literature review in print and electronic sources
  • Construct a research project design
  • Compare and contrast the relative uses and advantages of quantitative, qualitative, and Mixed-methods approaches
  • Familiarwith issues around ethics in research as they relate to subject matter, Participants and researchers
  • Is able to write a research report and publish a research paper on a subject of his/her choice at the end of the course with the full mentorship support from experienced mentors.

Career Development

  • This course will advance your career development and give you an edge in your pursuit of your current and future positions in private sector companies, government institutions, NGOs, UN and other International organizations.

Admission Requirements

  • The Proficiency Certificate Course in Social Research Methods will admit learners with a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent and above in any discipline. The course offers full skills and competencies to students and development workers wishing to obtain “Proficiency Certificate”.
  • Duration of the Program: The training duration is 5 intensive weeks which consists of class room sessions, seminars, lectures, group works and assignments and fieldworks. During the course the participants will develop mentored individual/group research proposals.

Course Fees and Payment

The course costs only 490 USD. Use the following Accounts to pay for your fees

  1. ZAAD: 430905 [SORADI]


This course is assessed by the quality of the individual research Proposal, participation, attendance and assignments. Participants will receive Proficiency Certificate in Social Research Methods.

Application Process and Timelines

To apply for the course please send your CV to info@soradi.orgor apply in person at SORADI office by22 August 2019.

For any inquiries please contact :Dr. Fosi Mohamoud Kofal E-mail: fosi@soradi.org+252-63-4838838 or Khadar Osman Fadal Email: khadarof@soradi.org, +25263-4425676

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