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3 Jan 2019

FACILITATOR – Community Consensus Building Session (CCBS)

Job Description


PROGRAM: Somalia Transition Initiatives for Stabilization Plus (TIS+) Program

POSITION TITLE:FACILITATOR – Community Consensus Building Session (CCBS)

POSITION STATUS: Short-Term Technical Assistance

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Burdhubo, Dobley, and Garbaharey Districts – Jubbaland

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: o/a January 1 – February 28, 2019



The TIS+ Program aims to promote peace and stability in Somalia by increasing the visibility of, and confidence in Government through improved service delivery, creating collaborative and strategic partnerships among government institutions, the private sector, civil society and communities.

The TIS+ Program focuses on four objectives:

  1. Increase confidence in governance based on equitable participation in decision-making and management of community assets;
  2. Empower community and government representatives to engage with private sector and development actors in collaborative process for community growth;
  3. Increase Somali engagement in creating a more stable future; and
  4. Support inclusive, sustainable development by reducing gender gaps in stabilization and development.

TIS+ will conduct full Community Consensus Building Approach in each of three districts’ capital towns: Burdhubo, Dobley and Garbaharey. The CCBA consists of a three-day Community Consensus Building Session (CCBS), Technical Assessments (TAs), and a one-day High Level Forum for Validation and Resource Mobilization (HLF4VRM).


TIS+ is seeking the services of a skilled Consultant (Facilitator) to plan and conduct the Community Consensus Building Session using an established, recognized methodology in each of the three districts mentioned above and to work collaboratively with TIS+ and the government awardees of the CCBA

grants. Each CCBS will take place over three days in each of the Districts’ capital towns with approximately 30 representatives from state, regional and local level government agencies, civil society organizations including women’s, youth and Persons with Disabilities groups, private sector and other

notable influential individuals. In districts where a prior CCBS-type process has already been undertaken, the Facilitator will confer with TIS+ Field Office personnel regarding the way to approach the situation in such instances.

Overall, the CCBS is expected to generate two lists of priority projects for each district/capital town aimed

at positively contributing to stabilization: an infrastructure list and a “soft-structure” list. It is anticipated

that the lists will be prioritized.

SOW – Facilitator – CCBS – Final – Dec. 31, 2018


Overarching Responsibility

The Consultant will provide leadership for the technical preparation for and will deliver the CCBSs in Burdubo, Dobley and Garbharey, using the TIS+ Community Consensus Building Guidebook.

Specific Responsibilities:

Collaborate with the TIS+ Kismayo Field Office

Ensure that the CCBS includes all key elements in the Community Consensus Building

Guidebook, e.g.:

o  Resource and conflict mapping

o  Project identification and prioritization

o  Project management and implementation

o Community engagement and mobilization and government-community engagement o Gender and social inclusion

o  Transparency and accountability

o  Monitoring and evaluation

Ensure that approaches used in the CCBS are conflict-sensitive, including adhering to Do No

Harm principles and practices, and sensitive to gender and social inclusion

Ensure government personnel have capacity to lead sessions and engage successfully with the

CCBS participants.

Prepare and submit final versions of all deliverables.

Relationship Management

Establish and maintain a professional and productive working relationship with TIS+ personnel, government personnel and CCBS participants.


Develop and manage a Work Plan and share updates with TIS+ regularly.

Produce and maintain high quality photographs, videos and graphics/visuals. Ensure that media permission forms are signed and accurate credit (who took the photo or video footage) and

descriptive captions for photographs are provided for each event.

Liaise with the TIS+ KFO/FC and PDO and TIS+ Nairobi Office communications team and share photos, stories, and other marketing material for utilization by TIS+ and USAID.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Collect and submit agreed Monitoring and Evaluation data that aligns with TIS+ Program indicators (e.g., workshop evaluations, participant bio-data sheets, etc.).

Ways of Working

Ensure that project activities are examined using a conflict-sensitivity lens, applying a Do No Harm

analysis and a gender and social inclusion lens.

Ensure that adult learning principles and practices are utilized during all workshops.

Be familiar with Positive Youth Development and apply PYD principles when engaging with youth. Engage women and youth (females and males) in as many ways possible during the project.

Take all steps possible to minimize waste generated during the CCBS, especially plastic.

SOW – Facilitator – CCBS – Final – Dec. 31, 2018


Ensure products generated for use during the project are of good quality and fit for purpose. Provide TIS+ copies of all products developed or adapted for the project.

Deliverables and Milestone Payment Schedule

This consultancy will be a lump sum contract based on achievement of the specified set of deliverables.

The assignment will take place between January and February 2019.

Deliverables and Milestone Payment Schedule

Deliverable Due Date Milestone
Payment %
3 Work Plans TBD TBD
CCBS Participant Learning Materials (Final version) (TIS+ TBD TBD
Community Consensus Building Session (x 3 workshops x 3-day TBD TBD
duration per Workshop)
CCBS Report Draft 1 (TIS+ format) (x 3 reports max. 10 pages; TBD TBD
*photos; video clips)
CCBS Report – (Final version) (x 3 reports) TBD TBD
Overall PowerPoint Presentation on Delivery of All CCBSs TBD TBD
(Summary, Strengths, Weaknesses, Lessons Learned) (x1)

*The photos and video clips must be of high quality and suitable for publication.

Proposed Work Plan Template

The consultant will use the form below to set out the overall CCBS Workshop schedule. Each CCBS cycle will consist of five stages:

Stage 1: Pre-CCBS Preparation – Inception including a briefing from Kismayo Field Office Field Coordinator, discussion of the overall approach to the CCBS preparation, delivery and close-out by, additional meetings with KFO to discuss CCBS materials and logistics/administrative details; CCBS Planning including preparation of materials.

Stage 2: CCBS Delivery — including mobilization and conducting CCBS

Stage 3: Post-CCBS Wrap-Up – including Debriefing with KFO personnel and government stakeholders, Report Drafting, PowerPoint Presentation Preparation and Presentation to Jubbland State Government- MOILG and other stakeholders

Stage 4: Hand-Over – including Finalization and Submission of Final Versions of All Deliverables.

SOW – Facilitator – CCBS – Final – Dec. 31, 2018

Work Plan Template

Date Level of Task Location Individuals
Effort Involved
Stage 1: Pre-CCBS Preparation: Inception and Planning
1 Formal Briefing with TIS+ Field Office Kismayo
Stage 2: CCBS Delivery
Stage 3: Post-CCBS – Report Development and PPT Development
Stage 4: Submission of All Deliverables – DRAFT AND FINAL VERSIONS
Submission of All Deliverables in FINAL FORM Kismayo



The Consultant will be supervised and managed by the KFO Program Development Officer for day-to-day matters and the Field Coordinator overall.

Collaboration with TIS+ Personnel

The Consultant will collaborate with the KFO Field Coordinator and Program Development Officer.

The Consultant will be supported during the assignment by the Program Development Officer and the respective Field Office personnel in the following ways:

Briefing all involved team members on roles, responsibilities and expectations. Oversight of logistics and administration.

Identifying and contacting stakeholders and providing contact details to the grantee. Interacting with CCBS participants, especially regarding logistics, administration, etc. Working with district level stakeholders to ensure that workshop participants attend.

Any other reasonable assistance required by the Consultant in order to ensure the success of the work and to ensure the safety and security of all involved in the work.

SOW – Facilitator – CCBS – Final – Dec. 31, 2018

Government Collaboration

The Consultant may be accompanied by Jubbaland State of Somalia government stakeholders and local government stakeholders will likely participate in and/or visit the workshops.


It is anticipated that there is one Master Facilitator and one Assistant Facilitator on the consultancy team.

Diversity is important and including women on the team will be an asset.

The Consultant will ensure that within the proposed team, there are the following experience and skills:

Experience with a CCBS or CCBS-type approach

Demonstrated experience and preferably qualifications (certification) in small group facilitation, training of trainers

Knowledge and demonstrated ability to apply adult education theory and practices/methods – a range of individual, small group, and whole group configurations and hands-on learning activities (not merely lecture and discussion-based delivery)

Demonstrated ability to organize and manage different types of group configurations and group learning and to ensure authentic and active participation of diverse participants, especially females, youth, persons with disabilities, persons from diverse ethnic backgrounds, etc.

Demonstrated ability to identify and set learning objectives related to knowledge, skills, behaviors, attitudes/beliefs and developing pre- and post-tests for participants

Demonstrated ability to produce good quality workshop materials including facilitation manuals and participant learning materials

Demonstrated understanding of gender and social inclusion (GESI), conflict sensitivity and positive youth development (PYD)

Demonstrated capacity to build participants’ understanding of gender and social inclusion (GESI), conflict sensitivity and positive youth development (PYD) with respect to community engagement and project identification and prioritization Understanding of and experience with scenario planning process for sustainability community


Experience in and with diverse contexts and groups within Somalia and strong inter-cultural skills Demonstrated capacity to manage conflict (interpersonal and inter-group) in a non-violent and

transformative manner Flexibility and adaptability Computer literacy

Excellent report-writing skills

Proficiency in English and Somali.

Applications and detailed CV together with any certifications to be sent to the email marked as “Facilitator, CCBS, Burdhubo, Dobley, and Garbaharey Districts, JSS” by 10 January 2019, 2359 hrs (East African Time).

Late offers will be rejected except under extraordinary circumstances at TIS+ discretion.

Women, persons with disabilities, youth and those from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer.

SOW – Facilitator – CCBS – Final – Dec. 31, 2018

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