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7 May 2019

Identification and Selection of an Agri-business Technical Vocational Education Training

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Identification and Selection of an Agri-business Technical Vocational Education Training

  1. Introduction

CPD with the support of Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) is implementing the Economic Development and Livelihood Project targeting Dhusamareb District and by extension Adado District. The project aims at supporting the livestock producers, aggregators and milk retailers (Milk value chain actors) in addressing the challenges they encounter working jointly to provide solutions that will see to increased milk production, sales and a rise in the income for local pastoralist livelihoods.

The development of a vibrant livestock sector capable of improving the livelihoods of the pastoralist in Dhusamareb will require availability of skilled work force to manage farms, ranches, processing units etc. TVET in the region is almost non-existent and currently there is a significant shortage of skilled people in the district.

In line with the above, the project seeks to identify qualified technical training institution for with the ability to deliver on a tailor made training for agri-business training courses with a duration of 4 months for the 3 groups of trainings. The project provide will provide scholarships for an initial group of 75 trainees in the TVET program.  The scholarships will be 50 technicians to be trained in livestock farm/ranch operations and 25 for the animal health technician training.

CPD is therefore calling on interested Technical Training Institutions in Dhusamareb District to submit their bids for the indicated trainings.

  1. Scope of Planned Agri-Business Technical Vocational Education Trainings

The project will Co-Invest and Collaborate with local private institutions to develop a practical and on-the-job TVET program geared towards producing skilled livestock farm/ranch operators and animal health technicians.

The identified Technical Training Institution selected will be required to offer technical trainings on agri-business related courses targeting the livestock sector in Dhusamareb District. The animal health program will focus on producing technicians, who can provide training and animal health advice to producers and operate agro-vet shops. The specific courses to be offered will be as indicated here below:-

  1. Skilled Herders Courses
  2. Plumbing and water works installation
  • Electrical wiring including solar related wiring.
  1. Mechanical course (automotive and machinery)
  2. Community Animal Health Worker (CAHWs) course.


  1. Requirements for the ATVET to be selected
  2. Be a registered and operational TVET training institution.
  3. Have its training premises in Dhusamareb Town with a capacity and space to provide concurrent courses.
  • Indicate a demonstrated experience and history of offering the indicated courses.
  1. Have the required qualified vocational trainers as required for the courses (alternatively be able to source for the qualified trainers as required to offer the identified courses.


  1. EDL Project Roles

The project will support the development of curricula training materials provide training of trainers for the local partners. The project will provide the relevant Agri-Business curricula and training materials for the training and also for the planned Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) course. The project will also provide trainers for the Training of Trainers (TOT) course in ATVET. The TOT will equip local trainers with knowledge and skills on the development and delivery of competency based training approaches used in ATVET. The project will pay competitively for the scholarships required to enable in the training of the courses.

  1. How to apply:

Interested consultants should submit via email the following-:

  1. A training proposal that addresses the above indicated requirements cover letter (as indicated in the training scope I-V).
  2. Proof of registration of the institution with the relevant Ministry (State and Federal).
  • Any other relevant document supporting the application.

The proposal and supporting documents should be sent to:

Subject Line: Application for Agri-business Technical Vocational Education Training.

Closing date: 15thMay, 2019. 5:00 PM

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