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7 May 2019

Identification and Selection of Co-Investors in Milk Aggregation

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Identification and Selection of Co-Investors in Milk Aggregation

  1. Introduction

CPD with the support of Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) is implementing the Economic Development and Livelihood Project targeting Dhusamareb District and by extension Adado District. The project aims at supporting the livestock producers, aggregators and milk retailers (Milk value chain actors) in addressing the challenges they encounter working jointly to provide solutions that will see to increased milk production, sales and a rise in the income for local pastoralist livelihoods.

In line with the above, the project seeks to identify 3 milk aggregators for a joint co-investment in the bulking of milk from the individual producers in the two Districts for onward sale to the retailers. The aggregator’s role will be important in ensuring the milk produced in the District is able to get to the customers in its fresh form. This will mean having commercial milk cooling facilities with a capacity to handle 1,000 to 3,000 litres per day ready for onward sale to the milk retailers in and outside the two Districts.

CPD is therefore calling on interested milk bulking companies or individual traders (who are involved in the business of purchase of milk from producers and sale to milk retailers) to submit their proposals for prequalification.

  1. Requirements for the Suitable Aggregator to be selected

The following are the minimum conditions set for the firm or individual to be considered as a co-investor-:

  1. Must already be in milk aggregation business.
  2. He/she should have experience of 5yrs and above in aggregation activities.
  3. He/she should have a business premises where they operate from and which is accessible for the aggregation business planned.
  4. He/she should have equipment e.g. milk containers and fridges for storage.
  5. He/she must have demonstrated capacity to invest in the aggregation business (milk bulking matching investment) including in the purchase of the equipment, transport means that will complement the project’s inputs.
  6. He/she must have access to local milk markets and indicate the planned source points of the milk and target market.
  7. Willing to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the EDL project biding the aggregator to the matching investment as required by the project.


  1. How to apply:

Interested partners should submit via email the following providing the following-:

  1. A co-investment proposal that addresses the above indicated requirements as indicated in requirements section I-g).
  2. Supporting lease or ownership documents of current milk aggregation premises.
  • Local Business license.
  1. Business profile describing past experience in milk bulking business
  2. Two (2) signed references.
  3. Bank Recommendation Letter.
  • Any other relevant document supporting the application.

The proposal and supporting documents should be sent to:

Subject Line: Application for Milk Aggregator Co-Investor

Closing date: 15thMay, 2019. 5:00 PM

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