3 Apr 2019

Lionbridge Personalized Internet Assessor in Somalia

Job Description

Lionbridge works on language research projects for a vast variety of languages and dialects. The objective is to enable the speakers of all languages – minority or majority languages – to be able to interact efficiently with the modern technology. Through our projects we are helping to develop language-related technology for computers and mobile devices for every language.

We are currently looking for native speakers of Somali language to work as Lionbridge Personalized Internet Assessor in Somalia. In this position candidates will be working remotely (2-5 hours per week) on reviewing online search results to improve their content and quality. To succeed in this role, fluency in written and verbal English and Somali language is required. Candidates will also need a mobile device and a computer they can use for work.

Interested candidates can contact us under recruitmentWM.tampere@lionbridge.com to receive more details about the project and the application process.


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