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30 Oct 2018

Local Governance Administration and Finance Consultant

Job Description

I.  General Information



Title of Consultancy:                                               Local Governance Administration and Finance Consultant
Type of Contract: Individual Contract
Duration of the assignment: 7 months period
Duty station: Hudur
Supervisor:     Executive secretary of Hudr Local Government.

II.Organizational Context

The Admin and Finance consultant is covering all the Administration and Financial activities  in the Admin and Finance department of the local government  and integrating the district and sub-district financial administration and as well design budgeting and procurement policies and procedures as well as develop administrative and financial systems that address cash-flow management, forecasting etc. in order to provide transparent and accountable systems.


It is envisaged to achieve as wide coverage in Southwest State as resources and conditions allow with a comprehensive approach to assist local governments to be credible, professional service providers, increasing public investment in basic services, and strengthening civic awareness and participation in local decision-making and development. The strategy pursued will comprise:

(i)                  policy and legal frameworks for decentralization, local government, service provision and land management,

(ii)                institutionalizing local government systems, vertical and horizontal inter-government linkages and civic education initiatives,

(iii)               investment in public services and goods through testing a Local Development Fund model, direct service provision and promotion of public-private partnerships, and

(iv)              Processes and systems for housing, land and property disputes and resolution.


Throughout the Programme, strong emphasis will be placed on gender and women in local government, human rights and local governance, and good governance principles of transparency, accountability and participation.


Other than, the newly formed local government at Hudur District, there are 2 more JPLG Target Districts in Southwest State that have a Five year Development Document (District Development Framework (DDF), review the DDF and develop Annual Work plan and Budget every year .  District Councils face a range of Challenges related to financial administration including a lack of strategic financial mechanism that result in low district capacity to adapt program and service delivery to changing needs of stakeholders, lack of adequate baseline data and effective data management skills and systems to inform planning processes.

According to this, Ministry of Interior, District Administrations and JPLG realized a need of strengthening of Local Development planning process and established a new Department that is a District Development Planning Department to coordinate District Development planning, data collection and analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting and Ensuring District Development planning process is in line with National Development process.


In this context, the Ministry of Interior and the Local government of Hudur will recruit a national Admin and Finance consultant while getting support from UNDP/JPLG. Under the direct supervision of Mayor, the Consultant will have the responsibility of designing and managing the Capacity building activities of the District Admin and Finance department Staffs to enable to acquire the technical skills to carry out their assigned and mandated tasks. The contract is for 9 months. Quarterly performance assessment of the incumbent will be conducted by MOILG with support is based on the delivery of the required output. The performance will be based on achievements of tasks. Potential renewal of contract will depend on achievement of the tasks in his TORs, and a potential renewal will then include new tasks for capacity development.




II. Objectives of the assignment


Objectives of the assignment Finance Support Consultant will support the Head of the Finance Office of the Local Government of Hudur to execute finance management and support the Executive secretary in preparing annual & quarterly budgets and expenditure reports, required by different development partners supporting the State Programme. This position will also support needs in relation to capacity development of the local government staff to take on a growing role in managing external assistance as well as support channeled to the ministry of Interior and Local government of SWS.

  • The admin and finance consultant will help design budgeting and procurement policies and procedures as well as develop administrative and financial systems that address cash-flow management, forecasting etc. in order to provide transparent and accountable systems.
  • Develop Administration and finance tools to achieve the intended goal of increasing transparency and accountability for local government service delivery.



III. Duties and Responsibilities


1.      Ability to plan, prioritise and deliver tasks on time; ability to participate effectively in a team-based information sharing environment; acceptance of additional responsibilities and capacity to work under pressure; high client service orientation; high initiative to solve problem; excellent analytical skills; excellent communication skills.


2.      Facilitate admin and Finance department staff to carry out regular updating of financial system and records, and instruct

the compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual budget expenditure reports,


3.      Put in place the necessary procedures, practices and training to fill capacity gaps and strengthen the whole financial systems of the local government of Hudur, to undertake technical assessments of staff capacity in finance and Adminisatrion at the beginning and end of year , provide necessary training to upgrade skills of the staff when  required

4.      Maintain proper accounting records and preparing financial statements that provide a true and fair view and follow national finance procedures in agreed financial accounting, reporting and make recommendation.

5.      Assist MOI to verify payment, direct advance and contract payment request and settle advances and follow up on reconciliation of direct payment executed by development partners, including

6.      Carry out internal assessment of Finance and administration systems/mechanisms, process and procedures within the local government department of Admin and Finance and support technical work such as reviewing methods, carrying out training needs, designing finance tools and advising senior leaders of the local government and plan day to day implementation activity of financial resources

7.      Support MOI for establishment of  consistency in financial planning and budgeting for the district and components getting supports from JPLG.

8.      Coordinate monthly, quarterly and annual budget meetings for the local government programme, including setting agenda for meetings and preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports (andother reports as necessary) for monitoring purposes

9.      Ensure that all the ministry departments and local governance produce and manage semi-annual progress as per department.



  1. Under the direct supervision of  the Executive secretary of LG, and working closely with the Administration Finance Department Director, the consultant will discharge the following functions:
  1. General  Administration

The consultant can undertake MOI’s day to day office administration requirements such as transport, petty cash, purchasing and procurement, rental and utility agreements, inventory, etc., ensuring procedures and documents are maintained in line with MOI and UNDP requirements. These assignments are expecting to be in place within three months.


  1. Finance Management  

The consultant is expecting to undertake Hudur LG finance procedures, including day to-day expenditure management and monitoring, relevant aspects of periodic donor reports, financial transactions with UNDP and local banking services, ensuring procedures and documents are maintained in line with and MOI, UNDP and other donors’ money requirements. Afore-mentioned deliverables are expecting put in place within three months during contract period.


  1. Human Resources

The consultant is expected to undertake Hudur LG human Resource procedures including contracts, leave reports, payments, travel requests, payroll preparations ensuring procedures and documents are maintained in line with MOI and UNDP requirements. This on job- training is providing administration and finance department staff including accountant, cashier, administration head unit and other departments of MOI. These assignments are expected to be in place within three months of contract period.





IV: Qualifications and Competencies

V. Gender Mainstream:


Hudur Local Government is an equal opportunity employer and women young graduates are encouraged to apply.



I.                   Level of Education:


Bachelor’s degree in, Business management,Public ,Accounting, Business Administration, Management, or related discipline.


II.                Work Experience:

At least five (5) years of relevant experience in the field of Administration and Finance


III.               Languages needed:


Excellent oral and written communication skills for both English and Somali


I.                    V. General Skills / Other Requirements:


1.      Excellent communication and presentation skills, analytical and interpersonal abilities;

2.      Ability to operate as part of a team, but also independently;

3.      Ability to identify innovative approaches to problems in a challenging environment;

4.      Computer proficiency with high level of familiarity with commonly used packages like MS office;

5.      Ability to work under pressure


VI.  Location of the Work:

The Administration and Finance consultant will work in Hudur Local government Office in  Hudur town and sometimes may travel to the field and other missions


Application: Interested candidates who meet the required qualifications and experience are invited to submit updated CV and cover letter explaining their motivation and why they are suited for the post.


Please send your curriculum vitae to both the ministry’s office in Baidoa and Hudur Local government office in Hudur by 10th/11/2018 or to this email: and copy and subject line Mark on it  ‘Administration and Finance Consultant .Hudur local government will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest.


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