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30 Oct 2018


Job Description


I.  General Information

Title of Consultancy:                                               Local Governance Planning Consultant.
Type of Contract: Individual Contract
Duration of the assignment: 7 months with possibility of extension
Duty station: Hudur.
Supervisor:     Executive secretary of Hudur Local government.

II.Organizational Context

District Planning  consultant  is covering all the planning activities  in the planning department of the local government  and integrating the district and sub-district plans of all the local governments into a consolidated district plan which will later be integrated with the State plan. The District Planning process will take into account the resources (natural, human and financial) and the extent of legal responsibilities assigned to the district and below level governments, during the preparation of the district plan.

The outcome of the NDP is that local governance contributes to peace and equitable priority service delivery in selected locations.

It is envisaged to achieve as wide coverage in Southwest State as resources and conditions allow with a comprehensive approach to assist local governments to be credible, professional service providers, increasing public investment in basic services, and strengthening civic awareness and participation in local decision-making and development. The strategy pursued will comprise:

(i)                  policy and legal frameworks for decentralization, local government, service provision and land management,

(ii)                institutionalizing local government systems, vertical and horizontal inter-government linkages and civic education initiatives,

(iii)               investment in public services and goods through testing a Local Development Fund model, direct service provision and promotion of public-private partnerships, and

(iv)              Processes and systems for housing, land and property disputes and resolution.

Throughout the Programme, strong emphasis will be placed on gender and women in local government, human rights and local governance, and good governance principles of transparency, accountability and participation.

Other than, the newly formed local government at Hudur District, there are 2 more JPLG Target Districts in Southwest  State that have a Five year Development Document (District Development Framework (DDF), review the DDF and develop Annual Work plan and Budget every year .  District Councils face a range of Challenges related to development planning including a lack of strategic planning mechanism that result in low district capacity to adapt program and service delivery to changing needs of stakeholders, lack of adequate baseline data and effective data management skills and systems to inform planning processes.

According to this, Ministry of Interior, District Administrations and JPLG realized a need of strengthening of Local Development planning process and established a New Department that is a District Development Planning Department to coordinate District Development planning, data collection and analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting and Ensuring District Development planning process is in line with National Development process.

In this context, the Ministry of Interior and the Local government of Hudur will recruit a national planning consultant while getting support from UNDP/JPLG. Under the direct supervision of Mayor, District Planning Consultant will have the responsibility of designing and managing the Capacity building activities of the District Development Planning Department Staffs to enable to acquire the technical skills to carry out their assigned and mandated tasks. The contract is for 9 months. Quarterly performance assessment of the incumbent will be conducted by MOILG with support is based on the delivery of the required output. The performance will be based on achievements of tasks. Potential renewal of contract will depend on achievement of the tasks in his TORs, and a potential renewal will then include new tasks for capacity development.

III. Functions/Key Results Expected

Summary of Key Functions:

  •  Provide on Job Training and guidance to District Development Planning Department Staffs to get done their mandated and assigned Tasks.  Designs and implements capacity building Training Programs and ensure a timely implementation of capacity building activities as well as timely reporting according to signed agreement with development partner.
  • Design effective data collection Tool, facilitate in analysis of collected data to put into place necessary information required to develop District Development framework and establish an appropriate monitoring and Evaluation Tool.

with the close collaboration of the District Planning, ensure implementation of District Development framework (DDF) and annual District work plan and budget (AWP&B) which are in line with National Development plan to establish a decentralized and  bottom up development practice in Southwest State

III. Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Design and facilitate capacity building and training activities:

·         Conduct a capacity assessment District Development planning department Staffs in all seven JPLG Target Districts.

·         Provide District Planning Staffs a necessary on Job Training to strengthen their capacities to ensure their implementation of Public Expenditure Management process.

·         Design a timeframe for PEM implementation on the basis of the PEM sequent Steps

·          support District Development Staffs in identifying the scope for increased community participation in the planning processes

·           Design TOR and assign specific roles and responsibilities through inclusive process

·         Facilitate and mentor Department Staffs the process of quality implementation by the District through development of relevant procedures, monitoring of compliance with these procedures, and seeking correctional action where needed

2.       Design appropriate Data collection tool, Monitoring and Evaluation approach and assist in the implementation of collection and analysis of Data and Management of Monitoring and Evaluation

·         Provide an analytical framework for assessing Local data collection and analysis

·         Support District Development Planning Department Staffs to establish and maintain relevant data collection and analysis systems.

·         Support District Department Staffs to collect and synthesize data from other Departments and institutions

·         Support Department Staffs to update District Development Framework and Annual District planning and budgeting on the basis of the collected and analyzed data once a year.

·         Support department Staffs to identify a set of Parameters that will inform the development projects evaluation framework

·         Support department staffs to assess and overcome institutional boundaries that separate local governments, regional offices and community based actors and organizations

·         Design appropriate mechanism for increased community participation, including institutional set-up, tools, reporting lines and feedback mechanism

·         Support District Staffs to manage and maintain in a transparent, efficient and sustainable manner of Projects and ensured projects are locally owned.


3.       With the collaboration of Ministry of Interior and Local Government ensure implementation of district development process link to State and National Development Planning Processes.

·         Support Department Staffs to Identify local actors and map out potential Civil Society Organization partners

·         Outline key actions and policy requirements and establish Priorities that ensures gender and conflict prevention and mitigation at the District level.

·         Support District Staffs to seek a chance for adopting and implementing District Development Framework (DDF) by international and local NGOs, Donors, and other UN Agencies

·         Focus on technical and managerial capacity development of the District development planning department staffs to decentralize/localize NDP and advocate for effective local development planning and implementation process aligned with National priorities and development objectives.

·         Support District Planning and other departments staffs to engage the Identified relevant local Stakeholders and civil Society organizations to implement District development framework (DDF) that is aligned with the National development Plan

·         Ensure results from participatory impact assessment fed into appropriate national bodies

·         Support District development planning department Staffs to conduct regular over sighting of Development Assistance Database system to ensure all of the development projects going on /completed in the respective district are entered in the system to publicly view channel of the development funds to be transparent and accountable.

·         Support Department Staffs to monitor and report on the implementation of the annual development plan and budget and overall progress towards District development framework and national development plan priorities.

VI. Expected and deliverable

The outputs will be:

  1. Capacity Building Strategy for District Staffs in particularly planning Department Staffs
  2. Quarterly Capacity Building Districts to be elaborated thoroughly.
  3.  Facilitate the District Staffs to closely work with Ministry of Interior and Local Government
  4.  Support the District development planning staffs to produce in an Annual outcome report of DDF lined with respected Pillars of NDP in all target Districts.
  5. Support District Staffs to contribute required information of Development Assistance Database system to view updates of District development efforts publicly

Support the District Development Staffs to establish District Resource Center to be housed all district information and data to easily retrieve the required District information and data at any time to anyone.

VII. Gender Mainstream:

Ministry of Interior and Local Government is an equal opportunity employer and women young graduates are encouraged to apply.

VIII.  Location of the Work:

The consultant will work in the Local government of Hudur District and sometimes may travel to the field and other missions.

VIII.  Duration of the Internship work:

This consultants work will be for 7 months from the period starting date to be  signed contract.

IV: Qualifications and Competencies
 I.                    Level of Education:

University degree in Social Science, Public Administration, Developmental studies or any other related and relevant field.  Additional qualifications in training methodologies are an added advantage

II.                  Work Experience:

A.      Minimum of 10 years of work experience in local authorities or central government institution responsible for local government, including training; one year of which should have been spent in Somalia.

B.       A solid understanding of local administration in Somalia.

C.      Experience in training and capacity building for local authorities and decentralized delivery of services to communities would be an advantage

III.                Languages needed:

Excellent oral and written communication skills for both English and Somali

IV.                General Skills / Other Requirements:

V.                  Excellent communication and presentation skills, analytical and interpersonal abilities;

VI.                Ability to operate as part of a team, but also independently;

VII.              Ability to identify innovative approaches to problems in a challenging environment;

VIII.            Computer proficiency with high level of familiarity with commonly used packages like MS office;

IX.                Ability to work under pressure

Application: Interested candidates who meet the required qualifications and experience are invited to submit updated CV and cover letter explaining their motivation and why they are suited for the post.

Please send your curriculum vitae to the ministry’s office in Baidoa by 10th/11/2018 or to this email: and copy and subject line Mark on it  ‘’Planning Advisor’’ . Hudur local government will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest.


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