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13 Sep 2018

Request for Proposal for Production of Video Documentary

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Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya ةيلاردفلا لاموصلا ةيروهمج
Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dastuurka
ةي روتسدلا نوؤشلا ةرازو

Federal Republic of Somalia

Ministry of Constitutional Affairs

Date: 12 September 2018

Request for Proposal for Production of Video Documentary

Background Ministry of Constitutional affairs (MoCA) in collaboration with its partners
such as relevant federal institutions, federal member states, and civil society
organizations is leading the civic education exercise aimed at publicizing and
educating the public on Constitution Review Process through an extensive
civic education and public outreach campaign during the period of October
2018 to December 2018.
Civic  education  inform  and  engage  citizens  in  conversations  about  the
on-going process of the constitutional review process and collect their views.
The whole purpose of involving all stakeholders and the public is to capture
and  incorporate  their  views  and  encouraging  broader  acceptance  and
validation of the constitution. In order to reach the desired goal of the civic
education and public outreach much will depend on public engagement and
dialogue.  A  comprehensive,  mass  media  &  civic  education  campaign  is
therefore essential to successfully create public engagement.
Therefore,  MoCA  is  seeking proposals from  film-making  companies  with
enough experience in film making especially in documentary to support civic
education and public outreach on the constitutional review process.
Objective The overall objective of the assignment is to develop a video documentary
that  will  record  civic  engagement  and  participation  in  the  inclusive
constitutional review process and document consultations, civic education
and public outreach activities as well as gather public views in the review
Duration of the The assignment is expected to take three months from the date of signing the
assignment contract.
Specific Tasks and The documentary firm will be required to:-
Deliverables •  Produce a documentary on civic education and public consultations
carry out by MoCA on Constitutional Review Process.


The length of video documentary will be between 15-20 minutes.
Develop  the  storyboard  and  script  with  timeline  for  the  video
documentary and submit to the MoCA.
Present  a  draft  version  of  the  documentary  to  the  MoCA  for
comments and views and subsequently incorporate comments made
by MoCA team.
The  documentary  will  record  public  engagement  activities  with
relates to constitutional review process, includes interviews selected
people identify by MoCA.
Visit  federal  institutions,  federal  member  states,  record  public
outreach and civic engagement activities, consultations, and interact
with the stakeholders.
Support and MoCA shall provide necessary support to the consultancy firm in order to
Facilitation execute the assignment during the duration of the consultancy. The support
Help in identification and location of interviewee, as well as sites for
filming the documentary.
MoCA will help media firm from planning stage to ensure that the
concept and message for and from the products are well understood,
taken and implemented properly on the right track.
Facilitate to capture events in different locations
Facilitate  visits  to  federal  institutions,  federal  member  states  for
interviews and footage
Access to relevant information on product development
Eligibility & The media firm should have the following qualifications and competencies:
Qualification Criteria
Proven and extensive experience in producing video films relating
marketing and promotional matters. At least five year experience in
documentary production.
Excellent  technical  capacities  to  ensure  smooth  and  high-quality
production. This includes, and not limited to, video production staff,
own video production studio and related equipment;
Samples  of  previous  films  aired  on  different  channels  e.g.  TV,
YouTube etc.
Copy of organizational policy manuals and guidance documents
Company  profile  and  organizational  structure  including  board  of
Clear financial management record
Company physical address(offices)
Company registration documents;
CV of key management and creative team;
Documentary Format •  All submission must be on CD/DVD formats


  • The video documentary should also be availed in soft copy flash media and can accessible on the MoCA website and shared online.
  • Handover two master copies to the MoCA.
  • The documentary should have English subtitles Ownership/Intellectual The edited documentary film as well as all footages filmed for this
property assignment will be the sole property of the MoCA.
Submission of the Proposals should include the following:
A Technical Proposal in form of a letter stating why you consider
your firm suitable for the assignment;
Brief  methodology  on  the  approach  and  implementation  of  the
Personal  CVs  of  technical  personnel  proposed  for  this  project
highlighting qualifications and experience in similar projects;
Work references – contact details (email addresses) of referees (firms
for whom you have produced similar assignments);
A detailed list of equipment and facilities owned or available to the
consultancy firm to facilitate delivery of the assignment.
Financial  Proposal  indicated  professional  services  fee  and  a
breakdown of expenses (unit price in US Dollars together with any
other expenses) related to the assignment;
Applicants shall bear all costs related to proposal preparation and
Proposals, with supporting documents, should be submitted by 26
September 2018 and must be submit their on the following:

For Submission in hard copy:

Address: MOCA, Villa Somalia, MOGADISHU, SOMALIA

  • The bidder shall seal the proposal, both technical and financial proposals duly marking the envelopes as ‘ Technical proposal’ and ‘ Financial Proposal’. The envelopes shall then be sealed in an outer envelope.
  • The inner  and  outer  envelopes  shall  also  indicate  the  name  and

address of the Bidder to enable the proposal to be returned unopened in case it is declared ‘ late’.

For Submission by e-mail:


  • Proposals should only be submitted to the secure e-mail address specified above. Proposals sent to other MOCA e-mail address will not be accepted.
  • Proposals submitted by email must be limited to a maximum of 5MB, virus-free and no more than 2 email transmissions. They must be free from any form of virus or corrupted contents, or the quotations shall be rejected.
  • It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your proposal will reach the address above on or before the deadline. Proposals that are received by MOCA after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation. If you are submitting your quotation by email, kindly ensure that they are signed and in the pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files.

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