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5 Jan 2019

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Selection of NGOs/CSOs to implement Legal Aid Services in Benadir Region

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Edited by C. Fletcher (Aug 10, 2011) – For submission to HOPs (July 28, 2011)

Standard Request for Proposals

Selection of Consultants


RFP No.:  SO/WC/WG/QKLSH-2019-001

Selection of NGOs/CSOs to implement Legal Aid Services in Benadir Region

Ministry of Justice, Federal Government of Somalia

The Joint Justice Programme

Issued on:January5th, 2019

Section 1.  Letter of Invitation

Implementation of legal Aid services in Beneadir Region

RFP No. SO/WC/WG/AKLSH -2019-001

Dear Mr. /Ms.: Bidder

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of Federal Government of Somalia hereby invites you to submit a proposal to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the above-referenced subject.

A firm will be selected under quality based selection proceduresand in a Full Technical Proposal (FTP) as described in this RFP, in accordance with the policies of the World Bank detailed in the Consultants’ Guidelines which can be found at the following website:

  1. The RFP includes the following documents: –

Section 1 –      This Letter of Invitation

Section 2 –       Instructions to Consultants (ITC) (including Data Sheet)

Section 3 –                   Terms of Reference

Section 4-        Proposal Submission Form

Section 5-        Documents Establishing the Eligibility and Qualifications of the Bidder

Section 6-        Full Technical Proposal (FTP)- Bid Form

Section 7 –       Financial Proposal – Standard Forms

  1. Details on the proposal’s submission date, time and address are provided in Clauses 20.1 and 20.3 of the ITC.

Your offer comprising of all required documents should be submitted in accordance with the instructions of the bidding documents.

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Abbi Hassan,

Director General

Ministry of Justice, FGS

Section 2. Instructions to Consultants (ITC) and Data Sheet (DS)


RFP- Benadir legal Aid provisitionsv2-Final


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