13 Nov 2018

Request for Quote (RFQ) Purchase and delivery of 110 crab pots to Zeila via Berbera to support Zaila and Lughaya fisherfolks

Job Description

Request for Quote (RFQ) 

Commodity/Service Required:   Purchase and delivery of 110 crab pots to Zeila via Berbera to support Zaila and Lughaya fisherfolks
Type of Procurement:   One-off purchase agreement
Type of Contract:   “Fixed price”
Term of Contract:   60 days
This Procurement supports:   Growth, Enterprise, Employment and Livelihoods
    Project (GEEL)
Submit Proposal to:   solictations@sogeel.org
Date of Issue of RFQ:   November 14, 2018
Date Proposal Due:   November 21, 2018
Approximate Date Purchase Order Issued   December 5, 2018
to Successful Bidder(s):      

Method of Submittal:

Via email in pdf format: GEEL Procurement Division at solicitations@sogeel.org

The Bidder/Seller agrees to hold the prices in its offer firm for 60 days from the date specified for the receipt of offers, unless another time is specified in the addendum of the RFQ.

Solicitation Number: H-2018-7-5

This RFQ has been issued by International Resources Group (IRG) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Research Triangle Institute (RTI), with its principal place of business at 3040 East Cornwallis Road, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2194. Any references in this RFQ to RTI is intentional and shall be deemed to mean both RTI and IRG and that Bidders / Sellers understand this and agree that they will comply.

Attachments to RFQ:

  1. Attachment “A” – Commodity Specifications
  2. Attachment “B” – Instructions to Bidders/Sellers
  3. All PO Terms and Conditions are listed on our website at forth at: http://www.rti.org/POterms, http://www.rti.org/files/PO_FAR_Clauses.pdf or for commercial items: http://www.rti.org/files/PO_FAR_Clauses_Commercial_Items.pdf (hereinafter the “Terms”). Supplier’s delivery of products, performance of services, or issuance of invoices in connection with this purchase order establishes Supplier’s agreement to the Terms. The Terms may only be modified in writing signed by both parties.

All bidders/sellers are responsible to carefully review each attachment and follow any instructions that may be relevant to this procurement.

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