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10 Feb 2019

Strategic Planning: Understanding the role of Strategic planning in institutions development Workshop

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      SAMADOON Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies

Strategic Planning: Understanding the role of Strategic planning in institutions development Workshop

Workshop Description:-

This Strategic planning workshop is the strategic planning skills development workshop and it will introduce you as the participant the concept of strategic planning and how we go from a broad vision to a coherent strategy with well defined objectives and then to a plan of activities that include the kind of services to be offered and which are beneficial to the institution and its stakeholders.

This workshop will enables you to determine what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. There is interdependency between vision, mission, strategy, goals, objectives and plan of action, this workshop will help you to identify the problems you need to address, the critical issues you should respond to, the goal and objectives you want to achieve, assessing your institution capacity to achieve them, ability to prioritize your activities taking into consideration the resources you have.

Workshop objectives:-

  1. To introduce participants to the concept of strategic planning and its main steps
  2. To increase understanding of participants about the importance of strategic planning and its impact on the institution’s performance
  3. To enable participants to formulate the mission and vision statements of their institutions on the basis of the preparatory work and the situation analysis
  4. To assess the internal and external factors that are affecting the environmental work of the institution by conducting the strategic analysis tools
  5. To empower the capacity of participants in identifying the strategic objectives in order to achieve the goals, by turning the strategic priorities into strategic objectives
  6. To enhance the participants ability in preparing the action plans of their institutions, understand the relation between strategic objectives and action plans, and on how to turn strategic objectives into action plans

Who should participate?

Target participants of this workshop are Strategic planning developers, public and private institutions top and middle level managers, civil society and political party’s organizations top and middle level staff, International organizations and NGOs top and middle level staff, post-graduate, graduate and universities students.

Workshop agenda:-

This workshop agenda consists of six (6) models which are the following:-

  1. Features and process of Strategic Planning
  2. Preparation of Strategic Planning and its Steps
  3. Framework of Strategic planning and situation analysis
  4. Goals and programs of strategic planning
  5. prioritization criteria of Strategic plan and its budgeting process
  6. Developing Strategic action plan and its monitoring and Evaluation process

Workshop Method:-

  • Participant-led presentations
  • Interactive group discussions and exercises
  • Concise and relevant course material
  • Practical application of Strategic planning tools and samples

Workshop expected outcomes:-

At the end of this workshop the participants are expected to be understood:-

  1. The Strategic planning features, steps and its role for the institution’s performance
  2. preparing strategic planning and its form and content determination
  3. Framing strategic planning framework with the content of the institution’s mandate, mission and vision
  4. Analyzing institution’s situation and identifying its strategic issues, goals and programs
  5. Linking strategic planning with the budgeting process and determining the strategic planning activities and its prioritization
  6. Setting strategic action plan and developing its monitoring and evaluation indicators

Workshop duration:-

Duration: 7 Days (21 Credit Hrs)

Shift: Afternoon Shift: 4:00pm- 7:00pm

Time: 20 – 27 February, 2019 (Friday is off day)

Venue: SIPSS HQ Hall, KM4, Airport Road, Opposite Sahal Hall, Bulo-hubey village, Wadajir District, Mogadishu, Somalia

Workshop Fee:

  • Workshop fee is $ 30 USD (Workshop certificate, refreshment and course materials)
  • All fees are payable in advanced on a first–come basis and not refundable
  • B. for the best possible results, the acceptable number for this workshop is limited, therefore you are advised to register at least two days in advance before the workshop start date for a place and for adequate preparation.
  • For further details, please contact the workshop organizers through these tell numbers:

+ 25261-8-989998 / +25261-2-222472 / +25261-5-776055 / +25261-7-060866/ +25261-5-459489 or through these emails: /

How to Register:

For the registration you can register directly by coming to the SIPSS office or you can contact one of the above tell numbers or you can send an email through one of the above emails and then SIPSS will contact you.


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