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14 Jul 2019


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Taakulo Somaliland Community


“Better life for all”

Tel: 252-63-4403137 /063 4228777 /527202 Line. /

Website: – Head-Quarter: Hargeisa –Somaliland.

TASCO Sub-Offices: Burco, Erigavo, Las-anod, Berbera, Borama.


TENDER NOTICE- Project# SOM-19/3485/SA1/FSC/NGO/12491

Taakulo Somaliland Community Commonly known by the acronym “TASCO”. TASCO is a multifaceted non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political and non-partisandevelopment and humanitarian aid organization established in 2007 and headquartered in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Taakulo is a Somali word meaning “helping/aiding”. TASCO is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged people and communities throughout Somaliland by engaging in development and related activities and also providing relief support and assistance, facilitating and promoting participatory local community activities and programs that emphasize human dignity and self-reliance.

The existence of weak capacity in the areas of Guban Pastoral Livelihood Zone that Approximately 41 percent of households reported a poor Food Consumption Score (FCS), while 25 percent are moderate hunger on the Household Hunger scale. The results from the 2018 Post-Deyr (October-December) further stated the need to target the most critical areas in the Guban Pastoral livelihood zone of Lughaya district of Awdal region, where severely food insecure population is at the highest risk of sliding from Crisis (IPC3) to Emergency (IPC4), the Food Security Outlook reported that agropastoral affected by Sagar Cyclone are selling their remains of Livestock for food consumption. The proposed project will be implemented over a period of 3 months in 7 villages of Geerisa, Karuure, BeyoGaraca/Kalabeydh, Laancawale, Idocadeys/Maame, Ozoli and Hullka of Lughaya district Awdal region. The above mentioned seven villages are highly in need to unconditional food voucher distribution based on FSNAU/FEWSNET Technical Release 05thFebruary 2019.

In response of that, Taakulo Somaliland Community office invites all the interested andpotential suppliers to submit their quotations as per the below details.

No Description of Food Items Unit Quantity/HHs/



No. Months Unit Price Total Amount
1 Rice Bag (25Kg) 500 3    
2 Wheat Flour Bag (25 Kg) 500 3    
3 Sugar Bag (25 Kg) 500 3    
4 Pasta Carton (10 Kg) 500 3    
5 Milk Powder Caned (2.5 Kg) 500 3    
6 Dates Bundle (3 Kg) 500 3    
7 Vegetable Oil Bottle (3 Liters) 500 3    
8 Tuna Fish Caned (1.11 Kg = 1110 gr) 500 3    
9 Tea Leaf Bundle (1 Kg) 500 3    

 Note:Quotations should include cost delivery to Geerisa, Karuure, BeyoGaraca/Kalabeydh, Laancawale, Idocadeys/Maame, Ozoli and Hullka of Lughaya district Awdal region.

Required document:

Interested suppliers who wish to submit their quotations should meet the below listed


  1. Bank account statement from last three months
  2. Must have carried out Similar contracts for the past 3 years -Please attach evidence.
  3. Copy of a valid Somaliland license or registration certificate and proof of tax payment
  4. Duly completed application letter with company stamp.
  5. Bid validity period (preferably 3 months) and the delivery period too.

Manner of Submission:

Submit your quotation to TASCO’s Head Office in Hargeisa, Badda Cas, Near Summer-Time Restaurant.  Or send by Email the address below not later than 20th July, 2019 at 09:00. Companies that submit their quotation after the deadline willnot be considered.

The bid opening will publicly happen at TASCO Office in Hargeisa by 22ndDecember,2019 at 10:00 AM in the presence of bidders` designated representatives who choose to

attend at the opening session.

Office Address: Badda Cas, Near Summer Time Restaurant.


Telephone: 252 63 527202

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