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9 Apr 2019


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1.1 Introduction

ANPPCAN-SOM is a legally registered body in Somaliland and Somalia. It is a non-government, not-for-profit and non-partisan organization concerned with status of children and women in general and those in need of protection in particular. Since its establishment ANPPCAN-SOM has been working to realize child rights, promote their protection and fight malnutrition through its projects.  ANPPCAN-SOM has spearheaded efforts to create a sound child rights and protection among political players, policymakers, policy implementers and the general public through advocacy and communications.

It’s intended to establish a list of pre-qualified suppliers For ANPPCAN-SOM to carry out its work in an efficient manner in order to promote supplier partnership and to improve on the quality of products and services whilst achieving the most competitive prices.

1.2 Notification of Qualified Applicants

Applicants whose applications are determined to be successful will be notified by the organization.

1.3 Categories

ANPPCAN-SOM invites applications for prequalification from interested, competent Companies and Individuals to tender for the supply of goods and services in the under listed categories for the year 2019:

Category A: Provision of Services

  1. ANPP/001/2019 – Provision of vehicles Hiring
  2. ANPP/002/2019 – Provision of maintenance services for vehicles
  3. ANPP/003/2019 – Provision of Printing, Design and Layout of IEC materials, project visibility boards, Promotional materials and General Printing Services.
  4. ANPP/004/2019 – Maintenance of Computers, Printers & and other IT related-Equipment.
  5. ANPP/005/2019 – Provision of hospitality services (Hotel accommodation and Conference facilities) in Hargeisa.
  6. ANPP/006/2019 – Provision of Air ticketing
  7. ANPP/007/2019 – Provision of Consultancy and Training Facilitation (IMAM and IYCF Training)
  8. ANPP/08/2019 – Provision of Consultancy and Training Facilitation (Trainings for Media Professionals)
  9. ANPP/009/2019 – Provision of Media coverage by Radio, TV and Newspapers (for Awareness)

Category B: Provision of Services

  1. ANPP/010/2019 – Supply of medical equipment like hospital beds, nurse uniforms, medical sanitary items, etc.
  2. ANPP/011/2019 – Supply of Computer Equipment, Printers
  3. ANPP/012/2019 – Supply and delivery of General Office stationery
  4. ANPP/013/2019 – Supply and delivery of office furniture and fittings
  5. ANPP/014/2019 – Supply and delivery of vehicle spare parts


2.1 Format and Signing of Application

  1. The applicants shall prepare one document comprising the prequalification document clearly marked with the category.
  2. The prequalification document shall be typed or written in indelible ink (in the case of copies, photocopies are acceptable) and shall be signed by a person or persons duly authorized to sign on behalf of the applicant.

The prequalification document shall be without alterations, omissions or conditions except as necessary to correct errors made by the applicant, in which case such corrections shall be initiated by person or persons signing the prequalification.

2.2 Submission of Application

Application for prequalification shall be submitted in sealed envelopes marked with the prequalification document name and reference code numbers deposited on email and hand copy at our office to be received on or before 20 April 2019 at 4.00 pm.

Please note:

Late submission of documents will not be accepted. Canvassing for tenders by bidders/applicants or by proxy shall lead to automatic disqualification.

  1. The applicants are required to submit pre-qualification request per tender category in separate envelopes if the applicant is interested in more than one category.
  2. Multiple applications sealed in one envelope will be disqualified from further review and consideration.
  3. Each application envelope must be clearly marked with the tender category reference code number the supplier is applying for prequalification.
  4. Any prequalification document received after the deadline will be disqualified.
  5. Applications received after the closing date shall be rejected.


3.1 Information

To be eligible, the candidate must prove that they qualify to participate in procurement by providing the MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS (copies) as listed below;

  • Certificate of Incorporation / Registration;
  • Current Trade License / Business Permit;
  • Certificates from affiliated regulatory or accrediting bodies/associations (where applicable); e.g. (Air ticketing, among others)
  • Current Tax Compliance Certificate;
  • Three (3) letters of commendation/references from your corporate/major clients;
  • Evidence of physical registered office or Physical Location of the business.

Tenderers must provide all the mandatory requirements to qualify for detailed Technical Evaluation

NB: Giving false information on constitutes a serious offence and will form basis for disqualification

How to apply:

Interested parties MUST drop duly filled pre-qualification forms (HARD COPIES) to ANPPCANSOM Offices at Jigjiga Yar, behind Maansoor Hotel, Hargeisa. Your pre-qualification documents comprising all required documents should be submitted in accordance with the instruction of the bidding documents and be returned on or before 20 April 2019 at 4:00 pm. The forms must be enclosed in a plain sealed envelope, clearly indicating the category number and addressed to:

The Supply & Procurement Office

ANPPCAN-SOM Hargeisa office


Office Telephone: +252-571031

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