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9 Oct 2018

Terms of Reference Capacity Development Consultant

Job Description

Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka ةيلاردفلا لاموصلا ةيروهمج
ةي روتسدلا نوؤشلا ةرازو
Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dastuurka

Federal Republic of Somalia

Ministry of Constitutional Affairs

Date: 09/10/2018

Terms of Reference

Capacity Development Consultant

  1. Description of the post

The Ministry of the Constitutional Affairs is seeking to hire Capacity Development Consultant. The consultant will be responsible for implementing the recommendations and capacity development plan designed for the Ministry to address the capacity gaps identified in the capacity assessment. The Ministry invites applicants who are citizens of Somalia for the following position.

Consultancy Title: Capacity Development Consultant

Supervisor:  Director General

Job Category: Individual Consultant

Duty Station: Mogadishu, Somalia

Opening Application Date: 09/10/2018

Closing Application Date: 15/10/2018

  1. Background

The Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA) mandate is to facilitate the creation of enabling conditions that would ensure the effective implementation of the constitutional review and implementation process. Its role therefore includes: promoting and facilitating political and public consultations on the review process with the Joint Oversight Committee of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission, Federal Member States, political, social and cultural groups and the Somali people in general in order to create an open, transparent and inclusive constitutional review process.

The Constitutional Review and Implementation Support Project Initiation Plan (PIP), endorsed in May 2017, supported the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs to formulate and develop its Master-plan upon which the constitution review process will start. The PIP supported the initial activities required to take place to ensure an inclusive consultative process is in place to endorse and adopt the Master-plan. During the PIP period, the MOCA held extensive consultations with key role players and stakeholders that provided the current phase of constitutional review with

the required legitimacy.

The Project is designed to provide responsive support to the constitution-making bodies, particularly to the activities of MoCA; and support for public education and consultation, particularly envisaging the inclusion of women, youth, minorities, and other marginalized people. The projects envisaged in the MoCA Master Plan, especially with regards to consultative processes and civic education, are considered important entry points for respective Project activities.

The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the ministry of constitutional affairs to undertake donor funded projects to align with internationally accepted benchmarks and safeguards. The assignment entails implementation of the capacity development plan based on the findings and recommendation of the capacity assessment. It will involve development of administrative and finance policies, HR guidelines and procedures that address capacity gaps and deliver structured training programmes to the staff at the ministry to enhance their performance.

  1. Scope of work

The consultant will carry out the following activities to deliver on the objectives of the assignment:

  • Undertake review of institution capacity and develop capacity building programme in line with the findings and recommendations of the capacity assessment. Guide the ministry on the implementation of capacity development plans.
  • Support the ministry with review of the organogram in consultation with the minister, DG and other relevant departments.
  • Provide advisory support to the ministry on gender parity and develop any additional papers or submissions necessary to enable signoff of the organogram by the minister, Director General, Civil Service Commission and any other relevant public service entity;
  • Identify training and capacity building needs of the respective departments of MoCA and develop action plans based on the capacity building programme and training strategy to achieve the wide capacity building targets.
  • Develop, formulate and implement Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy to make sure the ministry has the necessary measures to mitigate risk of fraud and corruption.
  • Provide technical advisory support to the Minister and Direct General establishment of Internal Audit Unit and Procurement Unit for the ministry.
  • Develop Risk Management Policy, conceivable mitigation strategy & Risk register.
  • Develop programme management policy for the ministry.
  • Develop a job description and a contract for MoCA staff.
  • Design and help the ministry conduct back ground checks forms for new staff and develop staff training policy.
  • Develop DSA Policy & the implementation of bank reconciliation on monthly basis.
  • Develop & Implementing Fixed Asset Management Policy for MoCA.
  • Operationalize the requirements of the Government Manuals and train MoCA staff on operations.
  • Provide technical advisory support to the ministry to undertake an efficient, gender responsive, merit-based recruitment process in line with the organogram and position descriptions, including assisting with all paperwork;
  • Provide advisory and technical support to the ministry to implement proper financial management procedures within the ministry, including developing manuals, guidelines;
  • Provide monthly progress report covering all deliverables and activities undertaken;
  • Performed any other related tasks assigned by the Director General.
  1. Expected Outputs and Deliverables

Below are the expected deliverables/outputs for the individual contractor for a period of 4 months from 01 November 2018 – 28 February 2019

Deliverables/Output Estimated Target due Review and approval
Duration to date required
Inception report with clear By the end of 01 Nov 2018 Approved by supervisor,
methodology and action plan Month 1 DG of MoCA
Anti- Fraud Policy formulated and By the end of 01 Nov 2018 Approved by supervisor,
implemented. Month 1 DG of MoCA
Risk management policy and risk By the end of 01 Nov 2018 Approved by supervisor,
register developed. Month 1 DG of MoCA
Programme management policy By the end of 30 November Approved by supervisor,
developed. Month 2 2018 DG of MoCA
By the end of 30 November Approved by supervisor,
Month 2 2018 DG of MoCA
Job description and contract
DSA policy developed and bank By the end of 31 December Approved by supervisor,
reconciliations implemented. Month 3 2018 DG of MoCA
Staff training policy designed. By the end of 31 December Approved by supervisor,
Month 3 2018 DG of MoCA
Assets Management Policy By the end of 31 December Approved by supervisor,
developed and implemented. Month 3 2018 DG of MoCA
Government financial manuals By the end of 28 February Approved by supervisor,
operationalized ad MoCA staff Month 4 2019 DG of MoCA
trained on operations.
Annual Work Planned and reporting By the end of 28 February Approved by supervisor,
guidelines formulated. Month 4 2019 DG of MoCA
Final report shared with achieved By the end of 28 February Approved by supervisor,
deliverables. Month 4 2019 DG of MoCA

Reports to be provided:

  • Monthly report for completed activities and deliverables with documents developed, training materials, manuals and guidelines.
  • Submit final consolidated report with all achieved deliverables, lessons learnt/challenges and recommendations.
  1. Institutional Arrangement

The consultant will work in the office of the ministry in Mogadishu, under the supervision of Director General of the ministry. Achievement of Deliverables will be approved by the Director General of the ministry.

Payment will be made upon certification by supervisor including time sheets for actual dates of work and consultant performance in accordance with activities and deliverables as reported in the activity report.

  1. Duration of work

The contact for this assignment is for Four (4) months from November 2018 – February 2019. 

  1. Qualifications and Professional Experience


  1. Education: University degree in Public Administration, Public Policy, Business Administration and Human Resource Management or related discipline. Master’s degree is a plus.
  2. Experience: At least Five years of experience in institution capacity building field, training and professional development. Proficiency in use of computers and office software packages (MS Word, MS Excel and Power Point).
  3. Languages Requirements: Proficient in Somali and English


  1. Desired skills
  • Experience in developing training modules, training materials and presentations, developing

training plan and maintaining training calendar

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, analytical and interpersonal abilities,

excellent oral and written communication skills.

  • Willingness to provide technical assistance and ability to work on different assignments

simultaneously to meet the timelines for assignments.

  • Demonstrated ability to share knowledge, mentor and coach people to transfer skills.
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude.
  • Ability to work with accuracy under time constraints and pressure;
  • Ability to build networks and make effective contacts and connections;
  1. Gender Mainstreaming

The Ministry of Constitutional Affairs is an equal opportunity employer and qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.

  1. Other information

Consultant will need to bring her/his own laptop.

  1. How to apply

Interested candidates should submit their CV along with their application letter and passport size photograph via e-mail to no later than 15 October 2018.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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