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5 Nov 2018

Terms of Reference for Technical Assistant – Mogadishu Municipality Emergency Response Services

Job Description

MoM/Benadir Regional Administration

Mogadishu Municipality Emergency Response Services

Project Technical Assistant Unit

Location : Mogadishu-Somalia
Application Deadline : 13.11.2018
Type of Contract : Individual Contract
Post Level : Local Consultant
Languages Required : English
Duration of Initial Contract : 3Months

 Terms of Reference for Technical Assistant – Mogadishu Municipality Emergency Response Services

JOB TITLE: Technical Assistant Emergency Response Plan

  1. Background

Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa at the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. It borders Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. Somalia’s estimated population is 14,3 Million inhabitants, although projecting exact numbers remains difficult due to part of the population’s nomadic lifestyle, as well as high numbers of IDPs. The country’s GDP was estimated at $6.2 billion in 2016. Over half of the population, 51.6 %, lives below the poverty line. Remittances are an important source of income for the country and contribute to roughly 20% of its GDP.

Mogadishu is the capital and largest city of whole country Somalia. Also it is one of the fastest growing city in the world, with urban area of 103 km². Mogadishu city has 17 districts administrations sprawling across several ridges. Mogadishu Municipality has an estimated population of about 3 Million. Mogadishu has subsequently experienced a period of intense reconstruction. As Somalia’s capital city, all national institutions are based in Mogadishu. It is the seat of the Federal Government of Somalia established in August 2012, with the Somalia Federal Parliament.

Economically Mogadishu has been the economic center of all regions of Somalia, and transport heart of Somalia ever since it became the capital upon independence in 1960s. Mogadishu is the country’s most important commercial center and main port of entry. It is serviced by an efficient International Airport and connected to neighboring countries and Uganda, Turkey and other international airports in the world as well.

Benadir Regional Administration (BRA) consists of Mogadishu city and suburban villages. The Mogadishu Municipality Mayor is also the governor of the BRA. The place of Benadir in the federal architecture of Somalia has not been fully defined. As is the case with other regions/states of Somalia, BRA/MM has a mandate to promote social and economic development whilst at the same time facilitated participatory and democratic governance.

However, despite the advent of democratic development in local governance, some challenges remain whilst others alongside opportunities emerge with the evolution of roles of developmental local government

  1. Problem analysis

One of the functions of the BRA is the provision of emergency services in the ever growing city of Mogadishu and its environment. The availability of emergency services across the city is severely limited. Service delivery is hampered by a low number of health personnel often with limited capacity and skills in trauma management, lack of medical supplies to carry out surgical operations, as well as poor infrastructure. Most district health centers lack modern treatment facilities. In few health centers due to lack of trained human resources existing medical equipment remained unused. The municipality has only one ambulance and rely heavily on private companies and hospitals which charges fees. Affordability is a challenge to most poor residents. As a result, the city residents have limited access to health and especially emergency services.

BRA is also prone to terrorist attacks. As per the statistics provided in table 1 below, by October 2017, there were 22 attacks which killed about 570 people and many more injured through bomb blast and targeted assassinations. The tragic attack of 14th October 2017 where over three hundred people perished was evidence that there is not enough emergency response capacity for the needs of the city estimated to have about 3 million residents. The attack proved that there is a shortage of emergency services and including those provided by the private sector. Many lives have been lost as a result which would have been saved if emergency services would have been available.

Incidences of fire outbreaks in homes and markets are very common. In 2017 alone (January – October), there were 82 incidences which BRA/MM responded to. With the rapid urban growth, the need would be more, further constraining the already limited capacity. BRA/MM has 5 Fire trucks and one water tank. A number of fire men/women were trained through the support of UNOPS but there are limited equipments to use.

  1. Purpose

The Municipality of does not have an emergency response plan and is seeking a consultant to prepare a plan.  The consultant will support the municipality of Mogadishu in developing emergency coordination Unit.

  1. Major Actions/Deliverables


  1. Carry out consolations with main security and emergency services providers in Mogadishu including the Federal Government and UN agencies
  2. Provide an inception report
  3. Review of government policies
  4. Conduct a city wide risk mapping and vulnerability assessment.
  5. Identify gaps in emergency response
  6. Establish planning cycle for emergency response
  7. Submit a comprehensive emergency response plan


  1. Timeline
  2. Contract duration is 3 month
  3. Deliver inception report in 4 weeks
  4. Provide a draft report in 9 weeks
  5. Submit final report in 3 months


  1. Required Skills and Experience


  • University degree in Social Sciences, Public Health, Law or a related technical field
  • Minimum of 5 years of humanitarian or related work experience, including previous experience working in a conflict affected area and/or natural disaster
  • Experience in developing emergency response plans in conflict affected countries and/or natural disasters
  • Experience in training, facilitation, capacity building, strategy development, etc.
  • Proven leadership skills, including the ability to set priorities, manage time effectively, and contribute to a team environment of respect, recognition, and mutual accountability
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to work in stressful and dangerous situation with minimum supervision.


  • Understanding of Mogadishu emergency context
  • Excellent spoken and written Somali
  1. Competencies


  • Build effective relationships and partnerships
  • Interact with all members of the Municipality of Mogadishu
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Build and share knowledge
  • Provide guidance and support to others
  • Apply existing knowledge to work
  • Make valuable practice contributions


  • Excellent oral and written skills
  • Listen actively and respond effectively

Task Management

  • Plan, prioritize and deliver a variety of tasks on time
  • Exercise sound judgment/analysis
  • Develop creative solutions


  • Promote learning environment
  • Provide constructive coaching and feedback for others


All interested candidates are requested to submit through email their expression of interest by with the subject ref; A(2018)327856-MPPV to Municipality  of Mogadishu. The interested applicants should submit; evaluators’ profile and  CVs.

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