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12 Jun 2018


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Project Title: Integrated Lifesaving Assistance for Drought and Conflict-Affected

Populations in Somalia

Funded: OFDA

Location: Baidoa.

Introduction and Background

Save the Children in Somalia (SCI) has been operational in Somaliland/Somalia for over 40 years, with programs covering several sectors (WASH, Food Security and Livelihoods, Health, Nutrition, Education, and Shelter, with Disaster Risk Reduction and Child Protection mainstream where possible). Save the Children currently has 15 field offices and programs in Central South Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland. The overall goal of the response is to contribute to the reduction of large scale suffering of children through timely interventions, at an appropriate scale and scope, providing quality technical programming, efficiently, effectively, safely and securely for the most vulnerable families.

Providing access to safe water and sanitation is a fundamental human right and, is essential to any humanitarian response. Water and sanitation programming, alongside hygiene promotion, is key to reducing deaths from water-related diseases in emergency contexts.

SC’s interventions will therefore focus on establishing and training of community governance structures (water management committees and village development committees). Through this intervention SC envisions to address the scarcely developed governance systems which suffer from immense capacity deficits and increase ownership and participation in community development planning.

Therefore, the formation of Technical persons for the Operation and the Maintenance of the rehabilitation of the water points in target IDPs in Baidoa provides a platform for existing community structures to adopt a unified approach to the challenge facing this crucial sector

In the recent past community based organizations have made major contributions to the Water rehabilitation  Sector, it is not being fully realized primarily due to a lack of coordination between agencies in the way they go about achieving their respective goals. The IDPs and host communities needs enhanced capacity when it comes to the operation and Maintenance service for water facilities in Baidoa and especially in the project target locations.

The Operations and Maintenance as well as the water management training will be conducted by an external facilitator and co-facilitated by SC staff. The facilitator will work for 7 days; the number of the days is segregated into3 days for Water Management Techniques, Operation and maintenance (O&M), 3 days for developing PPP agreement, 1 days for preparation and report writing.

The consultancy will be pay $70 per day ALL INCLUSIVE


The following is therefore the objectives of strengthening the knowledge and of O&M and Water Management committee in Project targeted sites.

  • To Ensure community learn and  obtain knowledge  to improve the operation and Maintenance  of the rehabilitated water communal facilities
  • To address and provide further Somali (Version) of readings toward repair and maintenance of boreholes and shallow wells
  • Water Management Techniques in relevant to the context
  • The objective is to train water management committees in order to enhance management skills, operation and maintenance of water infrastructure for sustainability and improve their understanding on sanitation and hygiene. At the end of the training
  • Acquire the skills needed for project sustainability.
  • Management skills for financing and meet the water needs of the community.
  • Clearly understand how to prevent water related diseases especially sanitation and hygiene at the water collection point.
  • To build the good government of water related Management in community level


The Consultant is required to have a comprehensive grasp of Operation and maintenance (O&M) and Water Management Training Committee techniques  of pipelines, shallow wells and boreholes , applied professional experience in conducting training on the topic, and must be able to provide flexible course delivery in order to meet the participants and organization’s needs. For the purpose of this consultancy, all relevant disasters in the Somali context must be considered happening to the water points/facilities.

The Consultant is requested to design a short (no more than 3 days course. This design must involve an interactive and practical orientated methodology which suits the targeted demographic. It has to include appropriate practical exercises that are applied during the training. The consultant is also expected to prepare suitable training material to be used during the training sessions.

The consultant is also expected to develop PPP agreement for the new borehole drilling which will be managed under this scheme (Public Private Partnership) which will signed by Ministry of Water, Save the Children, Municipality, Private Company and Community reps.

The final report of the trainings will be shared as soon as the Training finishes.

Key roles and responsibility

  • Prepare Training Manuel and share
  • conduct Training pretest before anything is done and must include the outcome in the report
  • Prepare a training program
  • Conduct the training utilizing all kinds of the hand pump tools, boreholes repair and Maintenance
  • Review the training process and give recommendations for improvement
  • Develop action plans with workshop participants for implementation and post workshop strategy
  • Carryout training evaluation
  • Prepare the training report inclusive of key observations and recommendation from the demonstration sessions
  • Keep Participants on effective participation not ineffective model
  • Training Evaluation findings should be emphasis in the report


  • Work plan with Training presentation and hand out to the training participants
  • Comprehensive report in English: The consultant is expected to produce a final report after SC checks and comments the drafted report.

The training will cover as well the following tools and lessons

  • Introduction to hand pump, boreholes and types of hand pump
  • Assembling and dissembling of the hand pump and boreholes
  • Trouble-shooting of the common materials of the water Faculties
  • General Repair and techniques borehole, Generator and pump
  • Common terminology names of the all kinds of the hand pump and boreholes
  • Common repair techniques of the boreholes
  • To identify what is needed to make a water project sustainable and relate this to their water project.
  • Define the terms “roles” and “responsibilities”
  • Identify causes of conflict that can arise over group management, and discuss steps that groups can take to minimize conflicts.
  • To draw up a Statutory and Good Governance Compliance based on the water sources in the target villages
  • Record management of the water users and water facilities in the target locations
  • Best techniques of budget preparation, issue and collection of bills
  • Develop Mitigation plan for defaulter

SC’s responsibilities on the assignment:

  • In support to the consultant to undertake the O&M Training and Water Management Training techniques, Save the children will:
  • Make payment in US Dollars in the above agreed rate (depending on experience).
  • Provide logistical support for field visit like IDPs in ADCBaidoa
  • SC staff member to support and act as training supervisor during the Training of the O&M and Water Management

Training Methodology

During the Training, participant will energize the following methodologies to ensure easy and smooth understanding

  • Open discussion
  • Site visits
  • Hand outs
  • Install and trouble shoot of all kinds of hand pump
  • Question and Answers


The consultant must possess relevant operational experience and qualifications to undertake the work, specifically the following:

  • University degree in water engineering or any other related field with a minimum of 7 years of experience.
  • Good knowledge and experience in Operation and Maintenance of  Water facilities including shallow wells and boreholes with having  field technical experiences
  • Experience in using TOT skills
  • Thorough knowledge of WASH programming advanced analytical and report writing skills.
  • Proven study team leadership qualities.
  • Fluency (written and verbal) in English and Somali.

Estimated Training budget

SN Activity Description Unit # units # of days Unit Price/Rate per day Total Amount
1. Training Facilitator 1 1 7 60 420
2. Refreshment and lunch person 25 3 18 1,350
3. Transportation allowance person 25 3 10 750
4. Stationary Lumsump 1 1 60 60
5. Banner Banner 1 1 50 100
6. Venue 1 1 3 60 180
Total 2860



Tentative Training Schedule

The 7 days Training will look like this, including the preparation days:-

      Participants segregations
No Activity Dates Leading person O&M Water Management  Training Total

The final submission date will be 18th June 2018 at please subject line should be TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR WATER MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE TRAINING WORKSHOP (TOR)

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