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13 Apr 2019

Training – Human Resource Management– Online

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Training – Human Resource Management– Online

The most valuable assets of your organization are the people. Today’s effective leaders put their employees before themselves to achieve results. Inspiring others means generating trust, showing empathy and being a role model.

It is a fact that to thrive in the chaotic and turbulent business environment, firms need to constantly innovate and be “ahead of the curve” in terms of business practices and strategies. It is from this motivation to be at the top of the pack that HRM becomes a valuable tool for management to ensure success.

One of the factors behind organizations giving a lot of attention to their people is the nature of the firms in the current business environment. Given the fact that there has been a steady movement towards an economy based on services, it becomes important for firms engaged in the service sector to keep their employees motivated and productive.

This training introduces participants to HRM concepts and practices.It will stimulate ideas on how to manage staff,support organizational success and contribute your career development.

Course Contents:

Module 1.Introduction to Human Resource Management

  1. Explain What is Human Resource Management (HRM)
  2. Define Human Resource Management
  3. Explain the Scope of Human Resource Management
  4. Describe the Processes in Human Resource Management
  5. Explain the Skills of HR Professionals

Module 2. Recruitment, HR Planning and Staff Retention

  1. Explain Role of HRM in Performance Management
  2. Explain the Hiring Strategies followed by Organizations
  3. Describe the Various Retention Strategies
  4. Explain Human Resource Planning

Module 3: Employment Relationships

  1. Staff motivation
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Grievance Management
  4. Disciplinary procedures
  5. Relationship between organization Ministry of labor staff unions and employer
  6. Union and employers association management
  7. Exercise :practically doing cases of staff grievance ,and disciplinary by using tools

Module 4. Global HR and Performance Management

  1. Explain How HRM Manages Employee’s Performance
  2. Describe the Management of Contractors
  3. Elucidate What is Strategic Human Resource Management
  4. Explain What is Global Human Resource Management
  5. Clarify What is Human Resource Information System
  6. List the Tips for Effective HRM

The course is asynchronous; the instructor provides learning materials, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students are given a timeframe during which they need to complete the assigned activities and submit their exercises in order to receive a grade. Students that successfully complete all course requirements will receive a printed and signed Certificate of Completion.

Fee Information:

The course fee is $35. Participants that complete the course successfully will receive a printed certificate mailed at no extra cost. The course fee is due before the start of the course.

Deadline:25thApril 2019

Course Duration: 2 week

Contact: Phone: +252 615620456/+252 619895233, Email

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