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Advertisement for Positive Discipline consultant

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Job Description

Terms of Reference

Consultant to document Positive Discipline approaches applicable in Somalia context


Relief International led consortium with ADRA and CISP is implementing 40months Educate Girls End Poverty -Transition project (EGEP-T) aimed at increasing girls learningin numeracy and literacy whilst supporting them transition through Primary and Secondary education; and improved life opportunities through lifeskills. The Project supports 88 schools in Somaliland, 89 schools in Puntland and 50 schoolsi n Benadir,Hirshabele and Mudug. The project works with MOE and community to sustain learning outcomes and transition beyond the life of the project. To address the multiple barriers girls are facing to complete their education, the project implements a holistic approach:

  1. Marginalized girls receive critical economic inputs, enabling them to access and achieve in school
  2. Marginalized girls receive appropriate peer support and education, equipping them with essential lifeskills
  3. Primary and secondary school sare supported to provide a more gender and child-friendly learning environment, and contextually relevant, quality teaching life opportunities
  4. There spective Ministries of Education are supported to provide leadership in promoting girls’ education and undertake systematic monitoring of inclusive and quality education services– including support on strengthening child protection mechanisms in schools and MOE taking leadership to support protection of learners in schools
  5. Communities participate inplanning and monitoring processes for their schools and support girls to complete school through community-led behavior change interventions

Oneoftheprotectionconcernsthatexistintheeducationsectoracrossprojectimplementationlocations istheuseofphysicalandhumiliatingpunishmentasa methodtomanagelearners’behavior.According tochildprotectionrapidassessmentsconductedin2017,78%,15%and70%ofheadteachersinterviewed inBenadir, PuntlandandSomalilandrespectivelyreportedthatcorporalpunishmentdoesexistin their schools.Corporalpunishmentandbullyingwere amongstmostprevalentprotectionconcernsthat studentsencounterwhile inschoolsaccordingtoheadteachers.

SomaliagovernmentratifiedtheUnited Nations Conventiononthe Rightsof theChild(CRC) in2015.The ratification of CRC wasa commitmentbySomalia government toensurerealization ofall childrightsfor Somalia childrenasprovidedforintheCRC with exceptionofArticle14,20and21. UnderArticles19,28 and37, the charterprovidesforchildren’s disciplinetobeadministeredina mannerconsistentwith human rights,toprotectchildrenfrom being subjectedto tortureorothercruel,inhuman ordegrading treatmentorpunishmentaswellasprotectionfromallformsofphysicalor mentalviolence,including sexual abuse,injury,neglect ornegligent treatment,and exploitation.

EGEP-Tconsortiumwould liketoidentify,documentandsharecontextualizedpositiveandeffective disciplineapproaches andshare thiswithvariousstakeholdersinparticular teachers and MoE.


  1. To identify and document in a report and using short video clips positive discipline approaches that work in Somalia in primary and secondary schools and include in the report negative consequences of physical and humiliating punishments (no video clips on this).
  2. To present the identified effective positive discipline approaches and effects of corporal and humiliating punishments on learners to Ministry of Education and education stakeholders for review and input at Federal and Galmudug State.

Scope of the work:

This exercise will be conducted in the South central Somalia (Benadir, Mudug and Hirshabelle) areas. For the school visits, interviews and observations, the consultant will visit 5 schools in Benadir, 4 in Mudug and 3 in Hirshabelle balancing rural, urban, and primary vs. secondary schools and IDP schools. The identification of these schools will be led by project team in consultation with the consulting company. Stakeholders and review workshops will be held in Benadir through the Education Sector Coordination Meeting and one in Galmudug state.


  1. Preparedatacollectiontoolsforidentifyingexistingpositiveandeffectivedisciplineapproaches andimpactofPHPonlearnersincludingFGDguide forstudents,caregivers/parentsandteachers, KIIforMOE,teachersincludingteachersin-chargeofdiscipline,headteachers,childfocusedorganizationsworkingin education;andtheclassobservationtool
  2. Fine-tuneandreviewdatacollectiontoolsas agreedwith theprojectteam
  3. Gatheringdatathroughclassroomobservations,KIIandFGDs,targeting12schoolswithgood balanceofurban,rural,IDP,primaryandsecondary schoolsasagreedwithprojectteam.Data collectionatschoolwillincludeatleast4 oftheseinterviews&FGDsandaclass observationas agreedwithprojectteam;OneFGDwithboys,oneFGDwithgirls,oneFGDwithteachers,oneKII withheadteacher,anotherKIIwithteacherin-chargeofdiscipline,oneFGDwithparentsincluding CECrepresentativesandtwoclassobservationOutsideschools,perlocationtargetKIIwithMOE, TeacherTraininginstituteandChildfocusedagency workingin schools.
  4. Cleardocumentationofvaried contextualizedpositivedisciplineapproaches andnegativeeffects ofPhysicalandHumiliating Punishmentsonlearnersinasyntheticreport backedupwithshort video clipsspecificallyonpositivedisciplineapproaches
  5. Prepareasummarizedreaderfriendlyversionofcontextualizedpositiveandeffectivediscipline approachesidentifiedandsummaryofnegativeeffectsof PhysicalandHumiliating Punishments(PHP)as areferencematerial for teachers
  6. PreparepowerpointpresentationsthatwillbeusedtodisseminatePDandeffectsofPHPon learnerstostakeholdersincludingMOE
  7. Facilitatetwostakeholders’foratogatherfeedbackandinputintothedocumentationintheprojectimplementationlocationsfromlocations(BenadirandGalmudug).Allcostsrelatedto organizingandhosting thestakeholders’workshops will be taken careof bythe projec
  8. Submitfinaldocumentation(asynthesizedreport,areaderfriendlyversionforteachers,powerpointpresentationfor stakeholders and video clips)toRI

Performance indicators:

Consultant’s performance will be evaluated against the following criteria: timeliness of the deliverables, clarity of presentations, responsibility, initiative, communication, and quality of the products delivered.

Expected outputs/ deliverables:

  1. Aninceptionreportwithdatacollectiontoolsandworkplanforothersub-tasksintheconsultancyoneweekaftersigningcontract
  2. Datacollection;OneFGDwithboys,oneFGDwithgirls,oneFGDwith teachers,oneKIIwithhead teacher,anotherKII with teacherin-chargeofdiscipline,oneFGDwithparentsincludingCEC representativesandtwoclassobservations–aminimumof4interviews&FGDs andaclassroom observationpereachof4schoolsineachof3locations(Benadir,HirshabelleandMudug)as agreedwiththeprojectteam,balancingbetweenrural,urban,primaryschools,secondaryschools andIDPschoo Inaddition,KIIwithMOErepresentative,TeacherTrainingInstituteandchild focusedorganizationspereach of thethreeprojectimplementationlocations.
  3. A reportof the stakeholders reviewworkshopcovering the twoworkshops (BenadirandGalmudug)
  4. Adraftofpositive discipline andeffectsofPHPonlearners reporttogetherwithvideoclipsofthe positivedisciplineshared with RIforreview
  5. FinalpositivedisciplinereportincludingeffectsofPHPonlearnerswithofpositivedisciplinevideo clips submittedtoRI incorporatingfeedbackfromconsortium
  6. ContextualizedpositivedisciplineandeffectsofPHPonlearnersin readerfriendlyhandoutsfor teachers
  7. Aconcise powerpointpresentationthatwillbeusedduringdisseminationworkshopsthatwillbeconductedbyprojectstaff


  1. Inception report to be submitted within one week after signing the contract
  2. Data collection to take place within three weeks after submission of inception report
  3. A draft report (with video clips), reader friendly brief and presentation to be shared 2 weeks after completion of data collection
  4. Final report to be shared within one week after gathering inputs from project and stakeholders
  5. Estimated data collection for the three locations is 12 days
  6. Two –one day stakeholders review and input workshops one in Benadir and another in Galmudug) We plan to commence this assignment as soon as possible

Intellectual property:

All documentation related to this assignment shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Relief International.

Required Skills and Experience:

  1. Minimum of university degree in psychology, Sociology, Education or other related subject area
  2. Thorough understanding of education and child rights with at least 5 years’ experience of workingin Somalia
  3. A thorough understanding and at least 6 years’ experience in the areas of positive discipline at school or home set-ups
  4. At least 5 years of proven experience in documentation work; developing data collection tools and facilitating review and validation workshops with varied stakeholders.
  5. At least 5 years’ experience of being a teacher or teacher supervisor
  6. Somali speaking is an added advantage

Interested and qualified consultancy company should submit their expression of interest containing and including the following documents:

  1. Technical proposal should include;
  2. Understanding of the assignment, methodology and approach to be used in undertaking theassignment,
  3. Work plan with timelines
  4. Evidence of relevant hands on experience related to the assignment and the context in the recent past demonstrating at least 4 years
  5. Experience offering technical support to Ministry of Education at Federal level and state level isan added advantage
  6. Curriculum vitae of key personnel explaining how the individuals meet the qualifications under required skills and experience section above
  7. References from previous work undertaken


  1. Financial proposal
    1. Consultancy professional fee charges for the exercise in USD
    2. Other relevant and allowable costs e.g. travel/air tickets within the country, accommodation, meals, visa fee as necessary

NB: Please note RI will deduct taxes as per government laws

Conditions of work

The consultant shall submit to Relief International proposed technical and financial proposal including travel if applicable, meals and accommodation, airport tax/fees and or visa fees.

  1. Logistics: contracted consultant will be expected to use his/her own computer. RI will support the movement of the consultant to and from training site/airport, and visa booking if required. The Consultant shall cover costs of own accommodation, meals and visa fees, airport fees/tax and air tickets if required.
  2. Tax and insurance: RI will deduct withholding tax as per Somalia withholding tax policy.
  3. The consultant will be required to abide by RI security procedures and rules in place for staff. While in the field, the consultant will be provided with security briefings from the field security focal person. Prior to starting the assignment, the consultant will be takenthrough the child safe guarding policy for RI and shall be expected to sign and abide by it.
  4. Contract: a contract agreement will be signed between the consultant and RI immediately after completion of the selection process.


  • Understand and adhere to Relief International established policies and procedures for administration, finance, procurement, data management and beneficiary data protection, child protection, Code of Conduct (including Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Harassment) and security management;
  • Reinforcing and ensuring compliance to policies and procedures and support of Child protection Focal Point;

RI values:

We uphold the Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence. We affirmatively engage the most vulnerable communities. We value:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Agility and Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability


Applicants should send their applications (CV, cover letter with 3 referees, Technical and Financial proposals) to somalia.jobs@ri.orgindicate the title as “Positive Discipline consultant” in thesubjectline.

The closing date for applications is November 30, 2019. Only qualified and shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

RI is an equal opportunity employer. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.


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