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ANNUAL ADVERTISEMENT OF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES (YEAR 2021-22) – Gedo (Dollow & Garbaharey Office), Somalia

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  • Post date:9 Jun 2021
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Job Description



Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is an International Non-governmental Organization that works for the attainment and full realization of people’s basic rights through empowerment, development of local institutions and provision of humanitarian assistance. NCA became active in Gedo Region in the year 1993. NCA has established an office in Garbaharey and in Dollow in Gedo Region in Jubbaland state in Somalia.

NCA has been operating in Somalia since 1993. NCA Somalia’s country strategy 2020-2024 covers five thematic areas: Climate Resilient Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (CRWASH), Gender Based Violence (GBV), Peace Building, Climate Smart Economic Empowerment and Education for Sustainable Development (PB). Peace building.

NCA Gedo invites interested suppliers, that can deliver the items NCA is looking to procure, to express their interest in the under listed categories for the period form 20121 – 2022.

Interested, eligible and capable suppliers and contractors are invited to apply for the advertisement of business opportunities indicating the goods, services and works they wish to provide in the following categories:

Companies already registered on the database MUST resubmit their company information to be included in the updated database.

Additionally, the expression of interest should include a profile detailing all goods and services offered by the contractor, a price list if available, contact details, authorized company representatives and a list of references.

Supply of Goods
Category Number Category Description
NCASOM/01/2021 Supply of general office stationery and printing materials IEC (information, education, communication) materials i.e., Poster’s shirts, caps, billboards.
NCASOM/02/2021   Supply of sanitation tools/materials, AGSS Materials for GBV Centers.
NCASOM/03/2021 Supply of Solar material and Installations, solar lamps, and solar panels
NCASOM/04/2021 Supply of office equipment, Electronics, and furniture i.e., school desks
NCASOM/05/2021   Supply of essential Food stuffs and Non-food Items (NFI)
NCASOM/06/2021 Supply of Sanitary kits (soaps, buckets, basins, sanitary cloths, aqua tabs) dignity kits (dress cloths Dirac, shawls garbasaar, sanitary kits, bar soaps, head scarves.
NCASOM/07/2021 Tailoring machines & accessoirers.
NCASOM/08/2021 Supply of Fuel
NCASOM/09/2021 Provision of Visibility Material like Stickers, Banners, Brochures, Printings, Billboards, etc.
NCASOM/10/2021 Supply of farm tools and cash for work tools
NCASOM/11/2021 Supply of Cleaning Materials and detergents
NCASOM/12/2021     Provision of water trucking services
NCASOM/13/2021       Supply of fishing kits and equipment
NCASOM/14/2021       Supply of toolkits for graduates (electrical, mechanical, carpentry, tailoring)
NCASOM/15/2021 Supply of school education materials i.e., exercise books, pens, chalks, billboards, cooking utensils. Provision of ECE materials.
NCASOM/16/2021 Supply of school recreation materials and extra curriculum
NCASOM/17/2021 Guest house equipment and accommodations
 Provision of Services and works
Category Number Category Description
NCASOM/17/2021 Provision and Repair ICT equipment and Maintenance of ICT Equipment
NCASOM/18/2021 Transportation of hub supplies and Provision of vehicle services for field trips
NCASOM/19/2021 Construction and Rehabilitation of wash-berkads, shallow wells, classrooms permanent and semi-permanent and latrines constructions.
NCASOM/20/2021 Construction of hand washing facilities,
NCASOM/21/2021 Provision of conference facilities (Venues), restaurants and hotels
NCASOM/22/2021 Borehole drilling works, water catchments and glary infiltrations
NCASOM/23/2021 Provision of Media Service Productions i.e., TV and radio airing.
NCASOM/24/2021 Electronic Services and Cash electronic I.e., money vendors, mobile money transfer.
NCASOM/25/2021       Consultancies and trainings (FGM/WASH/Economic Empowerment/Education)
NCASOM/26/2021       Consultancy Program Evaluations, Baseline surveys/ Assessments, KAPs
NCASOM/27/2021 Consultancy peace building programme.
NCASOM/28/2021 Consultancy services for project design, monitoring and evaluation for partners
NCASOM/29/2021 Operation maintenance i.e., boreholes and shallow wells
NCASOM/30/2021 Pipes fitting supply, water tanks, water kiosks connection and latrines constructions
NCASOM/31/2021 Provision for air services flight bookings, Travel agent.


NCASOM/32/2021 Office tea and office water supplies

Eligibility Instructions /Summary of Required documents

  1. Detailed Company profile that includes a capability statement and an organogram.
  2. Proof payment of tax and tax compliance with tax identification number (TIN) from Federal government and federal member state and local authorities.
  3. Valid Registration certificate from relevant ministries from Puntland Regional state and Federal government of Somalia and Relevant local authorities in Gedo Region.
  4. Copies of Certificate of Registration / Incorporation/Licenses.
  5. Audited Financial Accounts for the last 2 years.
  6. Three months’ bank statements’ copies.
  7. List three corporate clients (attach documentary evidence which may include copies of LPOs issued/Delivery notes/duly authorized client testimonial in the last 2 years.
  8. Particulars of all directors of the firm.
  9. Professional qualifications of key personnel i.e., CVs
  10. Organizations Code of Conduct.
  11. Evidence of physical office premises.
  12. Suppliers are not allowed to apply more for than five categories listed above.
  13. Suppliers whose services and goods do not fall in the category they have applied for, will be disqualified.
  14. Fill the Contractor Registration Form provided.


  1. These documents should be packaged in a sealed envelope addressed to THE LOGISTICS, NORWEGIAN CHURCH AID – DOLLOW OFFICE, NEXT TO WORLD VISION OFFICE AND GARBAHAREY OFFICE on from 9th June to 30th June 2021 at 4PM. Applications received after the deadline will be rejected.

Contractor Registration Form (1)

  1. Along with these documents please submit a duly filled Contract Registration form. Please request the form on this email somalia@nca.no or pick it from NCA Dollow, Garbaharey office.
  2. The sealed envelope MUST clearly indicate the category number and item description or send to somalia@nca.no, Remember this is sealed email address.
  3. These should be deposited in the “Advertisement of business opportunities Tender Box” at the NCA Dollow, Garbaharey Offices.

NCA reserves the right to accept or reject any application wholly or partly without assigning any reason thereof.



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