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Somaliland marine industry is growing rapidly and Berbera port is under transformation. Berbera terminal will be the transshipment hub to East African countries, which are mostly land locked. This investment will create more and more jobs of container shipping and terminal operations in the near future. Therefore, this work shop training intended for Somaliland young women to broaden their skills of container shipping and marine industry in general. Certificates and class materials will be provided. Project implemented by SERDO.


This workshop training is intended to women graduates to broaden their employment chances. Number of seats will be limited to 35 trainees.

Module 1: Introduction to Shipping and Forwarding Management.

  • The Global Economy, Trade and Transport.
  • Introduction to Ships, Ports and Forwarding Agents.
  • Types of Ships and the cargo they carry.
  • Vessel Registrations and flags.
  • Trade Routes and Liners.
  • Vessel Documentations & Terminology.
  • Vessel port calling and Berthing.
  • Principles & Concepts of Containerization.

Module 2: Port Stay, Operations, Supplies & Agent Activity.

  • Serving the Ship Owner and Crew successfully.
  • Processing Ship documents and cargo documents.
  • SOF, Surveys reports and on board meetings.
  • Communicating with Stevedoring and Terminal Operator.
  • Disbursement Account management.
  • Bunkering and Ship chandelling arrangements.
  • Crew Exchange Facilitation.

 Module 3: The Container: Types, Terminology, Management, Packing and Security.

  • Cargo Types & Container Freight Rate.
  • Types and Functions of Container Terminals.
  • Container Ownership and Shipping Lines.
  • Container Dimensions & Marks.
  • CY/CFS and FCL/LCL
  • Container Packing, PTI (Reefers) & Sealing.
  • Container Storage and Maintenance.
  • Container Operating Costs.

Module 4: Container Logistics, Supply Chain Principles, Port and Terminal Operations.

  • International Freight Transports.
  • Role of Containers and Intermodal Logistics.
  • Cargo Handling Systems (Containers, Bulks and Break bulks).
  • Major Terminal Groups.(DP World)
  • In land Terminals & Depots (dry ports).

Module 5: Bonded Warehouse and Customs Clearance

  • Somaliland Customs Policy and Procedure.
  • Customs Tariff Book & Duty Calculations.
  • Imports, Exports, transits, transshipments and rejected Cargo.
  • Customs Documentation Chain.
  • Free Zone & Transit Cargo.
  • Duty Relief Procedures (Inbound & Outbound).
  • Quality Control Checks (Food & Medicine).
  • Warehouse Management & Improvements.

Module 6: In land Haulage (Transportation)

  • Types of Land transports (Berbera Corridor)
  • Multimodal Freight Transports.
  • Containerized Cargo Transportation.
  • Transport and Government Policy.
  • Determining Transportation Rates.
  • Road Safety and Driving Policy.
  • Logistics Providers (3 PLs).

Module 7: Commercial & Financial Aspects of Container Operations.

  • Cost and Revenue Structure in Container Terminal.
  • Freight Charges, D/O charges, Demurrage & Detentions.
  • Ship Voyage Costs (Canal, Docking, Anchorage, Crew, Insurance).
  • Stevedoring Costs, Storage Rents & Cleaning fees.
  • Fixed and Variable Cost structures.
  • Container Repairs & Recovery.

Module 8: Healthy, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Management of Terminal

  • Health & Safety management of terminal operations.
  • Health and Safety Policy.
  • Training and Refresher Programs
  • IMDG Code & Hazardous Cargo Storage.
  • Identifying & avoiding risks of injury or Accidents.
  • ISPS Code & Dealing with Spills.
  • Controlling CO2 emissions, Dust, Noise and Light pollution.

Module 9: Insurance & Risk Management.

  • Introduction to Marine & Shipping Insurance.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance.
  • Surveyor Reports.
  • Risk & Claim management.

Work shop training classes will begin on 6th Feb.2020.

Day: Thursdays Only

Time: 4:00pm —8:00pm.

Venue: Frantz Fanon University, Hargeisa.

Duration: 6 days

Deadline: 24 Jan.2020

To register, please submit your Name, Telephone number and University degree to serdo.organization@gmail.com

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