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Deadline Extended: Terms of Reference (TOR) For Development of Accelerated Basic Education Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations – Mogadishu, Somalia

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Job Description

Somalia Bar ama Baro, BAB “Teach or Learn” Program

 Terms of Reference (TOR)


Development of Accelerated Basic Education Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations

Title Development of Accelerated Basic Education Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations
Purpose The purpose of the consultancy is to support the development of the ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/regulations for the MoECHE and facilitate state wide consultation discussions and a validation workshop.
Location Somalia/Mogadishu  and each state
Duration 56 working days
Start Date 17th October–18th December
Reporting to Director of Planning & Director for NFE MoECHE, DCOP BAB

An individual consultant to work with MOECHE and BAB to develop, consult on and validate an Accelerated Basic Education (ABE) Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations.


Evidence shows that more than half of all children and adolescents in Somalia have never attended formal education or are currently out-of-school for a range of different reasons. The ABE subsector aims to address this issue and improve learning for those who have never benefited from formal education or for those who have dropped out of school.

Within the education sector in Somali are many non- government run educational institutions which offer short courses for children with the aim to provide primary education in a shorter timeframe. These courses and the institutions conducting them are unregulated and their standards and quality are unknown. With the development of a Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MoECHE) Accelerated Basic Education (ABE) for over-age out of school children, many non-government organizations have expressed an interest to conduct ABE courses. The MoECHE is concerned that many formal schools have a poor understanding of the newly developed ABE which may lead to poorly implemented ABE courses. For example the entry age for ABE may not be enforced so children who should enter formal primary school grades attend ABE instead leading to a parallel system of education.  To ensure that ABE is implemented correctly and that over age children get the best quality education via ABE this subsector needs to be identified and regulated to ensure each institution is implementing ABE following MoECHE standards.

The government has recognized the challenges and wants to prioritize an enabling environment for the ABE subsector to improve its efficiency, quality and effectiveness. It also intends to strengthen the legal frameworks and policies to better regulate the ABE subsector and establish an ABE quality assurance system to ensure adherence to endorsed government standards and regulations. In this regard the MoECHE is also committed to its objectives to establish and strengthen the capacity of the NFE Directorate to regulate and coordinate ABE between FGS, FMS and partner organizations.

Therefore, the purpose of this consultancy is to support the MoECHE to establish an ABE regulatory framework and develop ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations.

The USAID/Somalia Bar Ama Baro, BAB “Teach or Learn” Program is a comprehensive, primary education program designed to support the Government of Somalia in providing quality ABE services to marginalized children across the country. The program is directly supporting the Somali Government in the policy and program design, while rolling out implementation in eleven districts. A key focus area for BAB is on enhancing government capacity to regulate ABE’s, so BAB will support  the MoECHE plan to develop, consult and validate an ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations for use across all education stakeholders to enhance the quality of ABE for all students across Somalia


The purpose of this consultancy is analyze relevant ABE Policy and other MoECHE/BAB/ABE documents to identify gaps in implementation and government systems then produce an ABE Policy  Guidelines/Regulations that include all relevant policy decisions, systems and tools to enable education stakeholders to implement quality ABE services for over-age students which can be regulated by the MoECHE.


The scope of work is to develop the ABE Policy implementation Guidelines/Regulations for MoECHE and then bring together key thinkers and educators through a series of state wide consultations and finally a validation workshop to shape the regulatory framework for ABE in Somalia.

The process of the ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations will be a joint effort of the MoECHE, BAB and the selected Consultant. The roles and responsibilities of each of the three entities is detailed below:

  1. Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE)

The Federal Government of Somalia’s (FGS) MOECHE will be responsible for:

  1. Provision of key ABE documents and tools
  2. In coordination with the BAB management, participate in the selection of the consultant
  • Providing relevant information on MoECHE, State MoE systems and ABE processes.
  1. Support in contacting and arranging the workshops
  2. Review and approval of the final draft ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations.


  1. The ‘Bar Ama Baro’ (BAB) project

The BAB project will be responsible for:

  1. Provision of key ABE documents and tools
  2. Support arranging the workshops
  • Final sign off the work done
  1. c) The Consultant

The selected consultant will be required to undertake the following:

  1. Review key MoECHE and ABE stakeholder documentation and tools i.e. ABE policy and curriculum Framework, Private school policy, BAB school safety assessments, teacher training, teacher recruitment, data collection tools etc.
  2. Identify key gaps in the regulatory framework and MoECHE and MoE systems in terms of ABE regulation and data collection. For example the models of ABE delivery for pastoralists and rural areas with no school, the transfer regulations for students from ABE to formal schools.
  • Liaise and conduct consultations (by phone, skype, or email, as required) with key NFE Directorate, BAB and other key ABE implementers (as required) to gather relevant information to address gaps identified in the ABE Policy and other key ABE documents
  1. Develop guidelines/tools to address the gaps especially for systems strengthening for example to capture key ABE data from ABE school/centre level to feed into the MoECHE central ABE EMIS.
  2. Draft the ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations
  3. Translate the ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations so there are both Somali and English versions.
  • Organize, and facilitate consensus in one day internal consultation meeting with the key persons in the FMS MoE in Kismayo (Jubbaland), Baidoa (South West), Jowhar (Hirshabelle), Dusmareb (Galmudug) and Garowe (Puntland),
  • Draft a consolidated report based on the recommendations in the one day meetings with the FMS MoE.
  1. Organize and facilitate the final validation workshop for the ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations with ABE stakeholders in Mogadishu.
  2. Prepare a final version of the ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations; including editing, agreed inputs, fact-checking and proof-reading.
  3. Draft a report on the consultation and validation process highlight main results and the successes/challenges.

The activity will be managed by the Ministry of Education Director of NFE/TVET and will be completed by the 15TH of December 2021.


The consultant will conduct and submit the following reports for the works as completed under the scope of work below:


(Specify final outputs.)


(est. # of days)

a.       Reading ABE documents, organizing and facilitating internal consultation meeting with the key persons in the Ministry FGS, BAB and other key ABE stakeholders  to identify gaps and regulations to address them 10 days 17-27th October 2021
b.       Draft the ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations in Somali and English 10 days 28th October – 8th November 2021
c.       Organize and facilitate five (5) state level consultation meetings in Kismayo, Baidoa, Jowhar, Dusmareb and Garawo. 4 days each state including travel days total 20 days 9th -29th November 2021
d.       Compile all the consultation reports 2 days 30 November -1st Dec.2021
e.       Update  draft  ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations in consultation with the MoECHE and BAB 5 days 2nd – 7th December 2021
f.        Conduct a Validation workshop and provide a Validation workshop Outcome Report 5 days 8-13th December 2021
g.       Proof reading and submit the final draft of ABE Policy Implementation Guidelines/Regulations 4 days 14-18th December 2021
Total 56


The consultant will report directly and administratively to the Director NFE and TVET of the MoECHE. The consultant will ensure deliverables are submitted as drafts prior to the final submission

  • Advanced university degree in Education or other related field, preferably with some specialized training in development studies.
  • At least 7 years of senior level professional work experience in a relevant field/ nonformal education/ ABE, working on education policies and plans, in Somalia or comparable Countries.
  • Previous results report writing experience, particularly with Somali Government agencies or international NGOs producing global reports is mandatory.
  • Strong knowledge in education aid programming and in relevant fields (policy analysis, statistical analysis or other social sciences);
  • Demonstrated experience and excellent understanding of standard requirements (file formats, writing style, data visualization, etc.) to produce a report suitable for professional design and publishing.
  • High level proficiency in standard computer software, in particular, Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in Somali and English language, of publication standard
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Persistence in follow up, tact and diplomacy to work with international personnel.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines.
  • Familiarity with Government, donors and international NGOs programming.
  • Robust understanding and application of policy concepts, methodologies and tools – proven capacity to draft ABE policy papers.
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of Somalia’s Federal and State level governance structure and development issues specifically in the education sector.
  • Robust knowledge and understanding of NFE, ABE education and approaches

How to apply: 

Send electronic submissions of updated resume & cover letter to Recruitment@crea-bab.com

Deadline 16th October 2021.

Only selected candidate will be contacted. 

Creative Associates International Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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