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Invitation to bid for Consultancy Awareness campaign for learners, parents and school community through Drama and Community gathering Events to Improve awareness of school community on the importance of education and transmission and impact of COVID-19 – Hargeisa, Somaliland

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Job Description


Save the Children International (SCI) Somaliland program hereby invites interested consultants to bid for the consultancy assignment detailed below

1 Title of Consultancy Awareness campaign for learners, parents and school community through Drama and Community gathering Events to Improve awareness of school community on the importance of education and transmission and impact of COVID-19.
2 SCI Contracting Office Save the Children Hargeisa Office, Somaliland
3 Period of Consultancy 30 Working Days
4 Consultant type required Firm or Individual(s)
5 Responsibility for Logistics arrangements and Costs Consultancy firm is responsible for their logistics and accommodations outside Hargeisa. 
6 Taxation Provisions Consultant shall be responsible for all Taxes arising from the consultancy in line with the local Tax regulations applicable at the SCI contracting office named above
7 Travel requirements Consultant is responsible for travel requirements and cost outside Somaliland (if applicable)
8 Security requirements Consultant will comply with standard Save the Children Security procedures, including the completion of SCI online security training prior to travel to Somaliland (if applicable)
9 Qualification and Experience
  1. At least two years of experience in drama preparation, documentation and photographic production.
  2. Latest equipment in video-photography documentation
  3. A strong creative vision and styling that appeals to a global audience, with experience in capturing and editing videography for international consumption.
  4. Samples of previous work undertaken by the consultant as proof of creative vision and style.
  5. The consultant is expected to cover their own insurance costs.
  6. Ability to work at Save the Children offices and its programs partners as required to meet the expected deliverables
  7. Applying firms are expected to have presence (teams) in Somaliland


10 Evaluation Criteria
Description Weighting Scores
Compliance with Consultancy requirement

–          Provision of sound technical proposal with required information & documents; responsiveness to ToR’s:

–          Qualifications and technical qualities of purposed team e.g. level of qualifications and number of years worked to similar assignment.



Relevant Consultant Experience

Prove of experience of the consultancy firm. Please submit copies of similar contracts and note that each copy of contract shall carry 5 marks till allocated marks of 20 are achieved.




Adequacy of Work Plan

–          Submission of detailed work & realistic work plan with clear description of tasks and the Scope of Work.



Consultant of the interview,

–          Demonstration of better understanding of TOR and scope of work during the interview.

–          Demonstration of technical capability and expertise in project evaluations.

–          Presentation of well-structured methodology and techniques to be applied for the execution the required consultancy services.

Submission of realistic and acceptable financial proposal 15
Total Scores 100
11 Application Procedure Interested consultants should submit their applications via email to [somaliland.procurement@savethechildren.org ].

The applications should be submitted in PDF format as one document comprising Technical and Financial sections as detailed below.

•        A technical proposal with a detailed response to the TOR, with specific focus on the scope of work, methodology to be used and key selection criteria.

•        Initial work plan based on the methodology outlined, and indication of availability.

•        A financial proposal detailing the daily rate expected but including accommodation, transportation, stationary, research assistances and all other cost related to this assignment.

•        Consultant profile and CV’s of key experts.

•        Valid legal registration (if firm)

•        At least 2 sample of previously conducted similar tasks.

•        Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rates.

Applicants should also indicate the date they are available to start working on the consultancy

All applications MUST be submitted on or before the closing date below to be considered for the assignment.

Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.

12 Closing date for Applications Interested consultants shall submit their applications through the email address provided above on 18 October 2021

Shortlisted candidates will be requested for an interview.


Project Name GPE Accelerated fund for COVID-19 response Project and Horimarinta Elmiga (HE III)
Donors GPE and EU
Assignment  Awareness campaign for learners, parents and school community through Drama and Community gathering Events  to Improve awareness of school community on the importance of education  and transmission and impact of COVID-19  .
Location of the Assignment M-Jeh region, Sahil, Togdheer and Awdal  
Time frame for the Assignment 30 Working days
Date September-October 2021

1.        BACK GROUND;

Save the Children has been working in Somaliland for more than 60 years with offices in Borama, Burao and Hargeisa. We implement different programs for the Children who need support through our humanitarian and long-term development work in Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Education, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Child Protection and Child Rights Governance.

Save the Children has been at the forefront of the emergency response in Somaliland during humanitarian crisis like drought; and with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we scaled up the response to respond to the challenges brought about by  drought and COVID19.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2019, the pandemic has created humanitarian and socio-economic crises in an unprecedented way, touching nearly all countries and communities across the world. Somaliland is one of the countries in sub Saharan Africa that has been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Somaliland reported a total of 4703 cases so far and, given the rapid pace of the virus and inadequate access to testing, the numbers could be higher. One of the areas most affected by the COVID-19 Crisis is children’s learning and education in general.

To address and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on education, the Somaliland Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) has closed all learning institutions (including schools and universities) effective April 12, 2021 and extended the closure of the next academic or school year until 3rd July 2021 As the result, 1,516 schools are closed and 257,340 children and adolescents (115,249 girls) are not attending school. This has posed increased pressure on parents to engage their children in productive activities at home.

The Somaliland COVID-19 Response program, funded by Global Partnership for education will contribute to the implementation of the basic education response strategy plan developed by the Somaliland MOES, the existing education programs both funded by GPE and EU and other on-going education programs supported by the education sector coordination members are also participating the implementation of the MOES strategic plan to improve the quality of education.

The program’s immediate interventions mitigate and respond to the effects of school closure by ensuring learning continuity. It also supports education systems to fully recover and ensure continued quality learning and sustained interventions with long-term potential.

The overall program objective is to support and ensure continued learning and well-being of children during and after school closures and strengthen education system recovery and resilience.

Horumarinta Elmiga III (Education for Empowerment through Cohesive and Harmonized System) is three-year (January 2019 – December 2021) education project funded by the European Union has outcomes including increasing access to equitable and inclusive basic education for children as well as Improved learning outcomes for boys and girls in school.


The purpose of this Assignment is to produce and undertake community awareness campaign and orientations to improve awareness of school community on the transmission and impact of COVID-19 and to promote children’s learning and education to enhance girls enrollment of the schools as part of Save the Children’s Safe Back to School Campaign. The specific objectives of this assignment include:

–          Produce dramas, key messages, literature and multi-media content on the impact of COVID-19 on education and the importance of girls’ education

–          Undertake awareness raising campaigns at community level on the importance of education both boys and girls using caravan approach

–          To make awareness Campaign about the preventive measure of the COVID-19 disease.


A drama Group is expected to deliver this exercise through events in Hargeisa, Borama, Berbera and Burao as well as production of Infographics about the importance of education for girls.

Drama group will organize Community gathering and exhibit drama plays to share messages with the public.


Key deliverables for the consultant drama group include:

·         Develop key messages (15)  (infographics written in Somali language) to promote importance of education and learning for both boys and girls in Somaliland.

·         Develop a drama/play on the impact of COVID19 on education and the importance of sending children back to schools using art and literature. This should include content development, scripting, acting and piloting/pre-testing to ensure the play communicates the intended objectives.

·          Drama cravan/exhibition of the drama/play in Hargeisa, Gebilay, Borama, Berbera and Burao through acting. This should include pre-advertisement/announcement of the play to the public in advance

·         Record and produce 2-minute video (well edited, well translated and subtitled) of the drama in each location

·         Publicize the drama/play and share through Social Media to ensure the message reaches the wider public and produce and share Social Media statistics/analysis of the same.


·         Parents

·         Teachers

·         Children

·         Public

·         Decision makers and education stakeholders

6.       LEAD TEAM

The drama group will closely work with Save the Children education and ACCM teams on the delivery of this exercise.


Madoorijeex, Sool, Togdher and Sanaag and Awdal region. 

Save the children will cover transportation, accommodation, security while the consultant is travelling outside Hargeisa.

2.     Save the Children’s video & photography

Consent forms will need to be signed from each child or beneficiary filmed, interviewed or photographed in this assignment. Save the Children does not use materials without the consent of the subjects shown in those materials. All images should appear natural and relaxed with the subjects not posing to the camera. All photos should be telling stories on the impact our work had on the lives of beneficiaries and children.

Copyright and intellectual property

In consideration of the fees paid, the consultant expressly assigns to Save the Children any copyright arising from the work the consultant produces while executing this contract. All images and videos will however bear the consultant’s photo credit, as specified by international intellectual property rights. The consultant may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from Save the Children

Code of Conduct

Save the Children’s work is based on deeply held values and principles of child safeguarding, and it is essential that our commitment to children’s rights and humanitarian principles is supported and demonstrated by all members of staff and other people working for and with Save the Children. Save the Children’s Code of Conduct sets out the standards which all staff members must adhere to and the consultant is bound to sign and abide to the Save the Children’s Code of Conduct.

A contract will be signed by the consultant before commencement of the action. The contract will detail terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables. The Consultant will be expected to treat as private and confidential any information disclosed to her/him or with which she/he may come into contact during her/his service.  The Consultant will not therefore disclose the same or thereof to any third party or publish it in any paper without the prior written consent of Save the Children. Any sensitive information (particularly concerning individual children) should be treated as confidential.

An agreement with a consultant will be rendered void if Save the Children discovers any corrupt activities have taken place either during the sourcing, preparation and implementation of the consultancy agreement.

3.     Application process

All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above. Each application should include the following:

  • Cover letter including the applicant’s suitability for the position and current contact information and profile (if a company)
  • Technical and financial proposal for the curriculum review and development including the TOT
  • CV, including detailed work experience, education/degrees of the experts


·         At least four years of experience in documentation, videography and photography production in Development and Humanitarian contexts.

·         Latest equipment in video-photography documentation

·         A strong creative vision and styling that appeals to a global audience, with experience in capturing and editing videography for international consumption.

·         Samples of previous work undertaken by the consultant as proof of creative vision and style.

·         The consultant is expected to cover their own insurance costs.

·         Ability to work with Save the Children offices and it’s programs partners as required to meet the expected deliverables

How to Apply

To submit applications for this consultancy, please send the documentation to: Somaliland.procurement@savethechildren.org:   Applications will close on 18 October 2021.

We work with children, communities and governments all over the world and we believe in the right person for the job regardless of where you come from and how you identify yourself. We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to ensuring that only those who are suitable to work with children are considered for these posts. All successful applicants will, therefore, be required to complete a Police Check and must sign onto our Child Protection Policy and organizational Code of Conduct. SCI is an equal opportunity employer.



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