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Invitation to Bid Tender for Supply of Seasonal Livelihood inputs (seeds and tools) to Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Vulnerable Households in Badade District of Lower Juba region of South Central Somalia

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 Tender Title: Supply of Seasonal Livelihood inputs (seeds and tools) to Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Vulnerable Households in Badade District of Lower Juba region of South Central Somalia

Tender Reference Number: WRRS SOM-FSC -19859-01

Procurement Procedure: Open call for tender

Wamo Relief and Rehabilitation Services (WRRS) is inviting sealed tenders for purchase of farm inputs under the project: Improved food security through improved immediate access to food to Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Vulnerable Households in Badade District of Lower Juba region of South Central Somalia

Tenders, who want to provide the merchandise, will find general submission conditions and detailed description of commodities below:

General conditions

By participating in this tender you are indicating your acceptance of the guidelines set out in this document. The commodities must correspond to the specifications of WRRS conditions of contract and respect WRRS’s requirements as stipulated on the present call for tender. WRRS reserves the right to disqualify and reject tenders from suppliers who do not comply with guidelines set out in this document.

All questions or inquiries are to be submitted in writing to WRRS’s procurement department: Logistic@Wamorelief so.

General Bid Requirements

  1. Contact Information: Full name, address, telephone numbers of your company and contact
  2. Prices: WRRS will pay only for the goods actually accepted at final destination after inspection at unloading point(s) and deduction of actual damages and/or liquidated damages for late delivery and/or quality deviations, if Applicants without this will not be considered.
  3. Delivery time: The preferred delivery date/time for goods on site is 2-weeks after receipt of WRRS Purchase Suppliers are therefore requested to quote

their best delivery time in calendar days/weeks following receipt of eventual Purchase Order.

  1. Validity: Bids must remain valid with firm and fixed prices for 90 days after Tender Closing
  2. Country of Origin: The Origin of goods is to be indicated by the supplier
  3. Certification: Certification for quality of listed commodities is to be provided by the

The submission of applications

Completed tender documents are to be submitted through email with the subject name: Tender Title: Supply of Seasonal Livelihood inputs (seeds and tools) to Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Vulnerable Households in Badade District of Lower Juba region of South Central Somalia

Tender Reference Number: WRRS –SOM-FSC -19859-01 in accordance with the Instructions to Tenders in the tender documents.

Bids must be emailed to:logistic@wamorelief.so

Closing date of reception of Submission of applications: at the latest the 13th of October 2021 at 5pm

Special conditions

 Delivery deadline

Suppliers must indicate their delivery time. Once purchase orders and contracts are signed with the supplier, he/she must strictly respect delivery schedules agreed. Delays or quantity difference in delivery without valid explanation will incur a penalty of 10% of the total price.

Acceptance of submissions of tender

Acceptance of submissions of tender is the sole responsibility of WRRS Any late submissions of tenders will not be accepted and will be excluded from analysis.

Method of payment                                                                                                                     

The chosen supplier will be paid according to the terms of contract: 100% of the total sum of each purchase contract will be paid upon successful delivery of the goods to each project location.

Pyment schedule:

– Supplier will be paid 50% of the total contractual upon completion of the delivery and after signing of the delivery note by WRRS, with a limited delay of 15 days, if the items are accepted and the delivery is completed. The remaining 50% will be paid within 45 days of successful delivery

A bank cheque or Dahabshiil transfer into the suppliers’ account will release the payment. No other means of payment can be considered.

Validity of submissions of tender

Quotations of submissions of tender must remain stable and valid for 90 days after the closing date for the submissions of tenders.

Working language.

Communication, work documents and contracts will be drafted in English.

Delivery bulletin.

Delivery note handed over by the supplier will be signed after the complete offloading of the merchandise in WRRS, Somalia, so that any possible damages may be recorded at this point.

The tenders must carefully note: potential damaged items will not be paid for by WRRS and will be returned to the supplier if asked to at his/her own costs.

Delivery Locations

The winning supplier is to deliver to each project village in the districts listed below in this tender document.

Locations and quantities to be delivered to are the following:





Maize seeds(Kgs) Cowpeas seeds(Kgs) Assorted vegatables(Kgs)




Planting Hoe(PCS) Fork/Rake


Hosingoo 500 500 500 500 500
Buurgabo 500 500 500 500 500
Kuda 500 500 500 500 500
Raskamboni 300 300 300 300 300
Kolbiyow 200 200 200 200 200

 Control and Inspection

WRRS’s representative can monitor the quality of commodities, its packaging, parceling and storage at any time before the definitive acceptance of offer. Quality control and inspection will be conducted by WRRS upon loading at the supplier warehouse and upon receipt at destination in Badhadhe District

The payments will be facilitated after confirmation of goods at the target locations.

Detailed items to be mentioned in the submissions of tender

  1. Unit price and total price in USD of each commodity, including delivery DDP to WRRS project sites in Applicants without this will not be considered.
  2. Name of the variety and variety must be true to type
  3. Previous experience: The supplier must provide us References of at least 3 important customers for same or similar orders
  4. Bank statements
  5. The company registration and the tax payer registration number (Somalia bidders, if applicable)

Detailed items to be mentioned in the submissions of tender

  • Tender’s complete name and address, phone, fax and e-mail
  • Official Certificate of registration of firm

Order voucher and Contract.

If your submission of tender is chosen, a purchase contract will be signed.

The quantity mentioned in this document as well as the delivery timetable are indicatives and stand for a purchase intention. The orders will become effective with the signature of the purchase contract that will confirm quantity and delivery time.

WRRS will purchase the goods according to the need of its program to your company. Each WRRS purchase has to be confirmed by the sending of a Purchase Order and a Purchase Contract. You must sign our contract confirming that you accept our conditions.

Goods for Tender

Drought resistant seeds specifications

MAIZE and COWPEAS: Total quantity estimated: 2000 Kilograms each

Maize Specification:

Only certified seeds are required.

  • Germination rate: 80%minimum
  • Moisture: 13%maximum
  • Purity: 98%minimum
  • Expiration date minimum 6months
  • Insect and disease
  • Free from any chemical treatment

Cowpeas Specification:

Only certified seeds are required.

  • Germination rate: 70%minimum
  • Moisture: 13%maximum
  • Purity: 98%minimum
  • Expiration date minimum 6months
  • Insect and disease
  • Free from any chemical treatment

Packaging protocol: Prepackaged on 5 kg ventilated bags (polypropylene bags) capable handling the seeds without tearing. Good quality bags and good stitching required.

Each final package must mention:

  • Commercial name of the product,
  • Quantity per bag in Kg
  • Date of packaging,
  • Origin of the seeds,
  • Expiration

Tool specifications (2,000 PCS each)

Type, Weight and dimension specifications for Planting Hoes

Type Fitting handle Dimensions L X W (mm) Blade weight (kg) Handle                  length (mm)
Planting hoes Eye 185 x125 0.7 700

Type, Weight and dimension specifications for fork /rake

Type Blade dimensions

L x W (shoulder x Thickness (mm)

Blade list (mm) Blade dish (mm) Weight                 including 700mm handle (kg)
Fork/rake 320 x 160 x 1.75


55 25 lateral 1.6
Cancellation clauses

Other cancellation clause

If any conditions, in the invitation to tender or the supplier’s application, change within the stated period, an additional Letter of Agreement must be agreed and signed by both parties.

Cancellation may occur where:

  1. The tender procedure has been unsuccessful, namely where no qualitatively or financially worthwhile tender has been received or there has been no response at all;
  2. The economic or technical parameters of the project have been fundamentally altered;
  3. Exceptional circumstances or force majeure render normal performance of the project impossible;
  4. All technically compliant tenders exceed the financial resources available;
  5. There have been irregularities in the procedure, in particular where these have prevented fair

In no circumstances will WRRS be liable for damages, whatever their nature (in particular damages for loss of profits) or relationship to the cancelation of a tender, even if WRRS has been advised of the possibility of damages.

The publication of a procurement notice does not commit WRRS to implement the program or project announced.

Conditions of attribution

Selection Criteria

The attribution will be decided on the basis of our selection criteria. Be precise on your quotation concerning each one of these criteria’s and if there are some you are not able to fulfill explain why in order for us to possibly review our position.

Type of Criteria Basis on which criteria is used
1.   Price ·          Competitive price and corresponding to our budget,
2.Specifications / Quality ·          Detailed specifications of the goods according  to  our general specifications mentioned in the tender: Specifications, .
3.   Packaging ·          Packaging in which supplier will provide the goods: size and quality of unit packages and general packaging.
4.   Delivery ·          Lead time

·          Delay for deliveries

5. Previous experience ·          References provided by the supplier (3),
6.   Bank guarantee ·          Bank statement



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