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Open National Tender Notice for the Rehabilitation and Renovation of Education Management Information System (EMIS) Centre, two staircase rooms and roof at HQ the Ministry of Education Culture and Higher Education in Mogadishu, Somalia

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Date: October 12, 2021

Open National tender notice for the Rehabilitation and Renovation of Education Management Information System (EMIS) Centre, two staircase rooms and roof at HQ the Ministry of Education Culture and Higher Education in Mogadishu. 

The Federal Government of Somalia’s Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG) is funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and consists of four main components:

Component 1: Increased equitable access to quality primary education for out-of-school children: This component seeks to expand equitable access to quality primary education opportunities for out of school children. The component consists of three subcomponents: (1) school inclusion grants to create sustainable conditions for the enrolment of out-of-school children; (2) mapping and harmonization of CEC training, followed by training to CECs to support children’s enrolment, safety and learning; (3) mobilization of communities and authorities to improve safety and security in schools.

Component 2: Enhanced quality of primary education: The component is focused on improving learning outcomes by investing in teaching and learning materials for the new curriculum and assessment and laying the foundation for a stronger teacher training system, ensuring the acquisition of foundational skills at the expected level for each grade. The sub-components are: (1) monitoring the Teacher Education and Management Policy; (2) establishing two national primary teacher training institutes (TTIs) with special education resource centers (SERCs) to enroll 240 student teachers and 60 children with special needs; (3) distribute 148,584 sets of seven textbooks (total of 1,040,088 textbooks) and associated teacher guides aligned with the new national curriculum and based on new Minimum Learning Achievements (MLA); and (4) develop, pilot and implement a modified version of EGRA/ EGMA for a nationally representative assessment of learning outcomes in Somali and mathematics.

Component 3: Enhanced capacity at Federal and Member State levels: This component seeks to strengthen system capacity at the MoECHE and Member State MoEs to regulate, manage and monitor schools. The component supports the strengthening of the regulatory environment for private and community schools through the development of a Private School Policy. It also seeks to Strengthening the Education Management Information System (EMIS) Government and private schools will be supported in improving access and quality. Training for regional, district and private school staff will be provided, and monitoring and support visits to 1,000 schools will be funded to improve quality assurance. Under this component, the Program will also support salaries of Regional Education Officers (REOs) and Quality Assurance Officers (QAOs).

Component 4Program monitoring, accountability and communication: This component includes monitoring, evaluation and learning activities, as well as communication of results. The program will adopt a robust approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning, with a dual approach – internal monitoring, building upon the limited structure and initial tools available to the Federal and State-level Ministries, and an externally-led evaluation process. Emerging trends and results will be compiled, shared through coordination mechanisms such as the Program Steering Committee, the Joint Review of the Education Sector (JRES) and the ESC, and interpreted/ reflected upon at regional and district levels to improve practices and reinforce positive results on the ground.

As part of the ESPIG component three, the system in the ministry should be strengthened. Thus MOEEHE identified a centre for EMIS operationalization where the education system for the whole country will be regulated from. Nonetheless, the centre needs rehabilitation and reinforcement. Thus, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education, is hereby inviting all interested eligible bidders with previous experience and capacity to submit their bid documents the Rehabilitation and renovation of EMIS centre, two staircase rooms and roof at MOECHE Mogadishu office.

specific requirements:

  1. Valid Trade License company registration certificates from Ministry of Commerce at FGS
  2. Updated company profile with your company contacts details and physical address and all pertinent information,
  3. Proof of tax clearance from the government.
  4. Proof of Similar works experience such former contracts/purchase orders.
  1. Detail delivery time (Attach work plan)

Draft Tender docoment for EMIS Rehabilitation_

Tender Submissions:

Bidders are required to submit bids for the execution and completion of the cited Contract in email to procurement@moe.gov.so no later than 1600 Hours East Africa Time, on 25th, October 2021.  The subject of email must be clearly labelled “Tender Document for the Rehabilitation and renovation of EMIS centre, two staircase rooms and roof at HQ the Ministry of Education Culture and Higher Education in Mogadishu. Any inquiries for clarification can be send to Email: procurement@moe.gov.so



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