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Gargaar Relief and Development Organization (GREDO) Office in Southern and Central Somalia invites applications from competent firms/Companies from Southern and Central Somalia for prequalification for supply of goods, works and services listed below for the year 2020

Prequalification documents can be obtained from GREDO office from March 31 –09thApril2020, at 4:30 pm

  • GREDO Offices at Baidoa, Berdale, Mogadishu, Hudur, Wajid, Wanlaweyn, Dinsoor,Qoryoley,Buurhakaba and Yeed.
Category Reference Category Description
GREDO/2020/1  Construction materials (Qalabkadhismaha)& Sanitation Tools ( wheel  barrow,Shovel,Rakes)
GREDO/2020/2 Construction and rehabilitation service (Dhismahaiyodayactirka)
GREDO/2020/3 Water equipment, Water storage  bladder  and accessories, pipes, pumps, tanks etc (Qalabka biyaha)
GREDO/2020/4 Electric items, lighting materials, solar energy and installation services (Qalabka korontada)
GREDO/2020/5 ICT equipment, computers (desktops and laptop) and accessories, (computarada)
GREDO/2020/6 Office furniture (Qalabka xafiiska)
GREDO/2020/7 Relief commodities (Non Food Items blankets, plastic sheeting, etc.)
GREDO/2020/8 Firefighting equipment i.e. fire extinguishers (Qalabka dabdamiska)
GREDO/2020/9 Auto Spare Parts (qalabka Spare Partska)
GREDO/2020/10 Garages( Wilding gates, windows and donkey carts etc)
GREDO/2020/11 Cooking  equipment and items (QalabkaCunokarinta
GREDO/2020/12 Tie and dye equipment and Items
GREDO/2020/13 Medical Suppliers (Dawo nocyadeda Kala Duwan)
GREDO/2020/14 Transportation services, truck rental services, Bulldozer/ Excavator 
GREDO/2020/15 General office stationery/ Learning materials (exercise Books, pen, etc.) Agabkawaxbarashada
GREDO/2020/16 Detergents, cleaning materials and toiletries (AlaabtaNadaafada)
GREDO/2020/17 Sports materials (Shoes, football, handball, playing vests and Puma, Socks etc.)
GREDO/2020/18 ITC equipment repair
GREDO/2020/19 Hygiene and Sanitation (Hand wash kettle / Hygiene Kits (jerry cans, aqua tabs, Sanitary item, pots, sanitary Pads)
GREDO/2020/20 Printing materials (Visibility materials production services (leaflet, sticker posters, stand banner,

Billboards, Banners, ID Cards etc.)

GREDO/2020/21 Food supplies (vegetable oil, rice, Sugar, porridge etc.) Raashinka
GREDO/2020/22 Agricultural Supplies and Inputs.( seeds, Agro chemicals, animal drugs & Vet services, fuel, irrigation pumps, Tractor plough hours, Farm tools, bee keeping kits
GREDO/2020/23 School Suppliers (Learning Materials, Furniture, Uniforms etc.)
GREDO/2020/24 Hotels & Venues (Training Venue, Accommodations etc.)
GREDO/2020/25 Refreshments & Foods (Soft drinks, Snacks, Lunch etc.)
GREDO/2020/26 Livestock (Goats, Donkeys, Poultry etc.)


GREDO/2020/27 Flight Bookings (Local Flights, national flights and International flight etc.)

Completed prequalification documents must be submitted enclosed in plain sealed envelopes, marked with the tender name, Location, reference number and deposited in the tender box at GREDO nearest Office. Before deadline of 09thApril, 2020 at 4:30 pm

GREDO reserves the Right to Accept or reject any tender application and is not bound to give reasons for this decision thereof.


  1. Point of Contact

Suppliers are asked to provide a single point of contact. This contact will be considered the sole spokesperson for the supplier during the Prequalification process.

  1. Evaluation of Prequalification Responses

The objective of the PQQ (Pre-qualification questionnaire) evaluation is to assess the responses and select potential suppliers for the next stage of the procurement process. GREDOwishes to ascertain:

(a.) Supplier Capability – the supplier must have appropriate expertise and guaranteed capacity to meet the GREDO specification.

(b.) Supplier Track Record – the supplier must be able to demonstrate a successful record of accomplishment of providing services similar to those required by GREDO.

(c.) Financial Standing – the supplier must be considered financially sound.

The specific criteria to be considered at the selection stage include:

  1. Physical location/s
  2. Specialist skills and competencies.
  3. Membership of professional bodies.
  4. Quality accreditation.
  5. Comparable work assignments completed with details of output and results (references).
  6. Contract performance record. (References)

The pre-qualified application forms, which are not filled, out completely and submitted in the prescribed manner, will not be considered. All the documents that form part of the proposal must be written in English.



To be eligible, the interested firms must provide certified copies of the

  1. Registration certificate.
  2. Bank statement for Last 6 Months.


  1. Company Name: _____________________________________________________________
  2. Trading Name (if different from above) _______________________________________________
  3. Legal status (partnership/sole proprietor/ Ltd. Company) _________________________________
  4. a) Company registration certificate No._______________________ (attach copy)
  5. b) Certification by regulatory bodies (e.g. Ministry of public works, Municipal council, Ministry of Health etc)

________________________________________________________ (Attach copies)

  1. Nature of business licensed to operate _______________________________________________
  2. (a)Tax ID No._________________________________________________(Attach copy)
  3. Contact Person: Name____________________________________________________________


Tel .No___________________________________________________________

  1. Postal Address: _________________________________________________________________

Tel No/Fax No.:  __________________________________________________________________

Physical location: _________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:   __________________________________________________________________

  1. Website: ______________________________________________________________________
  2. Names of Directors and their nationality;

Names of partners/shareholders             Nationality       Citizenship       Percentage of shares




  1. Name of Bank_______________________________Branch__________________________
  2. Name of Insurers_____________________________________________________________

GREDO will disqualify any supplier who:

(a.) is bankrupt or is being wound up, where his affairs are being administered by the court, where he has entered into an arrangement with creditors, where he has suspended business activities or is in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure under national laws and regulations;

(b.)Is the subject of proceedings for a declaration of bankruptcy, for an order for compulsory winding up or administration by the court or of an arrangement with creditors or of any other similar proceedings under national laws and regulations;

(c.) has been convicted by a judgment, which has the force of res judicata in accordance with the legal provisions of the country of any offence concerning his professional conduct;

(d.) has committed any act of grave professional misconduct;

(e.) has not fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of all government statutory payments.

(f.) has not fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of the Country.

(g.) is guilty of serious misrepresentation in supplying the information-required underthis Section or has not supplied such information;

(h.) has been the subject of a conviction for participation in a criminal / terrorist organization.

(I.) has been the subject of a conviction for corruption and/ or fraud.

(j.) has been the subject of a conviction for child labor abuse and breach to GREDO ethical principle.

(k.) has been the subject of a conviction for money laundering.

Please confirm whether any of the above applies to your organization/Company or its directors or any other person who has powers of representation, decision or control of the organization.

Yes / No _______________________________________________________________________

Where the answer is affirmative, please provide details.





GREDO may seek evidence later, in confirmation of your answer and reserves the right to verify the information with any relevant competent authority. In the event that at any time in the tender procedure GREDO receives evidence that there has been a breach of any of the above conditions or any misrepresentation in responding to this section, the respondent will be disqualified from participation


  1. What products/services do you want to be considered to supply (Please indicate the reference number) _______________________?



  1. Number of staff employed.

Full time employees: ___________________ other: _____________________

  1. Which quality standards certification have you attained in the last two years? (Attach copies and give details on a separate sheet of paper)




  1. Are you a manufacturer/wholesaler/retailer/other (please specify)?


  1. If a manufacturer or service organization, are your products certified by accrediting body? Yes/No.

(Attach documentary evidence of certification) _______________________________________

  1. If you are not a manufacture, are you an authorized dealer? – Yes/No: ______________ (attach manufactures authorization)
  2. Provide details of your key personnel and attach their CV’S IF you are applying for provision of professional services. (Use a separate sheet of paper)
  3. What is the country of origin for goods or services?


  1. If you intend to use sub-contractors to perform part of the obligations under your area of business please provide details.



  1. Please provide a description of the tools, plant or technical equipment, which would be used to carry out the contracts. (For constructions contracts), disregard if not applicable.



Who have been your major corporate clients for the past 2yrs? State Client’s name,

Product service provided value of goods, works or service and contact person.

Contact person Value of business Organization Contact Tel No.
  1. What is your average response time to a request for quotation/RFP______________?
  • What is your average response to delivery of goods /services after issuance of contract/LPO?


  • What is the maximum value of business, which you can handle at any one time?

YEAR/USD ______________________________________________________________________

  1. If your firm is pre-qualified and awarded the tender to supply goods or services, will you abide by the agreed delivery period, quality and price as per specifications by GARGAAR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENTORGANIZATION. ______________________________________________________________


  1. a) Is the firm/company or its directors in any way associated with any other firm/company that is currently conducting business with or have applied to be considered for pre-qualification or any or any other tender in GARGAAR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION? (YES/NO) _____. If yes, please provide the name(s) of those firm(s)/companies, their address, their nature of business and indicate the relationship with the company making this application. (Attach details)



  1. b) Has the firm/company making this application currently or in previous periods been contracted to supply goods or services to GARGAAR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION? Yes/No: _____, if yes indicate hereunder the financial year, the goods or services that you supplied and their value.
    Financial year Goods or service supplied Total Value
  1. c) Has your company/firm at any one time been requested to quote for supply of goods and services and failed to submit the quotation without assigning reason for your action?



  1. d) Has your company/firm at any one time been issued with a purchase order by GREDO and failed to deliver the goods or services without assigning and reason for your action?



  1. e) If your company/firm is a current or previous period supplier of goods and services to GREDO, has it at any one time been issued with a letter of cancellation of contract/LPO for failure to supply goods within the agreed time or supplying inferior goods not within specifications?




  1. Please indicate to which professional or trade bodies your organization belongs:





  1. Please insert any general comments you wish to make. This must be no longer than 2 paragraphs.





For purpose of transparency and fair dealing, all vendors shall make full disclosure of any past/existing business relationship with any GREDO employee. Do you have a relationship with any GREDO employee that would cause any real or perceived conflict of interest?


(Please specify 🙂 ________________________________________________________________________________



I ………………………. ……. declare, for and on behalf of …………………………………………………..

(Company/firm) that all the information furnished to GREDO in connection with this prequalification is true and accurate in all material respect. GREDO is hereby authorized to make such inquiries relating to the said information including with the firms/company’s clients and bankers as it may deem necessary without prior notice to the firm/company.


Form completed by:

Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Tel No: __________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________________________________________

Position: ________________________________________________________________________


Stamp: __________________________________________________________________________


Thank you for completing this questionnaire.

The information it contains will be held in confidence by GREDO and used fordetermining your suitability for meeting our general requirements for the provision of the Services, Works and Good.

Interested parties must submit their applications at GREDO Office with a sealed envelope or this Email Address: procurement@gredosom.org

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