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Re-Advert: Terms of References for Business Development &Technical Support Service Provision for Oxfam Funding SMEs – Hargeisa, Somaliland

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Job Description

Terms of References for

Business Development &Technical Support Service Provision

for Oxfam Funding SMEs.

PROJECT TITLE: Green Superstar SME Project
TIME FRAME: Dec 01th to Dec 31th
DEADLINE November 27st, 2021
LOCATION Hargeisa, Somaliland

  1. Introduction:

Oxfam has been working in Somalia and Somaliland for over 40 years, predominantly with local and national partners, but also with some direct implementation. Historically and currently, Oxfam has delivered both humanitarian and development programmes with significant focus on advocacy and local/national civil society development. Thematic areas of programming include gender, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), technology development, food security, fisheries management, civic engagement, political participation and improving economic opportunities, particularly for women and youth. Therefore, Oxfam is looking for a business development service (BDS) provider firm to provide short-term business development support and technical assistance services to three SMEs supported by Oxfam under Superstar Impact SME Project.

  1. About Superstar Impact SME Project!

Oxfam Somalia is implementing the impact SME program with the emphasis on supporting and promoting SMEs with green business ideas and a vision of increasing environmental impact and building circular business models to contribute to a greener economy. Superstar Impact SME project aims to impact funding and technical support opportunities for environmental and social impact SMEs through entrepreneurship, competition, funding and demand aligned technical support to scale SMEs, create employment, and deepen their social and environmental impact.

  1. Purpose of the assignment.

The purpose of this assignment is to support three Superstar project grant recipients by providing business development support services and technical assistance to execute and scale their businesses to realize their ambitions of increasing environmental impact and adopting innovative green solutions to make their businesses more environmentally friendly. Technical assistance services consist of general and specific technical advisory support. Depending on the particular needs of each SME, technical assistance services will be demand-aligned. The BDS support service entails all the necessary knowledge, support and skills required by target SMEs to be successful. These include but are not limited to:

  • Provide sustainable training coaching and mentoring of business development service providers and equip them with updated, relevant and dynamic tools.
  • Provide tailormade technical support and hands-on training services
  • Support SMEs to access new markets and chance to reach more consumers, thus increasing sales.
  • Strategic support in setup systems like finance, accounting, human capital marketing strategies, and stock management and tracking.
  • Set at least one-year sales forecasts, set targets, possible risks, and mitigation strategies.
  • Support SMEs by offering full technical support to set up and operationalize equipment such as solar panels, plastic extrude machines, and other manufacturing machinery.
  • To maximize SME’s full potential, provide need access to a wide range of skills and knowledge that will allow them to navigate challenges, diversify their products/services, overcome obstacles and seize new opportunities to spread out risks in – post covid economy. 
  • Support SMEs to gain a competitive edge over the competition and access to new technologies and supply chains, which may significantly improve operations.
  • Build SMEs skills and knowledge, helping build capacity of their staff and learn about innovation and decent generate employment.
  1. Methodologies
  • Tailormade hands-on training
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • One-to-one technical support
  • Coaching and technical support
  1. Deliverables

Results that are expected to deliver by the consultancy firm are as follows;

  • Fully functioning SMEs equipment such as solar panels, plastic Extrude machines, and other manufacturing machinery.
  • Fully set up operational systems like finance, accounting, human capital marketing strategies, and stock management and tracking.
  • Copy of one-year sales forecasts, set targets, possible risks and mitigation strategies for each SME.
  • Improved skills in business development, management, use of tools and HR management.
  • A comprehensive report outlining the details of business developments and technical support provided system, impact, successes and recommendations of further improvements/follow-ups.
  • High-quality photos.
  1. Duration of the consultancy
  • The assignment duration will be limited to 30 working days (10 each SME). The expected start date is end of -December 2021.
  1. Firm’s experience
  • At least 6 years of experience as a business development service provider;
  • Track record of BDS service provision to SMEs/Industries, preferably farms, plastic production, food processing etc.
  • Demonstrated capacity in SMEs sectors are preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in BDS support to SMEs/industries is preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience related to SMEs, the private sector, and entrepreneurship development in the country.
  • Capacity/experience serving all the demanded support, both soft and technical needs.
  1. How to apply

Interested firms matching the conditions and requirements set for this consultancy should submit the following;

  1. A technical proposal detailing- understanding of the ToR, methodology and CVs of the team both soft and technical teams.
  2. A financial proposal with detailed budget taking considering the details in the ToR for Proposal and timelines therein.
  3. At least two reports of similar assignments in the last one year.
  4. Financial Proposal including detailed budget break down, daily rates and 6% tax (in USD) for Somaliland Government tax for local consultant and 12% for the international consultant.

If you are interested in the assignment, please send an email with the above documents to SOM-Consultancies@oxfam.org  and indicate in Business Development &Technical Support Service Provision the subject line of the e-mail, to reach us no later than 27th of November 2021.



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