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Re-advertisement: Terms of reference for the documentation of COVID 19 best approaches, successes and lessons learnt under the Waxbarashadu Waa Iftiin III- Education is Light III Project – Puntland, Somalia

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Job Description

Re-advertisement: Terms of reference for the documentation of COVID 19 best approaches, successes and lessons learnt under the Waxbarashadu Waa Iftiin III- Education is Light III Project

  • About CARE International

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. Its programs go beyond meeting basic needs at the onset of an emergency to helping affected communities recover and rebuild their lives long after the crisis ends. CARE has been assisting communities in Somalia since 1981. CARE works in partnership with the government, international NGOs, civil society, leaders and local authorities in order to bring effective and lasting change to the most vulnerable communities. CARE currently works through three main programs: firstly, the Rural Women program which supports poor, rural women and girls in addressing long term underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability as well as social, cultural, political and economic obstacles towards positive change. We help women and girls improve their economic status, access education and support them to play a greater role in local leadership and conflict resolution. Secondly, the Urban Youth program focuses on job creation and livelihood opportunities for poor youth through interventions such as secondary education, vocational training, small business development and microfinance. Thirdly, the Emergency program provides direct humanitarian relief to victims of drought and conflict in Puntland, Mogadishu, Lower Juba and Galmudug state. CARE Somalia has three programmes namely Rural Women, Urban Youth and emergency. This project falls under Urban Youth.

  • About Waxbarashadu Waa Iftiin phase III

Puntland: The Puntland State of Somalia is in the midst of momentous political, social and economic transformation since its leaders declared the territory an autonomous region in 1998. The region has managed to maintain relative peace and security in recent years, which has enabled it to establish political and administrative institutions, basic social services, an active civil society, and a growing private enterprise community. Besides, much progress has been made in the education sector in the last few years. Despite these improvements, however, educational provision, participation and completion in Puntland are among the lowest in the world. The Gross Enrolment Rate[1] (GER) for primary for the year 2019/2020 reflects 71.3 % (Girls: 66%; Boys: 76.6%) %) whilst the secondary sub sector reflects 20.5 %( Females: 16.2%: Male: 24.5%)

The major challenges experienced in the education sector in Puntland are related to weak institutional and technical capacity, low participation of children from marginalized groups such as those from pastoralist communities, concerns on the quality of education and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provision, which does not address the needs of the target groups.

Waxbarashadu Waa Iftiin phase III: With funding from European Union (EU), a consortium comprising of CARE (lead agency) and Save the Children are implementing a three year which began on 24 November 2018 and will end on 23 November 2021. The project entitled Waxbarashadu Waa IftiinIII (Education is Light III) project aims to address educational challenges in close coordination, support and guidance of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoE&HE). The Overall objective (Impact) of the project is: Improve the educational attainment and the employability of relevant target groups, contributing to poverty reduction within an increasingly peaceful, secure and democratic Somalia’ whilst the specific objective (Outcome) is ‘Consolidated and expanded, equitable and inclusive quality education, and vocational training opportunities for Somali children, youth and adults. The project is being implemented in all the 9 regions of Puntland namely Nugaal, Sanag, Hayland, Sool, Ayn, Karkar, Mudug, Bari, and Gardafu and targets children, youth and adults including vulnerable groups and public systems/institutions for effective education service delivery. The project focuses on primary education, special needs, Emergency education, Alternative Basic Education (ABE), Non-Formal Education (NFE), secondary education, TVET and capacity building of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOE&HE). The project aims to achieve the overall and specific objectives through the following two results namely: 

  • Result 1: Increased access to quality education and training for all children, youth and adults including vulnerable groups
  • Result 2: Strengthened public systems for effective education service delivery

The project activities are as follows;

The activities broadly include the construction of new schools, construction of additional classrooms in existing schools, rehabilitation of classrooms; construction of toilets/WASH facilities for schools, provision of teaching/learning materials, community Education Committee (CEC) training, scholarships for children in need; teacher training (pre-service), capacity building of MOE&HE, COVID-19 prevention and response activities; TVET training; curriculum development for Non-Formal Education (NFE) and Joint Review of the Education Sector(JRES).

Specifically, as part of the support to schools, the project supported implemented COVID 19 related activities aimed at reducing the COVID 19 spread in the schools in Mudug, Nugaal, Sool, Cayn, Sanaag, Haylan, Bari, Karkaar and Gardafuu regions. These were;

  • Training of head teachers, teachers, CECs on COVID-19 spread, symptoms and prevention approaches.
  • Translation and distribution of IEC/ WHO guidelines on COVID 19 prevention measures and transmission pathways
  • Conduct Community awareness and ‘Go back to school campaigns’ in target communities.
  • Installation of handwashing basin stands and Soaps/detergents to schools/community settings.
  • Fumigation of school facilities (classrooms, furniture and TLM materials before school re-opening)
  • Water tracking to schools in rural areas and IDP settlements
  • Consultant/Consultancy (firm) to application for recorded lessons students will have access to pre-recorded lessons on either local FM /TV/Radio stations or TV or google. This was conducted by UNICEF
  • Support Puntland public schools on distance learning program using pre-recording audio/visual prescribed subjects/lessons; and
  • COVID- 19 Relief/safety nets for teachers

The project stakeholders involved in the implementation of the project including the COVID 19 related activities are divided into three namely the holders of obligations, holders of responsibilities and rights holders. The holders of obligations consist of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Regional Education Officers, CARE and Save the Children while the holders of responsibilities comprise the teachers, District Education Officers (DEOs) and the schools in the intervention area. The last category comprises the project beneficiaries such as parents, students and communities.

Purpose of the assignment:

As contained in the section above, The project successfully implemented a set of COVID 19 related activities, which aimed to reduce the spread of the COVID 19 in the schools in Mudug, Nugaal, Sool, Cayn, Sanaag, Haylan, Bari, Karkaar and Gardafuu regions. The main change actors such as the teachers, CECs, communities, school-going children and out of school children benefited from these activities. This assignment aims to document the best approaches, significant successes and lessons learnt under the COVID 19 interventions implemented by Waxbarashadu Waa Iftiin III- Education is Light III Project. Further, the assignment will highlight the effects of the pandemic on education outcomes, especially access and quality of teaching. The documentation of lessons learned, best practices and success stories, including videography and photography would enhance institutional learning leading to the improved impact of the interventions. It will also explore opportunities for investment that can inform future programming for impact at scale.


The assignment will focus on the COVID 19 related activities aimed at reducing the COVID 19 spread in the schools in Mudug, Nugaal, Sool, Cayn, Sanaag, Haylan, Bari, Karkaar and Gardafuu regions. The assignment will adopt a qualitative approach involving desk reviews, field-level in-depth interviews, focus group discussion and observation to document the best approaches, successes, and best practices. Further, produce short video documentaries on the same and make these available as part of the learning process. Film footage will be of high-quality documentaries running for 5-10 minutes. The documentary will be disseminated to various stakeholders including the project donor. The consultant shall include 50 action-orientated photographs to complement the documentary. Thereafter, the successes, lessons learnt, and best practices in briefs and high-quality documentaries will be disseminated through learning or social media platforms to inform and establish a common foundational understanding of COVID 19 programming that promotes collaborative learning, and collective impact.

  • Specific objectives of the assignment
  1. To document the project successes, lessons learned and best practices related to the COVID 19 activities
  2. To capture key footage and interviews on thematic topics relating to COVID 19 and showcasing the success stories through short documentary films. Produce short documentaries of 5- 10 minutes in Somali with English subtitles, showing the success of education activities implemented by WWI.
  3. To capture 50 action-orientated photographs to complement the documentary. Take pictures of the project’s interventions and their impacts on the people involved in the education project
  4. To disseminate the learning brief and documentaries with the entire program stakeholder, beneficiaries, including donors through learning events or online platforms.
  6. An evidence-based learning brief detailing best approaches, successes, and lessons learned on the selected project activities. The successes will be inform success stories and the consultant will be required to produce atleast 5 success stories.
  7. Produce 10 high-quality documentaries( Short video in HD/DVD) running for 5-10 minutes edited in English and Somalia subtitles
  8. A gallery of high-resolution and compelling photos as part evidence to the selected project -components (Minimum 50 pieces, 5 per component)


Activities Days
Stage 1: Documentation

·       Inception meeting with Consortium partners/MOE&HE

·       Desk review of project documents

·       Submission of the inception report, including tools, and learning event program

Preparatory work and planning

·       Meet to finalize the inception report and tools

·       Finalize the activity schedule and timelines


·       Conduct field visits to project sites

·       interviews with communities

·       Site observation/ photography sessions

Data analysis and reporting

·       Analyze and consolidate all the information collected from the beneficiaries.

·       Video editing

·       Draft and deliver draft reports

Hold a meeting to review the draft documents

Incorporate recommendations arising from the meeting

Submit the final report, video documentaries and photos 3
Total 20


The consultancy will be will entail a maximum of 20 days to complete. CARE will cover all travel, accommodation and meal expenses.

  • A degree or Master degree in a relevant field i.e in Communication with over 5 years experience
  • Excellent photography/videography skills, photo, and video editing skills
  • Experience working with INGOs/LNGOs
  • Proven ability to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Willingness to travel to remote areas in Somalia/Somaliland
  • The consultant is expected to submit a technical proposal related to the assignment with a financial quotation/costs related to the production of the documentary, photography and success stories as per the TOR
  • The consult should present evidence on related reports or documentary films, which s/he/firm produced for other INGOs/UN/Or government.

All applications should be sent to SOM.Consultant@care.org by 21-Sept-21 in one email, with separate attachments for technical and financial proposals indicating subject line: “COVID 19 best approaches, successes and lessons learnt”

[1]Puntland MOEHE EMIS Year Book 2019-2020 final



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