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Request for Proposal for Implementation of Media Campaign and Outreach – MoCA – Mogadishu

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Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya ةيلاردفلا لاموصلا ةيروهمج
Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dastuurka
ةي روتسدلا نوؤشلا ةرازو

Federal Republic of Somalia

Ministry of Constitutional Affairs

Date: 15 March 2020

Request for Proposal for Implementation of Media Campaign and Outreach


Background                          Ministry of Constitutional affairs (MoCA) in collaboration with its partners such as relevant federal institutions, federal member states, and civil society organizations is leading the civic education and public outreach exercise aimed at publicizing, informing and educating the public on Constitution Review Process through an extensive civic education and public outreach campaign during the period of April 2020 to June 2020.

Civic education inform and engage citizens in conversations about the on-going process of the constitutional review process and collect their views. The whole purpose of involving all stakeholders and the public is to capture and incorporate their views and encouraging broader acceptance and validation of the constitution. In order to reach the desired goal of the civic education and public outreach much will depend on public engagement and dialogue. A comprehensive, mass media & civic education campaign is therefore essential to successfully create public engagement.

Therefore, MoCA is seeking proposals from film-making companies with enough experience in film making especially in documentary to support civic education and public outreach on the constitutional review process.

The Ministry of Constitutional Affairs (MoCA) calls Request for Proposals from national, regional and district audiovisual, print media, radio, television, telecommunication, and advertising companies, who have capacity to implement specific components of Mass Media Outreach Services as detailed in the scope work. These companies are not only those who can clearly demonstrate the current requirement, but also presence and experience across all locations in Somalia, and the wider East African and Horn of Africa Region on similar projects.

Objective                                MOCA is seeking qualified public relations and marketing firm/team to frame, develop and execute a successful outreach and sustainable implementation plan for constitution review process. MOCA is seeking these services for a period of Two months and half.

Scope of Services                 At minimum, the selected vendor will perform the following tasks. Bidders are encouraged to provide detail on how each task is to be accomplished, to recommend which tasks require greater emphasis, and to suggest additional tasks that may be necessary or beneficial, but have not been identified in this RFP.

The media campaign and outreach services will seek to promote transparency, involvement, inclusivity and accountability by ensuring that key information about Somalia’s Constitutional Review Process is made available to citizens through traditional media outlets and media products, namely: public service announcements

(PSAs), radio and television documentaries and drama; social media, print media and web advertisements.

  1. Project Kick Off and Information Gathering
  2. Meet with the project team to develop a comprehensive understanding of the project scope and schedule.
  3. Gather existing information from MOCA as well as surveys and other research conducted.
  4. Identify relevant audience(s) for the scope of services. (I.e. for the following plan, identify who the audience will be).
  1. Strategic and Audience Development
  2. Conduct and facilitate a meeting with the project team to validate the vision, mission and outcomes for the overall holistic outreach program. The workshop shall include a professional third party facilitator and expertise in program development and evaluation.
  • Strategic incorporation of customers and residents are highly suggested
  1. Identify potential focus group members for confirmation of potential messages.
  • Draft Public Outreach and Communication Plan:
  1. Develop a comprehensive two months and half public outreach and communication plan that will involve the coordination among the project team and stakeholders. The plan will include, but is not limited to, the following:
  2. Community messaging program including regularly scheduled activities and creative ideas for ongoing communication
  • Digital and social media campaign, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and web-based communication
  1. Traditional media campaign including print ads, posters, signs and brochures.
  2. For each item in the public outreach and communication plan, the Consultant will complete a detailed implementation strategy that will


  1. Responsible parties
  2. Timelines
  • Communication techniques
  1. Estimated budget allocations (including total staff hours).
  2. Measurable targets and goals based on governmental marketing best and next practices.
  3. Assets and gaps of existing personnel to accomplish plan tasks
  • Targeted test groups for messaging
  1. Program messaging/talking points
  2. Signs

RFP_Implementation of Media Campaign and Outreach Services

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