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Job Description



The MoH and PSI are implementing the Demand Creation for Health Services component of DFID’s Somali Health and Nutrition Programme (SHINE) programme dubbed SAHAN (Somali Advocates for Health and Nutrition). SAHAN is the first ever, large-scale dedicated demand creation programme being implemented in the Somali context. Under this programme, the MoH and PSI aim to increase access to and utilization of reproductive, nutrition, child, and maternal health services and to promote healthy behavior change.

SAHAN is using an adaptive, evidence-based, participatory design to better understand the persistent barriers to uptake of health services and health-seeking behavior and develop and test innovations in demand creation that target the external factors which influence individual behavior to improve the health of Somali women and children. SAHAN’s strong learning agenda is to influence the global community of practice (CoP)’s development of reproductive, maternal and child health and social and behavior change programmes and policies in contexts like Somalia and Somaliland. SAHAN also wants to influence the use of innovative methods like human-centered design (HCD) and social network analysis (SNA) for promoting behavior change in addition to adaptive learning and management in the Somali context.

The program approach involves several rounds of immersive research, which is followed by ideation, design and co-creations activities to produce prototypes. The prototypes designed are then tested and iterated until the user finds them suitable. They are tested for scalability, desirability and feasibility, the results of which determines if and how they will be piloted. The piloting activities are carried out at a modest population scale, just large enough to provide evidence that will inform country wide scalability and provide the international community of practice with key learnings and best practices. The end products from SAHAN will be used by multiple stakeholders working within the Somali context and beyond

Description of Tasks

The status of acute malnutrition in Somalia is a serious public health concern, as the underlying causes remain persistent with children under years and pregnant and lactating women being the most affected. To gain a deeper understanding into the nutritional challenges to address, SAHAN engaged different nutrition partners working in Somalia and Somaliland through different fora with an aim of understanding the nutrition situation in the country, the success rates of the current interventions and what would be the key area of focus for the demand creation project. These engagements recommended the need for innovative nutrition education and awareness targeting women of reproductive age, children under 5 and their influencers and a concerted focus on addressing poor childcare, infant and young feeding practices.

This will center around consultations under the guidance of the MoH Nutrition Departments, including relevant partners, NGOs, and UN agencies working in Somalia and Somaliland. Pursuant to this, PSI seeks to engage a consultant to analyze and study the communication-based interventions that are currently addressing Knowledge, attitudes and practice gaps around Infant and young feeding practices among MOH and other partners implementing nutrition interventions in Somalia in alignment with cultural beliefs and the livelihoods of the Somali population


The selected consultant will be able to:

  • Conduct a desk review of current IYCF guidelines, tools and approaches for Somalia and Somaliland to get an in depth understanding of approaches and tools currently in use.
  • Review current Infant and Young Child Feeding practices (IYCF) approaches by different SHINE and BRCiS partners.

What will you do?

The consultant will perform the following:

  • will develop the tools/ questionnaires that will provided a standard guide in engagement with the Partners focusing on the communication aspects of the IYCF approaches Review the tools, modes of delivery available to address IYCF and test their utility with partner effectiveness of their interventions with a view to;
  • Identify the strong points of the tools in addressing the key elements it sought to address
  • Identify areas of improvements of IYCF tools and modes of delivery in view of improving the overall interventions
  • Make recommendations on the changes to the interventions from a Nutrition and BCC perspective
  • Present these findings to the partners for sense checking and improvement.
  • Present final recommendations and implementation ramifications on current interventions with stakeholders.
  • The consultant is expected to come up with a work plan and consultancy approach together with the budget.

The Consultant will be responsible for:

  • Developing the methodology and tools for the review
  • Planning the review process
  • Collecting and analyzing the information from partners
  • Drawing out the key lessons learned
  • Lead and coordinate writing of the Evaluation Report


It is estimated that this task will take around 40 days to complete the assignment: below is tentative schedule and level of effort:

Description Dates No. of Days
Developing of agreed approach, design and work plan 25th – 28th Nov 2 days
Conducting comprehensive literature and desk



30th – 6th NOV

8 days
Develop assessment tools- questionaries’ and KIIs  7th -11th Nov 4 days
Conduct and coordinate interviews with stakeholders  12th Nov- 22nd Nov 10 days
Analyze and Present finding and recommendation to the stakeholders for concurrence. 23rd Nov – 26th Nov 4 days
Incorporate feedback from stake holders and make prepare final changes 27th Nov – 1nd Dec 5 days
Prepare draft consultancy report covering objectives and outputs 2nd Dec – 5th Dec 4 days
Comments on draft report by PSI within 5 days of receiving the first draft By the 10th of Dec  
Final report within 1 week of receiving comments 11th -14th of Dec 3 days
    Total of 40 working days


The reviewer /consultant will deliver:

  • A narrative report of not more than 20 pages, excluding annexes, and written in English. It should contain an executive summary of a maximum 2 pages. A proposal for the report format is provided below:
  • Title page
  • Acronym list
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction/context
  • Objectives, Methods, Constraints
  • Findings (literature review and KII analysis)
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Annexes (may include detailed methodology, list of people consulted)
  • A PowerPoint presentation that will be used to brief stockholder including: Donors, partners and Health authorities.

The Consultant is expected to have previous experience in Somalia and Somaliland Nutrition Sector (specifically: Policy formulation and design), knowledge of Somalia health systems, development, operationalization and review of National policies.

Strong reporting writing skills, ability to facilitate high level consultation workshops and meetings.

Required Qualifications/Skills, Competencies & Experience:

  • An advanced university degree in one of the following fields: Nutrition, Public Health, or other related field, with at least 7 years’ experience in designing and implementing infant and young child feeding programs
  • Knowledge and familiarity of IYCF/ MIYCN in Horn of Africa specially Somalia/Somaliland and in BCC for Health and Nutrition
  • Previous experience working on Nutrition sector in the Somali context or other Similar context will be considered an advantage
  • Developing country work experience and/or familiarity with Somalia context is considered an asset
  • Fluency in English is required
  • Excellent report writing skills with experience of working on dissemination of best practices/innovation and communications work
  • Experience of conducting both qualitative participatory and quantitative reviews
  • Experience and practical knowledge of working on nutrition programs in a conflict setting
  • Experience of program/project planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation in the region

Applications should include:

  • One supporting document of max 3 pages outlining core competencies in line with the
  • assignment, the proposed methodology of work including timeframe and location and the financial expectations,
  • Evidence of experience in undertaking similar assignments of similar works done
  • Three (3) references of previous assignments
  • Financial proposal

Contact Us if You Have What It Takes:

If you think you are a great fit, we would love to hear from you. Please send the below documents to somprocurement@psi.org by November 22, 2019 with the IYCF Consultancy on your E-mail message’s subject line

  • Updated CV with cover letter: detailing your qualification, relevant work experience (Name of the client, project name, & dates), projects implemented, skills you possess and competencies.
  • Your rate history (Rate per day)- how much would you charge per day to deliver the above-mentioned scope.  You are also required to submit the following supporting documents including contract/PO, invoice/receipt confirming the rates charged in the previous assignments.
  • Attach at least three recommendation letters from respective clients- Gov’t, NGO and UN
  • Please confirm that you will be available for this engagement no later than 25th November 2019

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