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Request for Quotations (RFQ) for Medical Test Items – Dhusamareeb,  Galmudug, Somalia

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Job Description


 Galmudug State

Ministry of Internal Security

Request for Quotations (RFQ) for Medical Test Items

RFQ No. Dhusmareb/GM/ Medical items/2021
Date issued September 5, 2021
Considerations Supply and delivery of Assorted Medical items
Issuing Office & Address for Submission of Quotes Ministry of Internal Security of Galmudug state

INJI Compound, Hodon, Dhusamareb District

Attention: Ministry main office in Dhusamareb

Closing Date for Receipt of Quotations September 20, 2021 not later than close of the business
Basis for Award Lowest Price Technically Acceptable


Galmudug State is now heading to recruit state-owned new Police officers for the State. Thus far, the screening process requires significant medical tests for the applicants before they qualify for the training.

In connection with this, we are now inviting the qualified vendors/hospitals in Galmudug state to submit their quotations for Supply and delivery of assorted medical test items (see the attached form to fill in)

Hospitals are requested to carefully read and fully understand the terms and conditions of this RFQ and fill in the attached form with their quoted prices, assembling, transport and packaging costs included.


  1. Hospital’s letterhead with a duly authorized signature and stamp should be used at all times for convenience.
  2. It is highly advisable to the designated officers to carefully read and ensure a correct numerical calculation in the scheduled submitted documents. The prices per unit and total price shall be entered on the attached price schedule form.
  3. Include in all the transport, packaging and assembling costs in the quoted prices.
  4. Quotations shall be submitted by hand in a sealed envelope with the subject matter quoted on it. The subject line clearly be labeled with “Supply and Delivery of Medical Test Items”


  1. Vendors/hospitals must deliver within 2 weeks’ time from the awarding of the Purchase Order
  2. After the delivery, the awarded hospital is required to keep the consignment in a suitable cold store in their hospital up to and until the medicine is used up so that the consignment should remind useful.


  1. Quotations will be evaluated based on lowest price technically accepted.
  1. Issuance of this RFQ in no way obligates the Ministry of internal Security to award a purchase order and bidders will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of this Quote.

Appendix:  Please see the items on the table below to fill in and submit it. Please, use this form in filling the prices. Make sure that the items list and the format of the table should remain the same. You only need to use your letter head logo, sign and stamp it.


  Cost Description Qty Unit type-
Unit price


Total Cost

in USD

1 Rapid Anti-HCV Test 1250 Pcs $ $
2 One step HBsAg Test 1250 Pcs $ $
3 1 step Anti-HIV (1&2) Tr-line 1250 Pcs $ $
4 Rapid Anti-Syphils Test 1250 Pcs $ $
5 Micro Slides 40 Box $ $
6 Blood Grouping 40 Dozen $ $
7 Blood collection EDTA Tube 1250 Pcs $ $
8 Micro Pipettes 10-100ul 4 Pcs $ $
9 Yellow Tips 25 Box $ $
10 Gloves Medium /Large/small 50 Box $ $
12 Syrimge 10CC 700 Pcs $ $
13 Syrimge 5CC 700 Pcs $ $
14 Syringes 3CC 1200 Pcs $ $
15 Applicator Stick 4 Pcs $ $
16 Cotton 1kg 4 Pcs $ $
17 Rack Tube 7 Pcs $ $
18 Weight Scale 2 Pcs $ $
19 Glucose machine URIT-26 1 Pcs $ $
20 Glucose Strip URIT-26 1250 Pcs $ $
21 HB-URIT Machine 2 Pcs $ $
22 HB-URIT Strips 1250 Pcs $ $
23 Ringer Lactate 500ml 10 Carton $ $
24 Normal Saline 500ml 10 Carton $ $
25 Dexttrose5%500ml 10 Carton $ $
26 Flaggy infusion 500mg 5 Carton $ $
27 Paracetamol 500mg 10 Box $ $
28 Omeprazole 40mg 10 Box $ $
29 Centrifuge Machine 2 Pcs $ $
30 Ibroprofen 400mg 50 Box $ $
31 sphygmomanometer 10 Pcs $ $
32 10 Stethoscopes 10 Pcs $ $
33 Tourniquet 5 Pcs $ $
34 Pregnancy kits 300 Pcs $ $


  1. Some medical items require special care such as controlling their temperature and humidity, some products are fragile, so they need special care
  2. After the delivery, hospitals are required to keep the consignment in a suitable cold store in their hospitals up to and until the medicine is used up so that the consignment should remind useful for the end users.



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