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Job Description

The African Academy for Professionals (AAP) is glad to present a new training on Supply Chain & Logistics for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs),  businesses, public institutions and individuals interested in this field.

Course Overview for Participants

The SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS COURSE (PARCEL TRAINING) offers a significant opportunity for:

  • You would learn what is Supply Chain & Logistics is about with current jobs demand in private, public and humanitarian sectors.
  • Personal development in humanitarian logistics and working one of the reputable organizations
  • Helping your organisation (if working already) work towards minimum standard in humanitarian logistics for compliance in different donors (PARCEL).
  • Development of relationships and support networks with other INGOs and local partners

Over time, the profession of supply chain management has evolved to meet the changing needs of the global supply chain. Supply chain and Logistics is an integral part of project planning, and therefore management of this functional area should be considered in terms of the whole project. Supply and Logistics activities should be managed in conjunction with programme activities and the different phases.

In other words, you can consider logistics activities as the operational component of supply chain management, including quantification, procurement, inventory management, transportation and fleet management, and data collection and reporting. Supply chain management includes the logistics activities plus the coordination and collaboration of staff, levels, and functions.

Please find below all the details you need to know before we start the course

Curriculum structure

The programme has three key stages:

  • Stage 1: Online and distance learning activities, including e-learning modules, questionnaires and offline activities (total of 8 hours before [15th August 2020])
  • Stage 2: Five-day face-to-face  training workshop [15th to 19th August 2020 and Maansoor Hotel]
  • Stage 3: 12 weeks ongoing sustainment activities, including attending teleconferences, meetings with a buddy group and other ongoing activities (no more than 12 hours over 12 weeks)


There would be assessment to be done on an ongoing basis during the course duration. You will be given opportunities to practice your logistics skills throughout the face-to-face workshops, and through ongoing support activities. Your knowledge will be assessed by an online assessment at the end of the curriculum.

Learning Outcomes of the Training

  • Discover the new minimum required logistics standards for both  NGOs & INGO and how your organisation can achieve them.
  • Practice putting the logistics standards into action in scenarios and simulations in the training room.
  • Have the opportunity to build learning networks with other participant working in your region and beyond
  • Be prepared to share your learning with others in your organisation
  • Be familiar with current Supply Chain work in place.

Content Covered

Over the three key stages, you will cover the following content:

Stage 1: Online

  • What the SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS project is all about including the bellow sections
  1. Procurement & Contract Management
  2. Warehousing
  3. Fleet Management
  4. Asset Management
  5. Distributions
  6. Cross cutting areas (including Archiving, Communications, Health & Safety etc)

SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS standards are based on the PARCEL which major Donors accept as minimum requirements in Logistics.  

Stage 2: Face-to-face

  • Logistics standards in detail (procurement, warehousing, fleet management, distribution and asset management) Full PARCEL Training
  • Putting the logistics standards into action through group-work and scenarios
  • Learn from the experiences of others and from Facilitator.

Stage 3: Ongoing sustainment activities

  • Tips and support on putting the standards into practice in your organisation
  • Working with a buddy
  • Ongoing coaching

What do I need to do now?

Complete the application form to apply for your place on the training.

If your application is successful, you will receive a welcome email with details on:

  • How to access online materials
  • Activities to undertake in preparation for the face-to-face workshops
  • Where and when the face-to-face workshops will take place

We look forward to receiving your application. The deadline for applications is [5rd August 2020].

Further Details

Duration:   5 Days (8:30am – 5:00pm)

Start & End Date: 9th to 13th Agust 2020)

Location Office: Ali Gobannimo Building, 3rd Floor, Togdheer, Hargeisa.


Fee:   $250.00 USD

The fee is $250 (inclusive Lunch, morning and evening breaks, Workbook, Papers & Certificates). For groups of 4 and more, 1 will be free.

Bank Account Details  

Deposit to Bank: Dahabshiil Bank

Account Name: African Academy for Professionals

Account Number: HRGD75468

Contact Details: Ahmed Ibrahim – Head of Trainings

Mobile: +252634242055/+252654242055

Office Line: 523851

Web: https://www.aapsom.com

Training Facilitator

Shuaib Mohamed is a Senior Supply Chain & Logistics professional with extensive experience in Supply Chain  & Logistics and worked different INGOs. He is Highly skilled in Complex logistics in humanitarian contexts, planning procurement, warehousing, delivery management, fleet management, distribution, contract negotiation and process improvement. In addition, He has completed different certified Supply Chain & Logistics professional courses/trainings including but not limited to HELM (Humanitarian Essential Modules), advanced Certificate in CIPS (Charted Institute of Procurement & Supply), TOT PARCEL (Partner Capacity Enhancement in Logistics) and so many others. He has also a great facilitation skills, communication, networking etc.

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