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Tayeeye Multi-Services (TMS) (12 Positions) Somalia/Somaliland & Somali Region Of Ethiopia

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Job Description

Job title: Marketing and Operations Coordinator/Marketing and Operations Officers/Interns (Volunteers), Intern-Admin/Finance Assistant and ITC intern

Locations: Hargeisa, Borama, Gabiley, Berbera, Burao, Mogadishu, Garowe, Bossaso, Baidoa,Kismayo, Jigjiga, Addis-Ababa and Diredawa,

Responsible to: Marketing and Operations Coordinator or Managing director

Starting date: August 2020

Working hours: Full time or part-time to be agreed

Closing date: 21/8/2020


Tayeeye Multi-Services (TMS) is a specialist company that provides specialized printing and publishing and hot foil stamping services to improve the quality of education and knowledge management as well as documentation in the Horn of Africa. We also sell all items and materials used in printing and publishing etc.

Our clients include universities, different branches of the governments, parliaments, business communities and individuals, NGOs and UN-agencies that require these specialized services. In 2019, we worked with many universities in Somaliland such Amoud university, Edna University, New Generation University, Rift Valley University among others. In 2020, we plan to increase our coverage to Somali regions and territories and to different clients and customers. We would like to reach all our potential clients (universities, public institutions, parliaments, other businesses, NGO, UN-agencies etc).

Therefore, we would like to recruit marketing and operations coordinator and officers as well as interns in different areasto start achieve our objectives. These are exciting positions for those would like to develop their careers in business management in general and marketing in particular. If you have more than three (3) years experience in marketing, you will apply for the operations and marketing coordinator’s position but if you have less than 3 years, you can apply for the officers’ positions or interns. For the time being, marketing and operations coordinator (MOC) will be based in Hargeisa whereas the marketing and operations officers/Interns (MOO/MOA) will be based in the other target areas mentioned above. It is possible that a MOO candidate with the relevant experience and skills will be promoted to the MOC position in his or her location/region. Each marketing officerand intern will also be responsible for the company’s activities in the neighbouring regions. The marketing and operations coordinator will coordinate the activities of the marketing officers and interns.

Since the candidates will be recruited from different regions and countries where the company may not have physical offices, the candidates will be offered output-based contracts which will be discussed with the successful candidates. The successful candidates will collect relevant information in the first months before the full operations start in his or her region. The company will also consider if a successful candidate would like to work on a part-time basis especially in the early months of the operation.

The table shows the number of vacancies and the locations

NO. Position Type Location Vacancy
1. Marketing and Operations Coordinator MOC Hargeisa 1 position
2. Marketing and Operations Officer MOO Mogadishu 1 Position
3. Marketing and Operations Officer MOO Bosaso/Garowe 1 Position
4 Marketing and operations officer MOO Jigjiga/Addis-ababa/Dire-dawa 1 Position
5. Intern-Marketing and Operations Assistant (Volunteer) MOA Hargeisa/Gabiley/Borama 1 Position
6. Intern-Marketing and Operations Assistant (Volunteer) MOA Burao/Berbera/Erigavo/Lasanod 1 Position
7. Intern-Marketing and Operations Assistant (volunteer) MOA Mogadishu 1 Position
8. Intern-Marketing and Operations Assistant (volunteer) MOA Garowe/Bosaso 1 Position
9. Intern-Marketing and Operations Assistant (volunteer) MOA Baidoa/Kismayo 1 Position
10. Intern-Marketing and Operations officer (volunteer) MOO Jigjiga/Addis Ababa/Diredawa 1 Position
11. Intern-Administration/finance assistant (volunteer) MOO Hargeisa 1 Position
12. Intern-ITC (volunteer) ITC Hargeisa 1 Position


Planning and budgeting

  • Develop annual plans and budgets for the company’s operations
  • Develop specific annual objectives and targets


  • Conduct market researchesor market assessments to determine if the company’s specialized services and products are required and high demand in your designated area by adapting and filling in pre-designed market assessment/research questionnaires.
  • Collect continuous marketing data from the clients (universities, governments, businesses, INGOs and UN-agencies etc) such as university enrolment, types of degrees offered, departments, graduation dates, decision-makers etc
  • Develop or participate in the development of marketing plansand strategies and ensure the implementation of the plan on quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily bases.
  • Negotiate and win contracts with the above mentioned clients and high value customers
  • Market the products and services of the company as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Conduct market researches or market assessments to identify new potential business opportunities in and outside the current business (services and products) as directed by the line-manager

Customer relations and management

  • Maintain cordial relationship with the existing clients and customers
  • Ensure that we meet satisfactorily or exceed the expectations of our clients and customers.
  • Expand the list of the clients and customers
  • Manage the complaints from the individual and corporate clientsand customers


  • Coordinate the activities of the marketing officers in Somaliland/Somalia/Ethiopia(MOC)
  • Manage the offices, staff and resources of the company efficiently and effectively
  • In coordination with the production manager, ensure that all the documents are edited before printing and correct the words are written.
  • Ensure that the documents are collected from and delivered to the clients as per the agreement.

Team management and supervision

  • Ensure that the every team member achieves his or her daily, weekly and monthly targets (MOC).
  • Ensure the teamwork and the ability to work together as unit to achieve the desired objectives and targets.
  • Ensure that the team members work during the agreed hours and times and ensure flexibility when there are urgent deadlines.
  • Ensure that all projects or contracts are timely completed and documents submitted
  • Ensure a high sense of team spirit and collaboration to ensure that the team members work together to finish the tasks.

Stock managementand procurement

  • Ensure that the company is well-stocked and that all materials for production are available
  • Ensure that the company has sufficient materials to do its business by ordering in advance when the current stock is 50% or less taking into account the delivery time.
  • Ensure that appropriate documentation using stock cards and record when new stock received and when used.

Financial management

  • Record or ensure that the income and expenditures are immediately recorded and filed and all money received is deposited into the company’s account as per the policy
  • Close or ensure that daily and monthly accounts are closed and reported.
  • Ensure that the financial reports are submitted on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Ensure that company uses the latest accounting software and that the concerned staff understands it.

Success indicators

The following are the success indicators of the MOC and MOO candidates depending on the responsibilities and duties in the designated areas.

  • The number of contracts won
  • The number of projects or contracts completed on time or in time.
  • The number of products sold
  • The amount or the sales volume
  • The number of satisfied clients or customers
  • The high level of team spirit, harmony or collaboration among the team members
  • Smooth operation of the business without disruption from shortage of stocks or other preventable business challenges.

Requirements (person specification)

  • You must have a diploma or degree or higher in marketing, business management or relevant degree from recognized university or college.
  • You must have 1-2 years (marketing and operations officers) and at least 3 years experience (Marketing and operations coordinator) in marketing, business management, operations etcin the Somali context.
  • You have at least 2 years experience in managing and supervising teams (MOC).
  • You have at least 1 year experience of working with or providing services to universities and government institutions, parliaments and businesses in your target areas
  • You must have a good network & relationships with the decision-makers of universities, companies or public institutions and NGOs/UN-agencies and corporate businesses in your designated areas.
  • You have the ability to convince the decisions-makers of universities, companies or public institutions in your target area to use our company’s specialized services, offer contracts and buy our products.
  • You have must have the ability and experience in minor editing of the documents before printing.
  • You must be highly organized, experienced and skilled in completing projects timely as per the contracts.
  • You must have excellent spoken and written Somali andgoodEnglish language skills.
  • You must be a good communicator, effectively communicating with all clients and customers.
  • You must be a social person and have the ability to approach or be approached by others.
  • You must have the ability to work in stressful situations and under pressure and ensure that team succeeds under pressure (MOC).
  • You must have good listening, mentoring and coaching skills.
  • You must have planning, organisationaland interpersonal skills.
  • You be must patient, confident, hard-working and the ability to get tasks done.
  • You must be able to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • You must be living in one of the target areas.
  • 2 years experience in accounting is highly preferred
  • 2 years experience in ICT especially editing Microsoft-word documents is highly preferred
  • You must be able to keep the company and marketing information strictly confidential

Duties and responsibilities and requirements of the interns

Intern: Administration/finance assist (AFA): AFA will assist the marketing and operations coordinator in the financial management and administration of the company. These include recording of all transactions, petty cash management, filing documentsand financial reporting as well as ensuring smooth running of the office. AFA must have a degree or diplomat in accounting or business management from a recognized university and at least one year (1) experience in accounting or administration and good English and Somali language skills. It is preferable if the AFA is proficient in accounting softwares e.g QuickBooks or similar one.

Intern: ITC assistant:ITC assistant will support the marketing and operations coordinator in all ITC related issues. S/he will be responsible for editing and formatting the documents before printing and publishing. S/he will also responsible for the management of the marketing data etc. ITC assistant must have a degree or diploma in computers or ITC preferably softwarefrom a recognized university. S/he must be proficient in the Microsoft office programmes and must have one year experience in formatting and editing documents as well as data management if possible.S/he must have good English and Somali language skills.

Intern-Marketing and Operations Assistant (MOA). MOA will assist the Marketing and Operations Officers (MOOs) and the coordinator (MOC) in their day to day activities or in their duties and responsibilities mentioned above. S/he will take the responsible for these duties and if there is no MOO or MOC in his or her region. MOA must have a degree or diploma in marketing or business management from a recognized university and must have one year experience in marketing, business management and data collection. S/he must have good English and Somali language skills.

Upon successful completion of the internship, the interns are expected to join the company and become its staff.  However, if that is impossible, then the company will also provide recommendations and assist them to get jobs elsewhere.

How to apply

If you think you meet the job specification, please send your CVs/Resume and motivation letter (specifying your achievements and why you think you are the right person for these positions and internship to tayeeye@gmail.comand copy to tayeeye2019@yahoo.comnot later than 21st August, 2020. Please put the name of the position or internship followed by the location of your interest in the subject line of your email. For example, marketing and operation coordinator-Hargeisa, or operations marketing –Mogadishu or intern-marketing and operations assistant-Garowe. Write only one location preferably where you live if it is one of the target locations. Because of the urgency of these positions, we will review the applications regularly as we receive application and candidates will be selected before the deadline. Unfortunately, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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