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Tender Notice For Supply And Transportation Of Wash NFIS For 300 Households In In Barwaaqo, Alla-aamin And Gurya-samo Idps In Buroa, Togdheer Region Of Somaliland.

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  • Post date:24 Nov 2021
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Job Description

Advert Notice for supply and transportation of WASH NFIs for 300 households in in Barwaaqo, Alla-Aamin and Gurya-samo IDPs in Buroa, Togdheer region of Somaliland.

Project: Addressing Protection Needs of Displaced Girls Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic in IDPs

Partner: Plan International

Donor: DEC

Sector: WASH

Deadline for bid submission: 30 November, 2021

  1. Organization Background

Taakulo Somaliland Community Commonly known by the acronym “TAAKULO”. Taakulo is a multifaceted non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political and non-partisan development and humanitarian aid organization established in 2007 and headquartered in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Taakulo is a Somali word meaning “helping/aiding”. Working in partnership with UN, international, and National organizations, Taakulo is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged people and communities throughout Somaliland by engaging in development and related activities and providing relief support and assistance, facilitating, and promoting participatory local community activities and programs that emphasize human dignity and self-reliance.

Taakulo Organization was established to assist the Somali community, to whom time has tested their resilience to the tipping point, drought and famine scavenging their livelihood, war and conflict avenging their economy on the other hand. The projects are basically based on the needs of the communities in which they are implemented where the beneficiaries always take part in the planning process. Taakulo engages on a long-term commitment, partnership approach with the beneficiaries in implementing the Projects. The objective is to set up a regional program concentrating on a particular sector, such as Health, education, water and sanitation, Income Generation, Orphan sponsorship program, disability and people with special needs, emergency respond or improving food security in the country among others.

  1. Project Background

DEC Coronavirus appeal (funded by DEC) is humanitarian response project mounted in response to COVID-19 pandemic to tackle its direct and indirect effects such as those emerge as result of the measures introduced to confine the pandemic on the lives and the livelihoods of internally displaced households. The project targeted vulnerable households in IDP camps that have already experiencing weak and disturbed livelihoods and tend to resort harmful practices to cope inadequacy of the basic consumptions. Apart from the wake of COVID-19, the project was guided by the current humanitarian and seasonal analysis conducted by the humanitarian actors and in particular post distribution monitoring assessment conducted by Plan International and its partners that have highlighted that food, water and protection as striking priorities in the target IDPs.

The project aims to realize its outcomes through addressing basic needs of the most vulnerable households in the target IDPs through provision of multipurpose cash assistance, enhance access to water through provision of water tanks to avoid negative coping strategies related to water shortages and most prominently enable access to reliable information among the affected households to enable them make informed decisions in the face of the evolving situation.

  1. Objective

Supported the most vulnerable families in IDPs supported to address their basic needs including food, water for drinking and cleaning and hygiene product and provision of water storage in Buroa IDPs in Togdheer region.

  1. Advert note:

Taakulo Somali Community is inviting to a bid for purchase and supply of WASH NFIs as per the below Billing Quantity. The below list of WASH NFIs specifications are the scope of provision of NFIs in Barwaaqo, Alla-Aamin and Gurya-samo IDPs in Buroa, Togdheer region, The deadline of the submission to be 30th of November 2021 to Taakulo office, Baddacas, near Summertime restaurant.

NB: Early submission is highly acknowledged.

  1. Submission procedures: Documents to submit.
  1. Quotation with the company letter head and stamp.
  2. Company profile with stamped pages
  3. Bank statement; for the last 6 months.
  4. A valid company license from ministry of commerce (Any updated license will not be accepted.
  5. Updated tax clearance certificates and documents
  6. Certificate of experience. (Experience in thematic area is highly acknowledged)
  7. Bill of quantity for hand tools.
No Activities Item specifications Unit Qty
1 Jerry can Brand new 20litre Jerry cans pcs 600
2 Soap 250g bathing Soap-Dettol pcs 3,000
3 Soap 200g of laundry soap pcs 3,000
4 Aqua tabs (water purifications tablets) Aquatab-67 mg/l tablets 30,000
5 Sanitary cloths Disposable Sanitary pads pcs 9,000

Interested suppliers can either collect the bidding document from Taakulo office or, download the document through the advert-website before the deadline.

In case preferred hard copy/email problem- please come to our office as per bellow address.

Taakulo Somali Community:

Bada-cas, Ibrahim kood-bur district.

New Summer-time Restaurant, Hargeisa Somaliland

Ph: +252 2 527202 (for directions only)

For  Enquiries  on  this  Tender    please  send  email:     procurement@taakulo.org,   with  CC  to

m.aden@taakulo.org and ilyas@taakulo.org (not for Submission of documents. Hard copy should be submitted otherwise any quoted bid submitted through emails will be automatically disqualified)

Quoted bids must be submitted in HARD COPY latest by 30th November 2021 before 4:00pm – Afternoon at our Hargeisa office. Early submission is highly acknowledged.

Advert Notice for supplying WASH NFIs and transport (1)



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