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Term of References to undertake a baseline study on enhancing the ecological farming system of agro-pastoral and riverine communities in Jalalaqsi district, Hiran region, Somalia

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Job Description

Term of References to undertake a baseline study on enhancing the ecological farming system of agro-pastoral and riverine communities in Jalalaqsi district, Hiran region, Somalia

  1. Background of the organization: SOADO is a local Humanitarian and Development Organization registered at the Ministry of interior and federal affairs, of federal government of Somalia. The overall goal of this organization is to improve the livelihood conditions of the Somali society through promoting sustainable agriculture, conservation of natural resource, capacity building of the rural communities through provision of skill training to women and youth. SOADO operates in food security, nutrition and health sectors. The organization implements agro-ecological farming practices in south-central Somalia.

SOADO in partnership with Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development/ Bread for the World (EWDE), cooperates for the implementation of the Project ‘Enhancing the ecological farming system of agro-pastoral communities in Jalalaqsi district (phase II) aiming at improving food security among the agro pastoral and riverine communities in the Hiran region. The project addresses the underlying issues such as farming practices, diversification of crops and soil fertility amendments. Through the support received from EWDE, SOADO is implementing a multi-years project with the aim to improve food production and enhance household income and alleviated hunger and food insecurity.

The Project benefits about 2500 households (1000 agro-pastoral and 1500 riverine) in Jalalaqsi districts and its satellite villages. The district is characterized by poor farming practices and degraded farmland ecosystems arising from decades of marginalization by previous governments. The project mobilizes and sanitizes the community for the participation of the project activities and to create a greater sense of ownership, responsibility and empowerment. This ToR sets out the responsibility of the consultant to design and carry out the baseline study the above described Project and selected target areas in Jalalaqsi district, Hiran region.

  1. Project information: The project targets area are agro-pastoral and riverine farmers along the Shabelle river and adjacent rainfed farmlands whose primitive farming practices have undermined the production capacity of the farmers and farms. Small-scale farmers in these target areas cannot produce enough food to sustain their families until next harvest. The production systems are characterized by poor agronomic practices, use of low/no quality seed, little or no manure or organic matters, degraded farmland in a degraded ecosystem with unpredictable rainfall patterns due to climate change and variability. The same land has been used by small scale farmers for many years without any soil fertility management. Plowing land during the dry seasons makes the soil prone to wind erosion and letter on by onset of the rain water erosion. Previous governments have neglected agro-pastoral and riverine communities in rural areas and have failed to enhance their capacity to adapt to impacts of climate change and secure food within their ecosystems.

The project intends to address improvement farmland productivity and enhance household economic. The project also seeks to ensure and improve the knowledge of farmers on agro-ecological farming practices and natural resource conservation. The project will conduct series of farmer training on ecological farming practices, developed demonstration fields, organized farmer field visit/days, developed crop diversification programs, developed and promoted integration of animal manure to the crop fields, facilitated distribution of N-fixing technologies, scale up the growing Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP), other fruits and root crops and provide seasonal extension service to the target groups.

  1. Objectives of the baseline study: the aim of this baseline study is to gather and analyses both qualitative and quantitative data in the 40 satellite villages of Jalalaqsi district. This will strengthen the monitoring and tracking of the progress being made by the project and serve as benchmark for the comparison of the changes achieved at the end of the project. Baseline data will provide valuable information on current status of the target communities in term of farming practices and household income level that will address the project and expected to influence change of socio-economic of target households.

The baseline survey will be conducted with the collaboration of local authorities, potential beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders in the target district. It will be collected data that generate knowledge and information in the following areas:

  • Agricultural performance in the target project areas
  • Household demographic including education, income levels (farm and non-farm)
  • Size of cultivated land by household
  • Primary source of food and income
  • Crop production and crop yields
  • Cropping pattern and cropping intensity
  • Use of irrigation system and owner of water pumps
  • Use of farm inputs (fertilizer, seeds and pesticides)
  • Condition of soil fertility in farm
  • Perceived cause of soil infertility
  • Use of nitrogen fixing tree on farm
  • Access to Extension services
  • Cropping of root and fruit crops
  • Use of fodder production and preservation practices
  • Farm size distribution of target households (rainfed or irrigated)
  • Ownership of livestock, type and numbers
  • Perceived climate trend
  • Agro-ecological practices performed by households
  • Forest and wood slot ownership
  • Flooding problems and river breakages in the target villages
  • Access of pastorals to project target areas
  1. Scope of the work: the selected consultant will expected to carry out the baseline study covering following:
  • Working with SOADO management team to identify sample frame and target communities where to be conducted baseline study.
  • Conduct desk review and analysis of secondary data related to project overall objectives, expected outcomes and project achievements.
  • Design structured questionnaires and methodologies to collect data from project target areas in line with the project objectives and agreed sample frame.
  • Identify challenges, risks and opportunities that are likely to impact on the project implementation and propose recommendations to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of the project
  1. Methodology: The consultant shall be responsible for proposing an appropriate methodology that will be deployed for conducting the baseline study. However, this methodology shall be participatory and ensure a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods in order to generate the required data. The consultant must also ensure that the rights of participants are always protected in line with our safe guarding policies, copies of which will be part of the contract of the successful consultant. SOADO shall work closely with the consultant and the consultant shall be required to provide regular feedback to Management team through the project coordinator and project manager to guarantee quality and adherence to TOR in the process of data collection and analysis.
  2. Duration of the assignment and responsibilities: The consultant shall have 14 days from the date of engagement to deliver on and complete the entire task and submit the final draft report.
Time Activities Responsibility
3days Initial briefing and Skype meeting about the assignment

Draft inception report detailing tools, methodology and time frame

Final inception report not later than 2 days after

After signing agreement

SOADO is responsible for sharing all relevant documents and arranging meeting and logistics

The consultant responsible inception report and tools

7days Data analysis

·              Desk review of project development documents

·              Primary data collection and field visits

Drafting report

SOADO is responsible mobilization of beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders

The consultant will administer the questionnaires,   analyses the data and drafting report

2days Presentation of Key findings

·              Feedback on the draft baseline report

The consultant presents the baseline study and SOADO comments the baseline study
2days ·              Final baseline study report submission The consultant submits the final report of the baseline Study.

7. Requirements and experiences of the consultant: the consultancy firm or individual must demonstrate the following requirement in their applicant In order to be considered for the Job.

  • At least a master degree in rural development, agriculture or other related fields
  • Demonstrate at least five years of experience in conducting research related to economic empowerment and socio-economic development
  • Experience in community entry, mobilization and application social research methodology
  • Demonstrate ability to write comprehensive report with in-depth analysis
  • Ability to work in rural communities and challenging environment
  1. Application process: all interested parties should submit a technical proposal demonstrating their understanding of the assignment; a financial proposal outlining the cost elements and Cvs of the core team members to carry out the assignment to SOADO via email: info@soado.org by COB 5PM on the 16th September 2021. Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. 



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