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Terms of Reference Borehole Borehole Drilling Supervisor – Mogadishu

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Job Description

Request for consultancy services (REF:

Terms of Reference

Borehole Borehole Drilling Supervisor 

Reference:                          SCI – drilling supervisor

Area of Interest:                  Borehole drilling

Location:                            Daynille/Mogadishu, Somalia

Position Type:                     Drilling Supervisor

Duration:                           30 DAYS



Duty Station: Mogadishu


There has been an marked increase in internally displaced persons (IDPs) since January 2019. Displacement has been caused by drought and simultaneous conflict and loss of livelihoods, with waves of people moving to Mogdishu out skirts, and those evicted  from inside Mogadishu have increased. Daynille  is a strategic district in norther of Mogadishu. Daynille is a home to an estimated 300 IDP settlements, most of them in and around Daynille District of Banaadir region.

In order to support humanitarian response, Save the Children planned to construct a piped water supply network in Halgan IDP settlement in Daynille. One of the options for the water source is new Borehole. Hydrogeological and geophysical studies have been carried out in the area and three promising drilling sites for boreholes have been identified, with an expected drilling depth of 200 – 220 meters. The current plan is to firstly drill and develop one borehole at one of the selected sites, to confirm the safe yield of these borehole is sufficient and that the water is of acceptable quality (chemical, biological, physical, etc.). It is hoped that high yielding borehole with an average sustainable yield of 10 m3/hour when pumped 12 hours a day will be able to supply the design population of 10,000 IDPs with 15 litres of water per person per day. The good yielding borehole will be equipped with solar powered pumps in hybrid form.

overall objectives

  • To asses and identify the depth of the borehole.
  • To check technical problems of the sight.
  • Propose possible solution.

Scope of Work

The Borehole Drilling Supervisor will support the SCI Mogadishu office working in close collaboration with the WASH team and infrastructure egineer, by supervising the drilling, development and equipment of boreholes in the HALGAN settlement. The Borehole Drilling Supervisor will work to ensure that the borehole development follows all SCI and National Standards as well as international best practice.

Overall Responsibilities

  • Act as the Supervisor on behalf of Save the Children (the Employer) towards the drilling contractor
  • Discuss the work schedule with all parties including the Ministry of enegy and Water resource, agreeing changes and recording them as necessary.
  • Cross-check that the site selected complies with the recommendations of the hydrogeological report
  • Ensure that all safety measures are adhered to.
  • Ensure that the design specifications are adhered to.
  • Decide when to stop the excavation in case hard formation is struck and/or the borehole cannot be drilled deep enough to ensure sufficient water throughout the year, or in case of other reasons.
  • Ensure that all the required data are collected in the approved format
  • Ensure that records are submitted to the appropriate authorities.

The Borehole Drilling Supervisor should be on site at all times during operations for the following key milestones:

  • mobilisation to each site
  • check siting/site selection
  • start and termination of drilling
  • lining of the borehole
  • borehole development
  • pumping test
  • sanitary seal installation
  • demobilization
  • platform construction and pump installation and testing

Supervision and Oversight

  • Monitor and report on the key elements of drilling including: the depth of the borehole as it progresses, the static water or mud level in the borehole, the different depths of water strikes and aquifers, the penetration rates at various strata or change of tools
  • Measure borehole depth, screening and casing locations, screen slot sizes, joint types, plug and gravel pack materials, etc.
  • Collect and test materials as appropriate including gravel packing
  • Collect/log (or oversee the collection and logging of) drilling cuttings
  • Observe borehole develop and site completion including backfilling and grouting, following the terms and conditions specified in the contract.
  • Oversee pump testing following the accepted best practice. Measure the appropriate parameters including recovery time, drawdown, water levels etc.
  • Ensure borehole development carried out according to the drilling specifications (e.g. borehole development until the water is free of solids, fine materials and turbidity for a continuous period of 30 minutes).
  • Ensure the envisaged submersible pump is of the proper specifications befitting the borehole size and capacity and installed at the appropriate depth.

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Collect and log samples for water quality parameters including physical, chemical, and biological parameters.
  • The water quality for all boreholes must be tested in accordance with the Guidelines for Water Quality Monitoring
  • Advising on the results of water quality tests
  • Oversee borehole disinfection as appropriate.


  • Document details of drilling method, drilling plant, drilling fluids and fluid additives
  • File daily reports on drilling progress including a complete description of all formations encountered, number of meters drilled, number of hours spent drilling, shutdown due to breakdown, length and type of casing and screen set, and such other pertinent data as requested by the WASH TS.
  • Complete Borehole Summary Report
  • Register the borehole as required according to national standards (or have it registered).

Expected Outputs

  • Borehole(s) that adhere to specifications with respect to diameter, depth, casing and screen, gravel pack/formation stabiliser, verticality, drilling additive and sanitary seal.
  • Completed reports (e.g. drilling, borehole development, pump tests, water quality tests, etc.) with the appropriate recommendations on how to proceed.
  • Pump installed in the borehole and connected to solar power panels and elevated tank, and pump operating properly.

Essential minimum qualifications, professional experience and skills Education:

University degree in Water / Civil / Environmental Engineering or similar skills and knowledge demonstrably acquired. Advanced training in water, sanitation or public health engineering will be preferable.

Experience: Essential

  • At least 6 years of progressively responsible functions in water/ sanitary engineering or a related field in developing countries.
  • At least 4 years field experience in borehole drilling works at hand either  with UN/INGOS
  • Proven experience with Engineering Project Management and ability to achieve quality results, on time, and within budget.
  • Proven ability to deal with multiple tasks in a courteous and service-oriented manner in demanding working conditions that often have short deadlines.
  • Proven technical expertise in the area of borehole drilling including survey, implementation, technical design, monitoring and coordination.
  • Knowledge and understanding of working procedures in large organisations.

Reporting Line

The borehole drilling supervisor will report to the Acting WASH TS, Infrastructure engineer, WASH PM (Technically)/ and the Head program (Operation wise)

Application requirement;

  1. Experience with UN/ INGOS on borehole drilling that’s relevant- please share signed and stamped contracts
  2. individual CV with relevant education background on Borehole drilling.
  3. Technical and detailed proposal with clear timelines
  4. Budget break down

Share your documents with email; CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org  with the subject line of the email body “Borehole Drilling Supervisor- Deynile. Deadline for submission is 23rd February-020

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