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Terms of Reference – Field Research Consultant for Feminist in Humanitarian Nexus – Somaliland

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Job Description

Terms of Reference – Field Research Consultant for Feminist in Humanitarian Nexus


The Humanitarian – Development – Peace ‘Nexus’ has been an ongoing and long debate, referring to the interlinkages between humanitarian, development and peace actors. This approach is not new – it has been proposed many times as a framework that considers both the immediate and long-term needs of affected populations and is a continuation of long-running efforts in the humanitarian and development fields, such as disaster risk reduction and linking relief rehabilitation and development. Nevertheless, since the concept’s proposal, the international community has been struggling with how to operationalise it.

The current context of the Covid-19 pandemic brings to focus the critical role of local women actors in humanitarian operations at all stages of humanitarian action. It has highlighted the need for rapid, local response, as well as harnessing the global will to “Bounce Back Better” and support communities to be more resilient. This alongside climate and conflict as key drivers of risk, have shown the need of women leaders building the bridge. Yet, the WPS “Women Peace and Security” relief and recovery’ pillar is narrowly focused on short term post-conflict efforts, with women’s distinctive roles being forgotten or not recognised.

ActionAid will undertake research in Haiti, Lebanon, Somaliland and Myanmar to showcase that as the division between humanitarian, peace and development work is increasingly arbitrary, the research report will showcase how ActionAid’s programmatic work is interlinked in a holistic, integrated approach that is informed by different elements such as gender, resilience, climate, livelihoods and women, peace and security as a means to deliver inclusive, participatory and cross-nexus work – specifically through the leadership of women and their organisations.

To do so, it will deep-dive in the lived experiences of our WROs/WLOs “Women’s Rights Organization/ Women Lead Organizations” partners in Haiti, Lebanon, Somaliland, and Myanmar, to argue that:

  1. Local, women led interventions have the potential to bridge the gap between humanitarian, development and conflict interventions and tackle the root causes of shocks and stressors.
  2. The aid sector needs to invest in local women led interventions and shift power, decision making and funds to WRO for higher quality interventions.

Overview of consultancy

This consultancy will involve working with ActionAid staff and WRO partners in country, providing a process for them to lead on and shape research and analysis on women’s leadership role in responding to crisis in their community/region.

They will document the experiences of local and national WROs throughout their support in humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding activities – exploring the synergies, as well as the fact that often this work is done without labels.

The consultant will support in co-designing the research study approach and tools, supporting the interview and data collection findings, and support in the development of a short summary brief of key emerging themes in the context.

This consultancy will be managed by ActionAid International Somaliland, and it is expected that it will be done over the months of January and February.


It is expected that the consultant will:

  • Interview and host group discussions, based on the key questions provided by the ActionAid team, and add on to these questions as needed.
  • Raw data from the research to be conducted and collected as transcripts from both the interviews and group discussions, ensuring women’s voices are heard throughout, with clear focus on the stories, experiences and quotes women will share.
  • A summary of key emerging themes in the context (2–3-page summary).

Expected activities:

  • Support AA International Somaliland and women’s groups to develop questions and speak to the FRGS – checking that the research tools are fit for purpose.
  • Use ActionAid’s feminist research guidelines when conducting interviews, group discussions.
  • Ensure to collect research that is practical, in a way that no women’s safety will be compromised throughout all activities.
  • Develop field data collection tools and lead the field data collection
  • Summary of key emerging themes.
  • Inception report and developing research methodology.
  • Draft the first draft of the research report and present the research findings

Person qualifications

We are looking for a consultant with the following key skills and capacity: 

  1. Demonstrable experience of delivering research on feminist issues and utilising feminist methodologies and approaches
  2. Experience of ensuring quality of data collection
  3. Strong understanding of, and experience working on, issues of women’s rights and gender equality, including in humanitarian contexts
  4. Strong grounding in feminist theory and approaches
  5. Commitment to work alongside ActionAid’s Feminist Research Guidelines.
  6. Experience in qualitative methods and analysis, participatory research, action research
  7. Evidence of use of ethical considerations and methodological measures for conducting research with girls, women, boys, men on sensitive topics
  8. Evidence of successfully designing and managing large-scale, rigorous, and robust research processes and evaluations

 How to Apply

All interested candidates should submit:

  1. A technical proposal

2.Financial Budget

3.CV/s of the researcher/s

All interested candidates are invited to send the above-mentioned documents to admin.somaliland@actionaid.org  not later than 27th Jan 2022 at 4:00 PM. Only short list will be conducted interview. Female candidates with strong feminist leadership background are encouraged to apply.



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