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Terms of Reference for Providing Travel Agency Service – Somalia

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Tubta Nabadda Soomaaliyeed

Somali Peace Line (SPL)  


  1. Background

Somali peace Line (SPL) is non-profit making and non-governmental local organization, established to contribute towards bringing lasting and sustainable peace, advocate for human rights of disadvantage groups, capacity building, social harmony and good governance.

Somali Peace Line was founded in 1995, following the second International Congress of Somali Studies in Paris, France that looked at the “Culture of Peace in Somalia”. SPL is committed to empower Somali Society to solve its internal problems through peaceful dialogue. SPL is a key member organization of the Somali civil society organizations and is continually acknowledged and appreciated by its partners for its tireless commitment and collaboration in the cause of social change.

Somali Peace Line in partnership with the Life & Peace Institute (LPI) is implementing a project that addresses some of the obstacles that curtail the participation of youth from decision-making in Somalia. In order, the participants to exchange their experiences, SPL brings together 33 from project areas to Mogadishu.


To provide a wide range of travel service in the quickest manner consistent with the best interest of SPL and using its best professional skills and judgment to obtain such travel related services at the lowest costs to SPL. The agency will bring SPL travelers to Mogadishu on 15th September and return them on 19th September

  1. TASKS

This ToR set the requirements for the contractor to support the successful implementation of travel services for the SPL.

  1. Provide travel service to 33 people from Abudwak, Baidoa and Jowhar to Mogadishu
  2. Provide expeditious information on most competitive travel itinerary and least fare.
  3. Issue and deliver tickets in a timely manner on confirmed sectors (including reservation of seats).
  4. Reconfirmation and revalidation of airline tickets and re-issue tickets which are re- turned as a result of changed routing or fare structures and provide printed itineraries showing complete information on status of reservations on all carriers.
  5. Notify travelers of airport check-in time, known cancellations or delayed flights. Also notify travelers about e-check in facilities with different airlines. Process re- quested changes due to cancellation of reservations, re-issue and replace lost/stolen ticket and process expeditiously refunds on unutilized portion of tickets.
  1. Provide fully automated invoices with SPL.
  2. Investigation on any complaints from travelers and follow up on the recovery of lost baggage.
  3. Provide Ticket reconfirmation services upon request.
  4. The Travel Agency shall issue all flight tickets at zero service charge. In the same vein, the travel agent shall not claim any form of service charge and/or commission from SPL for issuing any ticket
  2. Ticketing requests to be sent by e-mail, concerning and respecting the following:
  1. (1)  Reservations shall be made in Economy class, always at the lowest available

fare. Change of date or time should be possible.

  1. (2)  Itineraries shall be presented in English and with a price quotation including fare

and taxes and the deadline for issuing the ticket.

  1. (4)  Response time on reservation and ticketing services is below 2 hours.
  1. The Travel Agency shall provide SPL information on ticket costs
  2. Provision of an efficient, reliable and cost-effective travel service and access to airline reservation systems.
  3. Corporate check-in arrangement for SPL-travelers if possible

The travel agency must have capacity to provide the whole range of services requested in the TOR with the following qualifications:

  1. Registration in Somalia
  2. Bank Account in Somalia
  3. Accredited IATA Travel Agency duly licensed in the country.
  4. Maintains a good track record in serving international organizations, embassies and medium to large multi-national corporations.
  5. Have well organized, efficient and adequate facilities
  6. Full availability during the work week from Saturday to Thursday from 08:00 to 16:00 and a response time below 2 hours.
  7. Financially capable of rendering services to SPL
  8. Maintains facilities of on-line booking / airline reservations and ticket printing facilities

The supplier can contact Somali Peace Line through following emails: somalipeaceline@hotmail.com/  dheere@tubta.org/majaruus@tubta.org



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