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Terms of Reference for Short-term Consultant for Training of IBTVET instructors and Accreditation and EBT Master Craftsmen TOT in Practical skill delivery and Pedagogy training – Mogadishu, Baidoa and Garowe, Somalia

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Job Description

TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR SHORT-TERM CONSULTANT FOR Training of IBTVET instructors and Accreditation and EBT Master Craftsmen TOT in Practical skill delivery and Pedagogy training.

1 Title of Consultancy / advisory TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR SHORT-TERM CONSULTANT FOR Training of IBTVET instructors and Accreditation and EBT Master Craftsmen TOT in Practical skill delivery and Pedagogy training Under BMZ-EASE-Y Project.
2 SCI Contracting Office Save the Children Mogadishu Office, Somalia
3 Period of Consultancy 25 Days
4 Consultant/Advisor type required Individual/Firm.
5 Responsibility for Logistics arrangements and Costs The applicant will cover for any Logistics arrangements and costs; including food, accommodation and local transport. (Subject of change)
6 Taxation Provisions Applicant shall be responsible for all Taxes arising from the consultancy in line with the Somaliland Tax regulations applicable at the SCI contracting office named above
7 Travel requirements The applicant will Responsible any Travel outside in Mogadishu, Somalia.
8 Security requirements Applicant will comply with standard Save the Children Security procedures, including the completion of SCI online security training prior to travel to Somaliland (if applicable)
9 Qualification and Experience To qualify for this assignment, the consultant must: have

Please refer below awarding criteria indicated on section 6 of this document

10 Evaluation Criteria Refer below awarding criteria indicated on section 6 of this document
11 Application Procedure Interested applicants should submit their applications via email to


The applications should be submitted in PDF format as one document comprising Technical and Financial sections as detailed below.

Applicants should also indicate the date they are available to start working on the consultancy

All applications MUST be submitted on or before the closing date below to be considered for the assignment.

Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.

12 Closing date for Applications Interested consultants shall submit their applications through the email address provided above on or before 13th October, 2021

Shortlisted candidates will be requested for an interview.

13 TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR SHORT-TERM CONSULTANT FOR Training of IBTVET instructors and Accreditation and EBT Master Craftsmen TOT in Practical skill delivery and Pedagogy training In Somalia

Location: Mogadishu, Baidoa and Garowe
Application Deadline: 13th October- 2021
Send documents to: CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org

1.    Background

1. Introduction

Save the Children International (SCI) is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to fight for children’s rights and deliver immediate and lasting improvement to children’s lives worldwide. SCI has been operational in Greater Somalia for over 40 years. Current programs straddle relief and development in various sectors including, Health, Nutrition, Child Protection, Child Rights Governance, Vocational and Skills Training, Education and Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL) working in Somaliland, Puntland, and Central South Somalia to help communities cope with drought, conflict, displacement, and flooding.

Somalia has one of the largest proportional youth populations in the world. The current estimation shows 73 percent of the Somali population is aged under 30. Within this group, internally displaced youth and young returning refugees and girls are among the most marginalized, and at-risk groups. Young people from the poorest and most deprived families, especially girls and IDP in Somalia, find it challenging to transition to working as they lack the required life skills. Without work, girls are more at risk of poverty, early pregnancy, early marriage, inability to access health care, and unable to invest in their own families, among other factors preventing the realization of their rights.

SOM – Economic And Social Empowerment of Youth in Somalia (EASE-Y); Is a three years project funded by BMZ – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development aiming at the Economic and Social Empowerment of Youth (EASEY) in Somalia. The project will support the economic empowerment of several young people not in employment, education, or training (NEET) who live in Mogadishu, Garowe, and Baidoa towns. Employers greatly value life skills, becoming even more critical with the rapidly changing nature of work to help address the unique challenges facing vulnerable youth from IDP and host communities in the target locations by targeting those youth most in need of assistance designed to 1) build skills in technical and vocational education and training that are more resilient to climate change, 2) pro-vide linkages and engagement with the private sector that result in income-generating opportunities including wage and self-employment; and, 3) engage youth in building transferrable life skills to help them succeed in their new environment, contributing to both social and economic empowerment with target 50% young women, and 15% youth with disabilities among its beneficiaries.

Save the children international wishes to contract a short-term consultant to provide training and develop a guideline on innovative pedagogy skills training, with the content of lesson plans development, practical lesson design, and youth/ adolescent learning techniques. The TOTs will be more practical sessions and pedagogy to enhance participants’ skills on quality training delivery of IBTVET and EBTVET. The first TOT will be organized in one center and duplicated in the three locations to ensure the CBET TVET training success and quality. The consultant will train The TOTs in practical skills pedagogy, safety at work, technical competencies, training delivery methodology, and how to motivate youth and adolescents.


This assignment will cover training of trainers (TOTS) and material development for 40 IBTVET/EBTVET instructors from Mogadishu, Baidoa, and Garowe in innovative TVET skills training pedagogy. The training will take five days and enhance the sustainability and continuous quality training delivery. The TOTs and developed materials will be accredited by relevant MOECHE through the vocational qualification authority (VQA). The assignment will also include virtual training support for master trainers to provide similar training for additional 80 I/EBTVET Master Craftsmen on skills training delivery methods (TVET pedagogy), workplace safety, competencies, and youth/adolescent-friendly training methods.

The duration of the assignment will be 25 days in total, including five days per group for EBTVET and IBTVET (two) TOTs with a total of 40 participants from the three locations, which will be trained in two small groups under the covid-19 social distancing measures. The Consultant will provide the TOTs for five days per group.

The Training Outcomes:

The training will empower the trainees in the development of training delivery skills, lesson-plans development, practical lesson planning, youth/adolescent learning techniques, innovative TVET pedagogy, workplace safety, and student-centered training techniques for both IBTVET and EBTVET. The TOT tools and trainers will get accreditation by relevant MOECHE & MOLSA through the vocational qualification authority (VQA).


To provide adequate and comprehensive training to the selected trainers (TOTs) on the development of a lesson plan, scheme of work, youth and adolescent learning techniques and, workplace safety, technical competencies, and training delivery methodology, and how to motivate youth and adolescents to deliver high-quality TVET services to the youth clients in Mogadishu, Baidoa, and Garowe.

1.    Specific objectives

i)     Develop training materials such as innovative TVET pedagogy guidelines, participant manuals, workplace safety leaflets, posters and other relevant materials.

ii)    Prepare practical session tools including, student-centered lesson plan format, and session design guideline using save the children’s TVET curriculums.

iii)  Equip participants with knowledge, skills, and practices of facilitation and skills training methodology.

iv)  Support participants to understand and practice schemes of work development, student-centered lesson plan preparation, practical session design, youth, and adolescent learning techniques.

v)    Support participants to acquire all necessary skills required in practical skills training delivery pedagogy.

vi)  Demonstrate and maintain good relationships with the trainers to enable them to achieve the expected results.

vii) Provide feedback and coaching on relevant skills to improve and strengthen the capacity of trainees.

viii)        Conduct pre-and post-evaluation of the training to assess objectives achievements and document lessons learned.

ix)  Produce compressive training report at the end of the training.


The overall training process will be highly experiential and participatory. The discourse approach involves various techniques including, but not limited to brainstorming, interactive Q and A exercise, Group work activities, case-study, roleplays, and business modeling on practical lesson planning, youth/adolescent learning techniques, and skills training delivery and pedagogy approach. The consultant will develop.

·           A detailed action plan and agreed with Save the Children

·           Training pre-assessment and post-assessment tool

·           Training guideline and participant manual

·           Agenda of the training/Workshop.

·           Tools for the development of schemes of works and student-centered lesson/session plans

·           Model sessions of student-centered the skills training

·           Trainers spot check tools for adult learning-principles classroom application.

·           Follow-up support and coaching plan

The consultant will undertake the following key tasks/ deliverables.

1.    Analyze relevant current TVET pedagogy guidelines, curriculums, and documents. 

2.    Present an inception training plan with training guidelines, participant manual, five-day ToT sessions lesson plan, methodology, teaching aids, tools, and detailed session design with goal, objectives, and expected outcomes for each session.

3.    Prepare TVET pedagogy guidelines and handouts.

4.    Deliver the training through learner-centered methods.

5.    Administer daily feedback forms and end-of-training evaluations.

6.    Develop a detailed action plan and agreed with Save the Children

7.    Conduct two TOT training through SCI 

8.    Develop participant follow-up and coaching plan for SCI approval.

9.    Produced comprehensive training narrative report detailing the experiences and challenges encountered in carrying out the assignment and recommendations for the way forward

Duration of the assignment:

The duration of this assignment overall is 25 days, including preparation and report writing. Specific schedules will be agreed with the selected candidate.


To qualify for this assignment, the consultant

a)         Have minimum of MA in education, learning psychology or Pedagogy or relevant discipline

b)         Certified training of trainers and background on adult learning techniques

c)         Over 5 year’s training –informal and formal especially technical vocational, educational training

d)         Demonstrated experience and proven record in undertaking similar assignments


The following attributes are requirements for the selection of the consultant:

o   Proven experience conducting TVET pedagogy training and material development. Please attach copies of previous contracts

o   Submit a Technical Proposal that clearly explains the proposed methodology/ approach, and timeframe to conduct the training;

o   Submit a detailed budget for the various activities of the training;

o   Submit detailed financial proposal with cost break down.

o   Submit CVs of the lead facilitators conducting the training including relevant qualifications

Share your documents with email; CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org with the subject line of the email body “Livelihoods Market Assessment and Staff training in Somalia”.

Deadline for submission is 13th Oct–021



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