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Terms of Reference (TOR) Economic Development and Livelihood Project for Dhusamareb and Adado Districts

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Job Description

 Terms of Reference (TOR) Economic Development and Livelihood Project for Dhusamareb and Adado Districts

Project Title  

Economic Development and Livelihood Project for Dhusamareb and Adado Districts


Investment Name Investment Reference Number: SSFGS-014-A01
Client Name Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD)
Title of Assignment Consultancy for Development of Training Curricula and Materials for Enterprise Based Technical and Vocational Training (EBTVET) and Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs).
Required Assignment Duration 30 Days


  1. Introduction

Centre for Peace and Development is implementing an economic and livelihoods project in Dhusamareb and Adado District with the support of Somalia Stability Fund (SSF). The project aims at promoting livestock development and associated livelihoods through the support of specific assessed set of actions related to increased production and sale of locally produced milk. These actions include supporting the installation of cold milk chain, support for women milk retail traders and capacity building in support of related actions.

The project also seeks to undertake Enterprise Based Technical and Vocational Training (EBTVET) for various course for the women and youth geared to provide skills required for alternative livelihoods that are also supportive of the livestock production development. The project also plans to provide training for Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWS) who will provide the required supportive treatment of animals in the two Districts.

The proposed courses shall be of medium acceptable duration capable of tooling the trainees with the required skills and knowledge to facilitate their absorption to the local job market or develop their own businesses. The courses shall also be required to be of standards acceptable to the Ministry of Education of Galmudug State who are acting as the partners and approval for the planned vocational training component of the economic development and livelihoods project.


  1. Justification/purpose of Assignment

Enterprise Based Technical and Vocational Education Training (EBTVET) has been undertaken by NGOs in Somalia mainly without a set curricula to guide and ensure quality delivery and certification. Lack of a curricula and supportive instruction materials have meant the delivery is not set on any known standards and thus the absence of certification.

The same situation pertains to the training of Community Animal Health Worker’s (CAHWs) in Somalia where various materials (including manuals) are in existence and also the use of various names to refer to the trained personnel, common name being veterinary nurses. Little in terms of needs assessment has been available in the past and the current project has managed to identify the needs through a livestock sector market assessment

The purpose of developing the requited curricula and materials planned as a key consultancy output, is to support quality delivery of both EBTVET and CAHWs based on the observed requirements and in line with the overall project objectives. It is also proposed that the curricula pertaining to the two core areas be promoted at certificate level with the Ministry of Education for Galmudug State, helping to support quality delivery of the proposed courses as models. In this way the project’s residue value will be greatly enhanced.

The developed curricula for the various courses and instruction materials and assessment shall be shared with the Ministry of Education for Galmudug State of Somalia.

  1. Scope of Work
  2. The consultant/firm shall be required to develop the content, materials, teaching aids/guides and reference materials to support the planned training.


  1. The training documents developed for the assignmentwill require to be in accordance with the accepted standards for the Enterprise Based Technical and Vocational Education Training (EBTVET) and Community Animal Health Worker’s (CAHWs) in Somalia.
  • Develop entry requirements for the specific course and propose requisite course durations aligned to the curriculum.
  1. Develop training materials pertaining to the courses indicated here below:
  2. Basic Welding and Fabrication.
  3. Masonry and Brick Making.
  4. Basic Automotive Mechanic.
  5. Plumbing and Irrigation.
  6. Solar and electrical wiring and repairs.
  7. Community Animal Health Workers Course.
  8. Soap Making for enterprise development.


  1. Specific Tasks/objectives
  2. Identify the key training needs and develop an inception report on the necessary qualifications and core components of the curricular required.
  3. Review the existing curricula pertaining to the various courses, harmonize them to reflect the entry and training needs, provide recommendations on improvement and produce new course content where required.
  • Develop and write curricular material for core courses including providing teaching materials, workshop plans, lecture notes, case studies, assessment guides, field placement materials and guides, and other necessary materials to effectively deliver training at certificate level.
  1. Present the final curricular for certificate courses to CPD andthe Ministry of Education of Galmudug Government for endorsement and approval.
  2. Advise participating training institutions of qualified staff to be training tutors and support capacity building of the institutions.
  3. Review participating training institutions on necessary steps to ensure effective course delivery.


  1. Methodology and Technical Approach
  2. Desk review:The consultant will conduct a desk review on the current individual TVET curriculums in Somalia and elsewhere in preparing quality components relevant for the indicated trainings.


  1. Review and improvement of Training Manuals:The hired Consultant/firm will provide key recommendations for enhancement of the programme and provide new course content where applicable.


  • Drafting of curriculum for cert course:Consultant will draft the core curricular including key lessons, materials, teaching aids and reference lists required for the training and the trainees.
  1. Consultant will provide guidance on modes of delivery including the implementation and management of field placements and assessment requirements.
  2. Consultation & Validation:Consultant will present the draft circular to CPD for validation and feedback. Finalize the draft based on inputs and comments from participating training institutions.


  1. Expected Deliverables and Time line
  2. Development of core curricular for the 7 indicated courses including key lessons, materials, teaching aids and required reading lists/references.
  3. Consultant will provide guidance on modes of delivery including the implementation and management of field placements.
  • Assessment requirements including advising institutions on recruitment needs and partnerships, infrastructure.
  1. Staffing and core requirements in terms of qualifications and materials for effective delivery of the respective training courses.
  2. Inception Report detailing the course contents, duration, trainee assessment tools


  1. Requirements

The successful consultant/firm shall be required to fulfil the following:

  1. Have a Bachelor Degree or above in Curriculum Development or social sciences. Preference shall be given to consultant/ firms demonstrating strong past TVET and animal production activities.
  2. Provide evidence of previous work undertaken in ATVET and also animal production activities.
  • Be ready and available to work within the provided project timelines and assignment duration.
  1. Time frame: 15 days to develop curricula, course contents, materials and references.
  1. Remuneration: The organization shall pay a competitive rate for the materials based on the materials developed and delivered.
  1. Application and Deadline

The prospective qualified consultants/firms are required to electronically submit their assignment proposals including CVs of qualified personnel using the following email address:- hr@cpdsomalia.org.


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