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Terms of Reference (TOR) For Development of Vaccine Communication Toolkit with Multimedia Content and a Vaccine Information Database and System – Mogadishu, Somalia

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Job Description

Terms of Reference.

Development of Vaccine Communication Toolkit with Multimedia Content and a Vaccine Information Database and System

Objectives To develop, design, and disseminate a vaccine communication toolkit with multimedia content and a vaccine information database/system that will enhance the level of awareness, understanding, and participation of the Somali public in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. 
Developed by Action Against Hunger.
Location Mogadishu, Somalia


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave a devastating impact on the world, affecting societies and economies at their nucleus. Somalia is no exception, where the second-wave is expected to create an even more tremendous challenge for a country where lockdowns and curfew are virtually unachievable as the majority of the population live day-to-day.  Somalia reported its first COVID-19 case on March 16th, 2020; cases and deaths have skyrocketed, especially during the most recent second wave, where Somalia has seen 2,446 confirmed cases, and 154 deaths in the month of March alone. Since the arrival of COVID-19, Somalia has seen a total of 15,658 confirmed cases, while there have been 832 deaths and 7661 recoveries in total. (as of Aug 5, 2021). Our most effective chance of winning the battle against coronavirus is to continue promoting and implement safety measures (mask wearing, social distancing), and a fast and successful roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines, to achieve herd immunity. While behavioral measures such as isolating while symptomatic, mask-wearing and physical distancing can slow the spread of the virus, vaccines provide a better path out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and scientists have now developed several highly effective vaccines against COVID-19.

The arrival of the Covid-19 vaccines marks a turning point in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. An effective vaccine roll-out will help save lives and the economy and ensure that we return gradually to some sort of normalcy in Somalia. However, the roll-out of the vaccine will be greeted by many challenges, such as vaccine skepticism, logistical challenges, misinformation spread on media platforms, and outright rejection due to lack of information.

Action Against Hunger seeks to contract a consultant (individual/firm) to develop communication toolkit with multimedia content as well as vaccine information system and database.

    Rationale and Objective

Communicating effectively with the public about the importance of the vaccine is a key issue for the public health community and government to address, especially at a time where the subject of vaccine is contentious. Vaccine data disclosure is also a big part of effective communication. A large amount of the population has worries about the speed of the vaccine’s authorization and delivery, there are many other doubts and misinformation – efficacy rate and side effects to name a few – quickly spreading within the country that need to quickly be clarified. Inadequate and disorganized communication can contribute to vaccine hesitancy and have a negative influence on the overall vaccine campaign in Mogadishu. There is a need to engage with the wider public, in particular with groups that have a low level of trust in vaccine and are less favorable to vaccines. Reaching diverse populations is deemed instrumental, as is involving political, religious, and community leaders in communication strategies. A concerted effort in vaccine communication is instrumental in achieving overall public acceptance to coronavirus vaccines. We want to engage the public through use of multimedia content, including social media, billboards, and short videos; while also engaging media houses and social media influencers to increase the spread of positive and informative information on the vaccine. Our objective is to improve the public’s awareness and participation in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign by designing a communication toolkit that incorporates multimedia content, as well as a vaccine information database/system. The interactive database and system will allow national and international stakeholders, government institutions, and the public to follow the developments of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration in Somalia

           Scope of Work

The project will be done in close coordination with the ACF focal point. The TOR includes the following deliverables:

  Deliverable Details Medium Quantity
1 Video Development Two (2) infographic videos, and Two (2) short videos (1 interview video w/ a doctor + 1 video following vaccine process). Each Infographic video will be a maximum of 2:20 minutes (to allow for social media adaption), the short videos will be a maximum of 2:20 minutes (to allow for social media adaption). Interview relevant stakeholders for the short videos to inform them of the scripts and style of the video Videos 4 Videos (2 animation + 2 short videos)
2 Visibility Poster Development Prepare and design 3 street-side billboards regarding vaccine awareness. ACF will be responsible for printing and installing. 

Social Media Posters – Develop and design 20 social media posters

Posters Billboards 20 Social Media Posters + 3 Street-side Billboards
3 Radio Public Announcements Produce and record radio announcement on vaccine awareness.  ACF will be responsible for disseminating through radio networks. Radio Announcement 4 PSAs
4 Vaccine Information Dashboard The development of an interactive COVID-19 dashboard that will provide real-time data and information on ongoing vaccination efforts in Somalia. Online Database & information System 1 Dashboard

Key Competencies of the consultant/firm.

  • Experience in working in conflict-affected countries, ideally specific experience in Somalia.
  • Experience in working with the International Agencies.
  • Experience in making documentaries, short videos, websites, and radio messaging for INGO/NNGOs.
  • Experience in working in projects related to COVID-19 Awareness
  • Experience and technical knowledge in humanitarian interventions and the humanitarian program cycle.
  • Experience in translating and subtitling Somali interviews into English.

Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright of all materials filmed, photographed, recorded and produced within the scope outlined in this document, including all materials that are not used in the final deliverables, will belong to ACF, and cannot be used or distributed without prior consent from ACF. Once delivered, the ownership of the final deliverables of this project will be with ACF, including the entitlement to any changes in their use outside of the original purpose outlined in this document. Credit to the selected vendor, where appropriate, shall be given.

Languages: Fluency in Somali Language required. English and Arabic added advantage.


The consultancy fee will be negotiated before contracting. Each payment will be based on a predefined and formal agreement between Action Against Hunger Somalia country office and the consultant and will be disbursed and payments made based on satisfactory completion of agreed deliverables.

No additional fee following the initial quotation shall be incurred for any activities listed within this document. The fee includes script development, content development, graphic design, subtitling, translation of scripts, logistics, and transportation. The vendor will be responsible for delivering final and completed versions of all deliverables without any additional fee. ACF will be responsible for printing and distributing content.

Minimum Details in Application

The consultant should send a technical and financial proposal detailing his/or her understanding of the TOR and methodology that will be used to undertake the task including profiles of similar tasks carried out in the last 3 years, team composition and CVs of key personnel, detailed work plan and budget.

 Proposals shall be submitted on or before 17th September 2021 at the following address: procurement@so-actionagainsthunger.org.



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