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Terms of Reference (TOR) for Final Evaluation of Emergency Response Somaliland COVID-19 Project.

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Terms of Reference (TOR) for Final Evaluation of Emergency Response Somaliland COVID-19 Project.

SOS Children’s Villages

ToR for Final Evaluation ER Somaliland COVID-19 Project

ToR for Final Evaluation ER Somaliland COVID-19 Project

1   Context and rationale

1.1      About SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is the umbrella organisation for the global federation of 136 national SOS Children’s Villages associations, working in more than 2500 project locations worldwide. We work together with a single vision: every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security. Uniquely, we provide long-term, family-like care for children who have lost parental care (alternative care service), and we work with vulnerable families and communities to help strengthen them and prevent child abandonment (family strengthening service, FS). SOS alternative care is usually organised in the form of a cluster of SOS families, where each SOS parent cares for small group of children.

SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland is part of SOS Children’s Villages, the umbrella organization to which all SOS Children’s Villages including SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland Association is affiliated. SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is not for profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan and which has been in existence since 1999.

SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland shares vision with SOS children’s Villages and beliefs that every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security. To realize this, SOS Children’s Villages builds families for children in need, help them shape their own futures and share in the development of their communities.

SOS Children’s Villages is committed to the welfare of children who lost parental care or at risk of losing parental care – often ensuring that children grow up in a loving family environment, and to strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against child abandonment and social neglect, and upholds child protection policy as part of their commitment to the protection of children and youth from abuse.

SOS Children’s Villages was established in Somaliland in 1999, when SOS started its first operations in Sahil region. Currently, SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland implements programs ranging from child care, child protection, youth empowerment and participation, education and emergency relief interventions. SOS SX is operational in three regions of Somaliland: Awdal, Maroodijeh and Sahil, and has a relationship with many stakeholders, including government authorities at national, regional and district levels, NGOs, INGOs, local communities, as well as other CSOs who are in and out of the operational area.

1.2      Description of Project location and context

Somaliland is one of the Least Developed Countries (LCD) in the world. Over half of the population lives below the UN poverty line and has one of the highest youth unemployment rates where two out of three young people below the age 35 years are unemployed.

Stakeholder consultation meeting outputs and Rapid Need Assessment revealed that during the COVID-19 lockdown period that beneficiaries of SOS Children’s Villages developmental programs are greatly affected by the COVID-19 negative impacts whereby many small businesses were closedown, including Next Economy youth start-ups and FS family businesses, and many other businesses/organizations fired or reduced their employees. It affected low-income families and wage-earning employees who are unable to pay for the basic needs of their children and families. Moreover, large families, families with children have mental health problems and disabled children or young adults with psychosocial problems (anxiety and depression), and caregivers live with chronic diseases (AIDs, Diabetic and Cancer) are suffering most, due to the COVID-19 impact and limited humanitarian assistant received from INGOs and National Covid-19 Commission.

ToR for Final Evaluation ER Somaliland COVID-19 Project

Taking into account the significant impact on families’ livelihoods and socioeconomics challenges facing vulnerable communities, particularly SOS Children’s Villages target groups. SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland implemented COVID-19 impact response project to improve livelihoods, sustain socioeconomics, protect children, and enhance the psychosocial well-being of children, young people as well as their families. Through these intervention, SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland (SOS SX) aimed to: 1) reduce the COVID-19 pandemic socioeconomics impact among the SOS SX program beneficiaries.; 2) Improve access to life-saving WASH services to enhance the availability of clean water, promote sanitation and hygiene practices in targeted program beneficiaries. 3) reduce MHPSS problems and promote psychosocial well-being of caregivers and children; 4) to improve public knowledge and awareness on COVID-19 risks.

1.3      Rationale and overall objective of the Final evaluation

At the stage of project closure SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland aims to evaluate the six month COVID-19 Emergency Response Project. In addition to that, the main objective of the final evaluation is to assess the number of beneficiaries/families who recovered from the impact of the COVID-19 during the implementation of the project and to document lessons learnt during the project implementation.

2   Instruction to bidders

The bidders are welcome to submit their proposal for the Final evaluation of ER Somaliland COVID-19 Project. This bid is open to all national and international suppliers (independent consultants or companies) who are legally constituted and can provide the requested services. The bidder shall bear all costs of the bid; costs of a proposal cannot be included as a direct cost of the assignment. The proposal and all supplementary documents have to be submitted in English. Financial bid needs to be stated in US Dollar (USD).

2.1      Process of Submission of Bids

To facilitate the submission of proposals, the submission can be done electronically in PDF format and sent to SOS HR Department via to hr@sos-somaliland.org.

The titles of submitted documents should clearly state “Final Evaluation of ER Somaliland COVID-19 Project in Somaliland.” For further information, please contact mire.mohamed@sos-somaliland.org and Yahye.abdi@sos-somaliland.org

2.2      Documents to submit

Bid submission / identification form Previous experience format

Price schedule form Technical proposal

CVs of the research team member(s) including current geographical location(s) Three references (at least two of them must be familiar with your work)

An example of a recent/relevant evaluation report (if available for public use)

2.3      Deadline for submission

The proposal has to be received by latest on 14th October 2021, by the end of the day. Proposals received after the deadline will be not be considered.

ToR for Final Evaluation ER Somaliland COVID-19 Project

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ToR for Final Evaluation of ER Somaliland COVID-19 Project



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