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Terms of Reference (TOR) for Market Study on Marketable Advanced Vocational Training Needs and Opportunities for Youth in Puntland State of Somalia

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Diakonia has been working in Somalia since 1994. Diakonia implemented several different programs over the years. CIVSAM is one of the successful programs Diakonia implemented in Puntland state of Somalia. CIVSAM was launched in 2016 and continued until 2020. The program intervened in the areas of social and economic justice as well as Diakonia partners’ capacity building in addition to a small component of resilience. Due to the huge impacts of the program on the CSO and the right holders, Diakonia decided to renew the program from 2021-2025.

The overall goal of the of the five (5) year project is Build resilience of poor urban youth and rural Agro pastoral communities through creating a conducive environment for youth and women economic empowerment with equal, available, and accessible employment opportunities, and inclusive decision-making processes and strengthening rights holders’ resilience to climate related vulnerability.

The specific objectives is to strength the resilience of Right holders in Disaster Risk Reduction and have sustainable livelihoods, thus contribute to sustainable local development through exploration and adoption climate smart agricultural activities in rural Agro pastoral communities.

Diakonia’s partners in implementing the project are Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development (GECPD), Kaalo Aid and Development Organization (KAD) and Forum for African Women Educationists Somali Chapter (FAWESOM). The project will be implemented in 9 (Galkayo, Harfo, Boame, Garowe, Bossaso, Dangaroyo, Badan, Dangaroyo and Godob Jiiran) districts in Puntland State Somalia.

The lead partner in this assignment (GECPD) is a woman non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1999 with headquarters in Galkayo Town Puntland Somalia and Field Offices in Garowe, Bossaso and Dhusamareb. The organization’s thematic focus is socio-economic empowerment of women, girls and the youth. The organization is currently registered in Puntland and Galmudug States of Somalia and has running programs in 14 districts in Puntland and Galmudug.


One of the specific objectives of Building Resilience of Poor Urban Youth and Rural Agro Pastoral Communities is to uplift the economic status and create employment opportunities in targeted districts through Technical and Vocational Education and Training that leads to job placement and enterprise development. Youth employment is one of the components of the project that aims to provide occupation based vocational skills to unemployed youth and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed for employment. Effectiveness of vocational training programs depends largely on the selection of proper skill sector. The project should therefore focus on such skill sectors that can either assist in establishing profitable local enterprises or are more demanded in local, state, national and international job market.

Since some of the project locations lies in well accessible areas and close to bigger markets like Bossaso, Garowe and Galkayo, some of the skill sectors might also have scope to establish profitable enterprises at local level. So, there could be many sectors in which skilled based trainings can be provided to create youth employment through enterprise establishment and job placement.


a  detail  study  is  essential  to  assess  the  demand  and  supply  situation

of  skilled

human resources  in  various  sectors  that  either  have  higher  job


or  enterprising  potentiality in order to inform the marketable skills training

courses to be offered.

Therefore, Diakonia and its CIVSAM partners are inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) from potential individual/firms/company for carrying out Training Need Assessment to identify most promising skill sectors for enterprising and employment creation in the CIVSAM project target districts.


The main objective of this assessment is to find out viable enterprising and employment creation sectors based on market situation and existing skill base of targeted beneficiaries. The result of this assessment will be the basis to identify potential skill sectors to provide advanced vocational skills training courses and enterprising support by the CIVSAM project.


The following deliverables are expected through this study:

Clear picture of demand of skill sectors and employment opportunities for youth in CIVSAM project target districts

Current trend of occupation of target population and possible areas of intervention both Technically and Financially

Highly demanded advanced skills trainings/services as per local market demand.

Key constraints perceived by target groups on access to income and employment opportunities.

The Final Report should include:

All the answers of the research questions as stated in the objectives and expected deliverables as per this ToR, and

An adequate quantitative and qualitative substantiation of the findings disaggregated by district

List of viable skill sectors for vocational training and support disaggregated by district


The consultant will be responsible for developing, revising, and finalizing the research methodology in collaboration with the CIVSAM partners’ team.

Consult with Technical Support Team and CIVSAM partners’ project staffs to finalize the study framework and processes (Methodology, questionnaire, sample selection, report outline)

Interview/FGD/workshop with beneficiaries and key market stakeholders at district and state level that will include self-groups of youth, technical and vocational training providers, employers, industrialists, Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Ministry of Labour, Local Government Units and beneficiaries.

Select beneficiary samples (KII stakeholders) from targeted project locations with assistance from CIVSAM partners’ staffs.

Access most demanded skill sectors by visiting industries/potential employers within target districts.

Interpret findings in consultation with key CIVSAM partner’s staffs and Ministry of Labour Representatives.

Submit the final report in both soft and hard copies to CIVSAM partners

The consultant/ firm should devise the best approaches for undertaking this market assessment.

The following guiding principles should be taken into consideration:

Desk review of secondary data including project document and existing reports.

Interviews with relevant government ministries, local traders, private companies, and service providers working in Puntland.

Extensive mapping of labour market needs through primary data collection.

Key informant interviews: the consultant shall conduct in-depth interviews among key informants including line ministries, private sector employers; young TVET graduates, TVET centre managers or instructors, parents and NGOs working on youth.

Interview with a sample of the TVET graduates exploring what trainings worked and what did not yield employment.

Focus group discussions with employed and unemployed youth in CIVSAM project target districts.

Any other methods applicable.

The study will go through below phases:

a. Preparatory phase:

The preparatory phase includes;

Study project documents

Inception meeting amongst CIVSAM partners and DIAKONIA

Design and finalization of FGD questionnaires, field work plan and methodology,

Meeting with CIVSAM partners and DIAKONIA to finalize the study framework and tools.

Field Work:

The study team/ consultant should visit and observe project sites, carry out questionnaire survey and do interaction with different actors. The consultant should also analyze the secondary data as per need, observe the potential industries and market, interact with the market actors and observe business areas. The interaction will be done with;

Community members in target districts

Market actors (employers, Businessmen etc.)

District level stakeholders c. Analysis and Write-up

The consultant should compile and consolidate relevant primary and secondary information/data (qualitative and quantitative) required drawing findings and furnish recommendation. The consultant should draft a report highlighting key findings and set of recommendations. A draft report will be shared with CIVSAM partners for comments and feedback. The consultant team should provide the final report with clear recommendation on what sort of intervention should be done in skilled human resource in the target districts and what sort of enterprises/sectors will be best for skilled based training.


The study should be started as soon as possible and need to be completed by 15 November 2021. The assignment consists of 45 working days. A tentative schedule for the assessment is as follows:


The study team should be comprised of atleast two consultants; a Team Leader and a Research Associate. Individual consultants or registered firms are eligible for the bid submission. Team Leader should have the below qualifications for this study:

The  consultant  must  have  Masters  Degree  in  Business  Management,

Economics, and/or relevant sector with adequate understanding and experiences on vocational skills training and employment generation.

Must possess excellent statistical and quantitative data analysis skills;

Must be well versed in and have knowledge of the policies, rules, and regulations pertaining to vocational skills training and employment sector in Puntland

Research Associate should have at least Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Economics, and/or relevant sector with adequate understanding of conducting market survey, data collection and analysis.


The consulting team/consultant can propose a competitive cost package which must reflect per-day remuneration of expert/s, travel and other related expenses. The budget should cover the consultancy fee, travel, food and accommodation of consultants and others expenses as justifiable.

N/B: CIVSAM partners will not bear any additional and unforeseen budget against agreement between both parties.


The consultants should submit below documents to verify required expertise and legal requirements for the study:

Curriculum Vitae of the lead Consultant highlighting relevant qualifications, work experience and knowledge of working in similar field.

Financial Proposal indicating expert fee, travel and other logistic cost

Letter of Interest (LoI) briefly mentioning the study methodology

Certificate of Registration in case of a company including a Tax Compliance Certificate


DIAKONIA and CIVSAM partners’ technical support team shall provide assistance and advice to the consultant with all necessary background materials concerning the project and the project sites, including the project plan and any baseline data and information. CIVSAM partners are responsible for decision making concerning all practical issues of the assignment during field study.

All interested candidates and institutions can submit their Expressions of Interest (EoI) via email to TENDERS.GECPD@gmail.com on or before 20th September 2021.



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