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Terms of Reference (TOR) for National Contractors: Documentary Producer (individuals or firm), Somalia

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National Contractors: Documentary Producer (individuals or firm), Somalia

Project Name: Connecting across divides: youth building peace in Somalia

Duration: 1st September to 20th September.

  1. Background:

Somali Peace Line (SPL) has been undertaking a peacebuilding initiative with a focus on young people in partnership with the Life and Peace Institute (LPI) in three federal member states in Somalia (Southwest – Baidoa, Hirshabelle – Jowhar and Galmudug – Abudwak). The project is designed to transform deeply personal, psycho-social and non-material factors behind clan and identity-based local conflicts, by building meaningful relationships among young men and women in diverse socio-economic, political, and clan identity lines. This project deviates from traditional approaches to peacebuilding: first, it involves interventions towards personal transformation and self-efficacy/self-actualisation of people as peace agents (that is, beyond the building of skills); and second, it brings together conflicting communities to end hostilities, not only in times of violent conflict, but also in times of greater stability. It relies on the conviction that if the individual interactions are respected and appreciated, they may settle disputes in a manner which could otherwise arise in a non-violent way.

In the area of relational transformation, the project aimed to build and transform intergroup relationships among youth groups representing diverse economic, political, religious and social backgrounds (Outcome 1). This is achieved through a set of 14 Sustained Dialogues (over seven months) in the target areas, among strategically selected diverse youth, on a range of sensitive issues on identity, historical narratives, politics as well simple every-day life issues of their choosing. In addition to providing space and methodology for these dialogues, the project provided resources and mentorship to participants so they could jointly design projects (action plans) that address community needs, and it would accompany their implementation. This collective action helped deepen the understanding and friendships developed through Sustained Dialogue.

In addition to fostering intergroup connections, the initiative aimed to bring about personal development in each member. The initiative seeks to contribute to participants’ “self-actualization’ and empowerment via activities such as coaching/mentoring, storytelling, and skill training in self-confidence, leadership, and mediation, in order for them to ‘prepare for voice’ and exercise their agency (Outcome 2). This aims at identifying and cultivating highly personal, non-material components of empowerment and addressing psychosocial causes and sequences of violent conflict, including the internalized stereotypes of young men who are disturbers and young women who play no part in (formal) peace procedures. The methodically planned and continuous TEDx-like talk shows, leading radio shows, will achieve this.

The project sought to provide spaces for youth to realize their self-worth, explore their potentials, and question the personal and group identities that define them via activities that encourage individual growth and change as well as those that foster profound intergroup interactions. In doing so, it laid the groundwork for the development of conscientious youth in the target areas who can see beyond the stereotypes and labels they have given to each other and who can collectively forge a peaceful future where conflicts are peacefully resolved based on the relationships they have developed across divides.

  1. Purpose of the assignment:

Somali Peace Line (SPL) and Life and Peace Institute (LPI) are seeking professional videographers (individual or Firm) to supply video production services for 15 days in September consultancy contract. The materials will serve documentation/publications for advocacy and communication purposes.

  1. Objectives of the consultancy:

The contractors shall provide LPI/SPL with videography services on the progress of youth supported by the LPI/SPL on the above mentioned objectives. of the advocacy and programme communication activities.

  1. Details of how the work should be delivered:

The Contractors will be expected to deliver any of the following as required during the whole duration of the contract:

  • Production of video (script writing, videography, editing, audio balancing, sub-titling, format exporting, archiving raw and edited work etc.). All videos produced must be of the highest quality to adequately represent the organization. The optimal standards are: 1080 25p/1080 29.97p or 30p. All material should be shot in 16:9, HD 1080;
  • The contractors shall use their own HD quality video camera and professional editing software;
  • Edit the footage in line with the script agreed and approved by LPI/SPL focal person and produce a professional quality package;
  • Record and edit narration / voice over where needed in according with guidance from relevant LPI/SPL focal person;
  • Embed sub-titles in the video as per need;
  • Audio balance the final product and convert it in formats for use on TV, web;
  • Clearly identify location, name and age of interviewees, quotes and any relevant details;
  • Include appropriate UNPBF, LPI, SPL branding and crediting of UNBPF, LPI, SPL ownership for the produced videos.
  1. Deliverables and delivery dates:
Nr. Deliverables Target deadline * ContractDuration
1. Production of 3 videos with various type of durations ranging from 2 min to 10 min. The production will involve, but will not be limited to:

–       Creation of the general concept of the videos;

–       Development of the detailed scenarios of the videos;

–       Coordination and approval of the scenarios with LPI/SPL;

–       Video production (types of content: mini documentary, short human-interest video stories, etc.)

–       English voice titration or subtitles – on an as needed basis;

–       Post-production     (assembly,       sound,

processing, etc.);

–       Delivery of the final video in different formats (for TV, online).

30 days from the placement of the order date 15 days              
  1. Reporting requirements

The contractors will report to the SPL/LPI programme team who will regularly communicate with the contractors and provide feedback and guidance on their performance and all other necessary support/changes so to achieve objectives of the assignment, as well as remain aware of any upcoming issues related to contractors’ performance and quality of work.

All activities and deliverables undertaken by the contractors shall be discussed and planned in consultation with LPI/SPL. The contractors are expected to deliver each component of the workplan electronically.

  1. Performance indicators for evaluation of results:

The evaluation of the contractors’ performance will be based on:

  • Completion of tasks specified in ToR;
  • Compliance with the established deadlines for submission of deliverables;
  • Quality of work;
  • Demonstration of high standards of work with LPI/SPL and with counterparts.
  1. Qualifications and experience:

The contractors are expected to possess the following qualifications:

  • At least five years of experience in videography/video editing, experience of editing using Final Cut Pro; Adobe Premiere, later versions of these softwares or more advanced ones;
  • Demonstrated experience of conception, production and editing of mini video documentaries;
  • Experience covering social, humanitarian and development subjects will be an asset,
  • Experience with LPI/SPL and /or UN agencies and INGOs will be an asset;
  • Knowledge on ethical standards in reporting on issues related to children will be an asset.
  1. Technical and financial proposal:

Interested individuals will submit a Technical and Financial Proposal, with description of their experience, as well as a portfolio of previous works.

  1. Structure of the Technical Proposal

The Technical Proposal should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Short profile, including CV, diploma of videography-related studies, references;
  • Detailed individual portfolio (web links to produced videos) showcasing range of work (i.e. PSAs, interviews, documentaries, etc.);
  • Demonstrated experience in videography on social issues;
  • Production capabilities: quality video production, including related hardware and editing software.
  1. Financial proposal

The financial proposal shall specify an all-inclusive fee per video product, which should include filming charges, transportation expenses, post production, as well as crediting, subtitling and voiceover. The Financial Proposal should be in US Dollar, as per the description below:

  • Video 60 – 120 sec
  • Video 120-180 sec
  • Video 5 -10 min
  • Video 15-20 min

The final selection will be based on the principle of “best value for money” i.e., achieving desired outcome at lowest possible fee.

If not included in the ToR, LPI/SPL will not reimburse costs not directly related to the assignment. This contract does not allow payment of off-hours, medical insurance, taxes, and sick leave.

  1. Evaluation Process and Method

Each proposal will be first assessed on its technical merits. A maximum of 70 points is allocated to the technical proposal, and a further 30 points for the price component, with a maximum possible score of 100 points. Technical proposals will be evaluated based on a desk review. LPI/SPL evaluators will read technical proposals and assess the quality of portfolios and submitted profiles. Scores from the desk review will be allocated according to the table below:

Item Technical Evaluation Criteria Max. Points  
1 Overall concord between ToR requirements and proposal 5
2 Range and depth of portfolio (i.e. PSAs, mini Documentaries, interviews, etc.); 40
3 Qualifications/a minimum of 5 years’ experience as professional videographer 15
4 Videography experience in development/social issues 10
  1. Definition of supervision arrangements:

The contractors will be directly supervised and evaluated by the LPI/SPL Programme team. Payments will be rendered upon successful completion of each task, as per the schedule outlined below.

  1. Payment Schedule

Payments will be based on deliverables and will be made in US Dollars, within 10 days upon delivery and LPI/SPL satisfactory review of services specified in the Terms of Reference.    

LPI/SPL reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/outputs are incomplete, or not delivered for failure to meet deadlines.

  1. Description of official travel involved:

The assignment will involve travel within Somalia, including Baidoa, Jowhar, and Abudwak. The contractors are expected to cover costs, arrange and schedule such visits, including transportation.

  1. Support provided by LPI/SPL:

LPI/SPL will regularly communicate with the contractors and provide feedback and guidance and necessary support so to achieve objectives of the work, as well as remain aware of any upcoming issues related to the performance and quality of work.

LPI/SPL will provide the contractors with:

  • Basic information on the projects (reports, earlier developed human stories, LPI/SPL-branded pictures);
  • Branding and other LPI/SPL guidelines on videos;
  • Suggestions on the most suitable project sites, stories and relevant contacts.
  1. Copyrights & utilization rights:

The copyright of all video materials produced (raw and edited) taken during the assignment will belong to LPI/SPL Somalia. The videographers will obtain the relevant written consent for video usage from concerned people/authorities.

  1. Ethical considerations

The Contractors should be sensitive to beliefs, manners and customs and act with integrity and honesty while interacting with stakeholders and beneficiaries. Furthermore, the Contractors should protect the anonymity and confidentiality of individual information. All participants should be informed about the context and purpose of the Assessment, as well as about the confidentiality of the information shared. The Contractors are allowed to use documents and information provided only for the tasks related to these terms of reference.



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