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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Rehabilitation of 3 Strategic Boreholes for Communities at Buhoodle, Qayta, and Kabadheere villages, Togdheer Region of Somaliland

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Job Description

Terms of Reference (ToR) for rehabilitation of 3 strategic boreholes for communities at Buhoodle, Qayta, and Kabadheere villages, Togdheer region of Somaliland

Organization: Taakulo Somali Community

Project: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA – Rapid Response Mechanism RRM project 2021.

Service duration: 1 months (22 days)

Address: Hargeisa, Badda-cas, Ibrahim-koodbur district (Near Summertime Restaurant)


Taakulo Somali Community is a multifaceted non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political and non-partisan development and humanitarian aid organization established in 2007 and headquartered in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Taakulo is a Somali word meaning “helping/aiding”. Working in partnership with UN, international, and National organizations, Taakulo is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged people and communities throughout Somaliland by engaging in development and related activities and also providing relief support and assistance, facilitating and promoting participatory local community activities and programs that emphasize human dignity and self-reliance.

Taakulo Organization was established to assist the Somali community, to whom time has tested their resilience to the tipping point, drought and famine scavenging their livelihood, war and conflict avenging their economy on the other hand. The projects are basically based on the needs of the communities in which they are implemented where the beneficiaries always take part in the planning process. Taakulo engages on a long-term commitment, partnership approach with the beneficiaries in implementing the Projects. The objective is to set up a regional program concentrating on a particular sector, such as Health, education, water and sanitation, Income Generation, Orphan sponsorship program, disability and people with special needs, emergency respond or improving food security in the country among others.

Project overview

2020 was one of the hardest years for Somaliland in decades. Flooding, poor, and erratic rainfall distribution, COVID-19, conflict, and recurring locust invasions heavily impacted on the economy and livelihoods of people. Additionally, the coastal areas of Puntland and Somaliland were hit by cyclone Gati in November 2020, resulting in a sharp increase in humanitarian needs which many organizations – including Oxfam Somalia – responded to. While the performance of the 2020 Gu rain was near normal, the Deyr rain of 2020 has been categorized a complete failure due to the La Nina effect. These climatic shocks triggered severe water and food shortages in many regions in Somalia. Since October 2020 regional administrations, communities and humanitarian agencies have been sending alerts about looming drought conditions in many parts of Somaliland.

The price of water has already more than doubled. According to Oxfam’s own market assessment, one barrel of water is currently being sold at an average of USD 4.5 per barrel, with some villages reporting over USD 7 per barrel. This is forcing the most vulnerable households to travel long distances to fetch water and/or opt for poor water quality and risk their lives. The most affected communities include IDPs and low-income host communities. Women and girls are at high risk of harassment, rape and attacks by wild animals as they travel far in search of water for their families.

Taakulo Somali Community and Oxfam have partnered to respond a “Droughts Appeal”, through the funds of Rapid Response Mechanism project funded by Swedish International Development cooperation Agency SIDA, amidst the appeal, Taakulo and OXFAM are implementing a set of response to ease WASH and livelihood implications at Togdheer region, Somaliland, having the contextual priority to Buuhoodle district and its superb.

3.  Activity background.

Communities in rural areas of Togdheer have often met the same difficulties of not having the opportunity to utilize an on-standing or, sustainable strategic water sources, due to prolonged droughts and shortened yield of rainwater emerged vulnerable communities to loss to abilities to cope; In response, Taakulo Somali Community in partnership with OXFAM, to rehabilitate 3 major boreholes by providing:

submersible pumps and their accessories including wirelines.

GI raiser-mains, GI fittings and necessary materials for plumping.

Operation and Maintenance O&M toolkit for borehole operators to contribute the sustainability of strategic water sources at rural areas.

Project objectives

Ensure the functionality of strategic water sources in rural areas to sustain the easy access to clean water for drinking and domestic uses for vulnerable communities in Buhoodle, Kabadheere and Qoyta villages, Togdheer region of Somaliland.

Key quality-benchmarks the service-provider/vendor to maintain.

Submersible pumps to be Luara brand new pumps with the required efficiency and power specifications (15kw,15 kw and 18KWs), before the installations, Taakulo to oversee the pump quality and specifications; a pump test will be hereafter operationalized.

Cables and it sockets will be approved by Taakulo before installation works.

Pipelines and all necessary fittings will be also approved at field level by Taakulo

6. Advert note:

Taakulo Somali Community is inviting to a bid for rehabilitation of 3 strategic boreholes as per below Billing Quantity. The below technical specifications are the scope of works in Buhoodle, Qoyta, and Kabadhere villages” The deadline of the submission is

Bid Advert Notice- ToR for rehabilitation of three strategic boreholes in Togdheer region 15Jul2021




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